Guo Ailun: Beijing is very strong and cant do without home fans support.

 Guo Ailun: Beijing is very strong and cant do without home fans support.

Fierce! In the last quarter, the level of foreign aid is reached.

In the first quarter, Liaoning Mens Basketball Team entered a relatively fast state, Guo Allen feel good, three shots hit two goals, including a three-point shot. But in the first three days, Guo had only 12 points to get in. With a basket breaking breakthrough hit, the fourth part of his crazy performance officially opened the curtain. When the Liao basketball was passive, Guo Allen took the lead to stand out, only to see him from the back court dribble, into the penalty area, facing Hamilton with open arms, skillfully avoid defense, low-hand layup. Then, he hit two three points in the three attack, and shot again into the basket for 2+1. In this section, Guo Ailun scored 17 points.

In an interview after the game, Allen was naughty again. The fourth quarter was bad, the team was bad. Ha-ha, kidding. We played very well. He went on to say, Since winning the championship, weve been under a lot of pressure, peoples mindset has not been completely released. We used to play as an attacker in the league, but now were a little ups and downs, so we didnt play well in the third game. When we came back, we landed and held a meeting. We all summed up that the Beijing team was very strong. If we played like the last game, we might lose 20 to 30 points. This is a very good performance and toughness.

Steady! Score four consecutive games 20+

Many fans still remember Guo Allen taking the ball from the back court and turning around to score against Shanxi Mens Basketball Team. In this game, he shot many times. Guo Shao scored more than 20 points in each game after four rounds of battles. He was modest about such performance. Normally, every year I try my best, not to say what I want. The more I want, the more I cant reach it. If I work hard, Ill live up to todays game. If I live up to every days effort, Ill have a good result.

Guo Allen said frankly, his continued good performance can not be separated from the support of the fans, Shenyang home atmosphere is very good, from Benxi to Shenyang, the same is the enthusiasm of the home fans, the venue is very good, gave us a lot of motivation. After Guo Ailun scored a breakthrough, Guo Shiqiang, the manager at the side, also applauded. Speaking of the performance of love general, Guo Shuilian praised, in the game he has a strong impact, fight fiercely, play well, I hope he can grasp the rhythm better, this is very important, will help the team more.