Rebel Wu You

 Rebel Wu You

In the field of classical investment, Wu You, chairman of Jinghu Capital, has a lot of labels. Xue Manzis first post-90s investment partner, Liu Donghuas important business partner, founder of the Chinese Enterprise Club, the manager of GP, 4.6 billion fund of more than 20 industry leaders, such as Li Shufu, Zhou Hongzheng, etc.

The names of entrepreneurs who play an important role in traditional business have often appeared in Wu Yous media interviews. These lists seem to hint at this young mans extraordinary social background. In a highly monopolistic environment in China, young entrepreneurs need the money and resources of their predecessors. Disobedient, either defeated or bought, who played the business tycoon?

A near picture of Wu

Last year, the block chain suddenly rose, and many of them became rich overnight. This seems to bring hope to the new generation of entrepreneurs. At a forum, Yao Yongjie, chairman of the board of directors, told a joke to a classical investor whose feet were chaotic because of the block chains: A post-90s old comrade said, you have made thousands of yuan cost of houses to 110,000 square meters, we do not make a series of numbers of 101,000 sold to you, how can you afford a house? Subverting BAT, reshuffling and reshaping the business structure has become the ideal of many young people. Every ambitious young man breaks into the block chain, like discovering the sunflower treasure book that will lead the next era, eager to try.

As a post-90s, Wu Yous heart was also boiled by this idea. Moreover, Wu You is armed with weapons from the traditional field, compared to young people who have completely risen to the wilderness. He also has the funds and contacts in the traditional fields as a support, according to his own words, experienced the hardships and bloody battles in the field of traditional investment.

When he saw Wu You in May, he pulled out his notebook and pointed to a dense plan while explaining to me in detail the layout of the block chain. The blank area of classical mapping to block chain is blue ocean. According to the traditional business mode, Wu You arranged the block chain. At that time, although the currency price cliff fell, the currency circle entered a cold winter, a lot of leek was cut, from the media off, capital fear. But Wu You still sleeps day and night. He sleeps very short everyday, and blocks the chain tightly. Every time I saw me, no matter how bad he was at that time, he began to become excited and energetic. Like a sudden windward stand on the head of Orange Island, scolding Fang Qiu, pointing to the mountains and rivers, a pair of towering rivers, asking the vast land, who is the heroic ups and downs.

We must use old guns to fight big battles. Though Wu you is ambitious, he is sober about reality. More than 2,000 years ago, Zhao Guo abandoned the old general Lian Po and launched a young general Zhao Kuo to meet the Qin state, and was defeated. He reasonably analyzed that the traditional regular army, with its capital, experience and technology, was able to sweep through the chain of blocks. Thus, for most of the past half year, he visited traditional investors intensively to tap talents in traditional fields, trying to leverage the chain of blocks, leverage resources in traditional fields, and re-layout the chain of blocks. This time he will stand at the front desk and command thousands of troops. Although only a few months later, the currency circle has again entered the Cambrian from the cold winter, he still insists that the bear market should be more deeply distributed.

I am more famous than I am.

Ten years ago, when the centralization of bitcoin was born, the world became restless and restless. Block chains will reshape business forms, redistribute world wealth, change human relations of production and so on, which make many people excited. Especially last year, the Bitcoin soared, and wealth hit many of the first entrants like pie in the sky. A lot of people achieved a rich overnight.

Wu You also caught up with the draught and made a fortune in the two tier market. This is more exciting than his graduation from Taobao. The draught of the Internet made him net about fifty million in two years. Block chain technology has given him only half a year, and the yield is higher than this. He was excited to talk about his feelings at an internal forum at Netease. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldnt believe it was true.

The expansion of wealth has given people more spiritual pursuits. In 2015, Wu You visited Lehman, founder of 3G capital in Brazil. Think big, think deep, think long, Lehman told Wu You. In the block chain to achieve results, let Wu you began to think higher.

From the initial entry, he made money by speculation, and later he began to want to build a chain of chain blocks and develop an ecological circle. Take the industry leader as the core user, rely on the industry partners to promote the global ecology of the industry, in order to achieve the integrated layout of the primary market, to the secondary market value management linkage, controllable industrial clusters, and ultimately realize the technology-driven, out-of-control emerging model of the ecosphere.

He even envisaged the establishment of Apollo Laboratory Block Chain in the future, export free compensation incentive standards, personnel training programs, provide legal advice on Block Chain services, and ultimately export a complete set of standards to the industry. These plans are all written in his diary. The idea of changing the industry and changing the world often excuses him. Block chains are like a huge wave, many of the post-90s are pushed to the forefront of history when many traditional investors are stuck.

When Wu Youxiang was young, his father, a college graduate, just caught up with Chinas important historical node, and instantly wanted to take on the great mission of changing the country and the world. Nevertheless, fate made a man, returned to the countryside, lived a life of incompatibility with the surrounding personality, and then he left the feelings of home and country to his children.

Wu Yous fathers Calligraphy

Wu You felt different from his father in the first contact. He often talks, his eyes narrowed, his eyebrows raised, his mouth raised, his hands waved in excitement, very infectious, and often makes people laugh, fully convinced. But that doesnt mean hes really happy. Hes probably just having a performance talk in response to the atmosphere.

He talked to me many times about the belief in block chains, and I was always skeptical. Until midnight, we talked in a teahouse. He took off his shoes, paralyzed himself in his seat, disguised himself and looked gloomy. He talked to me about many worries and anxieties about the world, and talked to me with appreciation about Zeng Guofans national feelings, Ren Zhengfeis national industry, Liu Xiaoguang pushed Alashan SEE Ecology Association, and Lu Zuofu saved the country with industry. At that instant, I seemed to feel that his fathers blood still surged in the depth of his bones. Wu You always said, I am more famous than I am.

Block chains are characterized by decentralization, unfalsifiability, credibility, anonymity and so on. They are considered to be the core technologies of the next generation of subversive after steam engines, power, and the Internet. This subversion is not to increase efficiency, but to restructure productive relations. When social resources are monopolized in the hands of a small number of people, social strata solidified, many of the post-90s intruded into the block chain, like a newborn calf not afraid of tigers, holding a sharp weapon, foolish, trying to change something.

The world is very bloody.

In all the medias tone, Wu Yous image is lively, humorous, positive inspirational youth. At many times, he gave me the impression that he would always create a cheerful atmosphere. Friends call it Yue Yunpeng of the investment community. But the feeling of personal contact is quite different.

When he met for the first time, his beard was not scratching, his eyes were blurred, his expression was serious, and his expression was gloomy. When I spoke, he nodded, courtesy agreed, but did not take the initiative to speak. As soon as I stopped, the atmosphere fell into a cold field. This is totally different from what I expected before. After many meetings, the atmosphere just started.

After familiarity, Wu You told me that he often suffered from insomnia and was not happy inside.

Comedians are all depressed patients. I am also an extremely divisive person. Wu You was afraid of staying alone at night. He always fills his day with work. I went out early in the morning, came home late, played five or six innings a day, and drank with my brother late at night, trying not to be alone anyway.

When Im alone, I think about it. The world has become very bad, and the food chain is very bloody. I am very anxious. When the smile disappeared, Wu Yous face always showed much older than age and vicissitudes. He has experienced far more than his peers.

2013 was a turning point for Wu You. That year, he started Taobao business and began to taste the joy of wealth. One time, Xue Manzi was selected as a partner by Xue Manzi because of his quick thinking and humor. He was very surprised and uneasy. At that time, he wore a Jersey, his body was thin and his face was green and childish.

The photo taken by Wu You and Xue man Zi

According to the original trajectory of life, Wu You should now be like his classmates, in a few hundred meters deep mine work. In the college entrance examination, he passed the cross talk plus score and was admitted to China University of Mining and Technology. But in the mine, the life of the dark and precarious internship made him extremely desperate. Sophomore, he finally dropped out of school and opened a cosmetics store in Taobao. That was the most popular time for Taobao. He grabbed the draught and successfully completed the counter attack. From a poor family in the countryside to a small boss who has been in the tens of millions of years. These funds laid the foundation for him to become a partner in Xue man Zi. From then on, his life entered the complex business world and was ripened and grown up.

The next year, Wu You met second noble men in his life -- Liu Donghua. He brought Wu You from the investment circle to Chinas top entrepreneurs circle. Wu You established Jinghu capital and became Liu Donghuas business partner. Liu Donghua is the founder of Chinese Entrepreneur Club. The club is the most influential business leader organization in China. Liu Chuanzhi and Ma Yun have successively assumed the chairmanship. Under Liu Donghuas recommendation, Wu You met entrepreneurs in many traditional fields and eventually raised 325 million yuan from 20 big men, including Geely Li Shufu, Huiyuan Zhu Xinli, and HKUST News Flying Liu Qingfeng.

But he did not do well and fell badly. At the very beginning, a community project was lost, losing about sixty million. LP was unable to sit back and asked for a refund. He refused to invite him to dinner, bring the triad people, holding a knife, sitting with him. That year he was only 24 years old. He had never seen such a posture before, and he was shaking with fright. After returning home, I cant sleep at night. I dare not go out in the daytime. I wake up every day and feel my head still there.

Since then, he has experienced the betrayal and extortion of people around him, and is accustomed to the ups and downs of many businessmen around him. He realized a truth that the world is cruel and merciless, and that only the strong are powerful. We are all dust, very humble. Since Laozi is dust, we can only do it in the dead. But sometimes, when watching many people, people from the grass roots, the richest to the prisoners are everywhere. He was full of anxiety and anxiety about the world. Some so-called strong men are very strong in the eyes of outsiders, but in fact they are superficial. In fact, like shit, others are just too lazy to touch you.

After eating countless losses, he finally got a touch on investment and his thoughts gradually became clearer. He summed up the law that investment must be invested in just-needed, simple and crude projects, can directly meet the needs of people, to solve the greatest pain, can not turn several curves, especially twist the palm. Initially, he invested in games, health care products, and so on, and without restrictions, lest he missed a good project, get good profits. The scale of the fund has gradually achieved 4 billion 600 million scale from hundreds of millions. Initially, he put forward the 1 million strategy to invest 1 million if he thought the project could be done. In the early days, when you cant see clearly, you can only cast the net widely. It would be a pity to miss a project with tens of millions of users like Tencent.

As he became more experienced, he became bolder, investing in ideas that changed from love everyone to love, love deeply! In other words, when we look at it, we must weigh it. He gradually formed his investment philosophy, that is, investment is to make people live better, in short, let people live long, live well, live happily. So, for a long time, he voted against cancer drugs, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and overseas innovative drugs. Live well, he said, buying 16 psychiatric hospitals across the country to treat the stress of modern people. Live happily, he invested in many entertainment films, such as Beijing meets Seattle, Like the Nine Stories of the Goblin Pagoda and Cross-border Song King. Recently he has gone international, dabbled in environmental protection, and joined in the acquisition of Urbaser, an environmental group in Tilda, Spain.

After the emergence of block chain technology, when he first heard Xiao Feng talk about digital assets at a Book meeting organized by Taofeng Private Council, he felt very interesting, gradually shifted his focus to block chain. So far, he has invested more than 50 block chain projects, mainly distributed in the bottom technology, application, industry ecology three areas. Dry ticket big, once let him fight high spirited. However, because of the uncertain policy and the cold wind in the industry, he began to feel pressure and worry.

In essence, I will manage human relations.

Up to now, Wu You summed up himself, in essence, is good at business relations, know how to learn from others.

No matter how ambitious and arrogant the heart is, Wu You always looks very modest. He often takes himself after his younger brother 90 and puts his pose very low. Once, during the dinner room, a visitor asked him to work and join the dinner temporarily. He specially ordered some sea cucumber soup for the other party. During the three or four times, he walked around the table and stood up to ladle soup for the other party. The other side was a little scared, and stood up, standing up repeatedly, bending over and nodding his head, thanking him. In front of him, one of his partners broke the operation and was hospitalized for several days. Wu Youshui was in the hospital for several days, giving up urine and taking care of him day and night, more considerate than his wife. I want him to see that in times of adversity, I can count on him.

He is good at understanding peoples needs. From the business needs to the needs of life, the service of the corporate chiefs is all inclusive. The old factory owner was worried about his grandsons marriage, and he helped to make up for it. The rebellious son had a headache, and he led him around as a brother. He praised Lai Changxing for his insight into human nature. But we must use this capability to the right place.

Of course, Wu You is more soberly aware that the essence of business is interest. Learn to give up profits. Let the big guys take the big head. Lets have some soup so that we can cooperate for a long time. Ambitious, but Wu You knows its still a time when head resources are gathered and big men master the rules of the game. As a young man, he can only play with others. This idea deeply ploughs the investment method of block chain. He put forward four fronts, one of which is that there must be a front-line shareholders as a support, otherwise he will not enter the game.

Many people are deeply troubled and tired of dealing with social intercourse. Wu You is totally different. He enjoys chatting, no matter how bad the state is, and chatting and chatting. For about half an hour, you will be able to enter the beautiful world. When he was a teenager, he was selected as a cross talk player by his fathers friend because of this potential. This ability to tease and sing may have been a chat skill in the early years, but has since deepened into a unique trait.

Its the main way for me to open up the world to chat with others and drain away the others thoughts. He is a chatting athlete who does not set limits on himself. After opening his circle of friends, he has taken photos with people in different fields almost every day. Some discuss psychiatric hospitals with Harvard scholars, some talk about sports with Olympic champions, some eat and cook with writers, and some photographs of entrepreneurs hanging out with each other...

He told me that he had given the team more to the research of projects and industries. The main thing I do everyday is to meet different people, understand different industries and expand investment boundaries. The unique thing about the investment industry is that it needs investors to know the background, development trends, and even future trends of each industry. Without strong learning and information mastery ability, can not see clearly the industry, can not accurately predict the future, it is difficult to find potential stocks in the project of mixed eyes and fish. Different people have different ways to understand the world. Some people communicate with others. Wu you is the latter.

This also trains him to have a pair of acuteness eyes, he feels that the average entrepreneur is more likely to succeed, generally with these characteristics: poor, smart, strong desire for success. Because of poverty, I have great thirst for money. With longing, we must be able to think of the way to success. With the method, a strong desire to succeed can sustain him.

But this is also a portrayal of his own journey. The scar on his hand is a witness to his poverty. Ever since she was four years old, her mother had been seriously ill and was in bed. After reading a boarding house, my sister could not afford to eat the canteen and eat the pancakes in the house every day. He loves his elder sister. He goes to school every day to pick up a medicine bottle in the river and sell his money. His hands are often scratched. My ultimate dream is to be as famous as Zeng Guofan, but before that, I want to make enough money, strong enough.

Rebellious Uprising

Mother died four years ago. Wu You still dared not see the photos and diary left by her. Wu You bought an accordion for her mother when she made the first money. His mother loved to play the accordion best, but by that time she was too sick to carry it. He bought her a light one. After the death of her mother, many of the relics were burned away, leaving the organ alone, Wu you has been treasured.

In 2014, when the mother was in danger, the cancer cells had spread to the whole body, and the lungs were covered with black spots. The water could not drink in, and only water could be applied to her lips with cotton swabs. He and his sister deliberately bought a rose flower and placed it in front of her sick bed, hoping that her mother would recover quickly. One day, roses bloom beautifully. He and his sister are very happy. They are full of hope and feel that this is a harbinger of their mothers death. But I didnt expect my mother to die in a few days. Until now, the rose was still in the house, but Wu You did not dare to look at it every time he went back.

He could not worry about his father now. He felt that his father had grown old after his mother died. One time he went home, and he touched a letter in the sofa crevice, which was written by his father late at night to his late mother. It says: I lie on the sofa, vaguely aware that you are sitting there. I wake up to find that you are gone. I wish I could take care of you in this life. Wu you cried in tears.

The front row was the death of his mother, and he went back to his hometown deliberately. In the circle of friends, there was a song called Dream in which the song was sung: Sorrowful wanderers are helpless, at the end of the world. This may be Wu Yous mood for a long time. He is afraid of being alone at night, afraid of thinking of his mother, and cant help himself. In the interview, Wu you cried once, is talking about her mother, crying like a child.

When Wu was young, she had a complex feeling for her mother, longing to be close to her, and afraid of her. Mother had a very strong fear of death after her serious illness in the early years, so it was easy to be irritable. I was afraid of doing something wrong and making her angry. The whole family had to eat, so long as she didnt speak, she dared not speak. So Wu you never swore with his mother from childhood.

Wu You wanted to do something for his mother: promoting orphan legislation. The so-called factual orphan is not included in the orphan relief system, but similar to the situation of children orphans, such as children of criminals. At present, Wu you donated 6 thousand such orphans, but he felt like a drop in the bucket. There are about 600000 orphans in the country. Their life and education situation is worrying. He hoped that legislation on this matter could be promoted later. In addition, he donated some real orphans and left behind children. All this is for my mother. She was a teacher before, and she liked children very much.

Wu You looks at his present photographs and teases himself for just a few years. He has become like an old hooligan who has been haunted by rivers and lakes for many years. His mental maturity is far more than that of his peers. After initial contact and humorous humor, you sometimes find it hard to touch his heart. He had soft parts in his heart and hard protective shells outside. He has his own survival rule and has his own strategy to play in the rules of the game. But he never complied with the existing rules and became a follower. He absorbs energy and powers. Once he gives him a chance, he may be the first rebel to rise. Source: NetEase science and technology report editor: Wu Mengyang _NBJ11200

Wu You looks at his present photographs and teases himself for just a few years. He has become like an old hooligan who has been haunted by rivers and lakes for many years. His mental maturity is far more than that of his peers. After initial contact and humorous humor, you sometimes find it hard to touch his heart. He had soft parts in his heart and hard protective shells outside. He has his own survival rule and has his own strategy to play in the rules of the game. But he never complied with the existing rules and became a follower. He absorbs energy and powers. Once he gives him a chance, he may be the first rebel to rise.