CCTV exposure mobile phone gambling APP, part of the game gamble up to 50 million

 CCTV exposure mobile phone gambling APP, part of the game gamble up to 50 million

A recent survey by reporters found that two mobile app platforms, King of Poker and the Horde of Poker, have become online gambling, in which King of Poker bets at least 50 million yuan a day.

The super network gamble is about 50 million per day.

For the past month and a half, Wang has spent at least eight hours a day playing Texas poker on his mobile phone, gambling online almost after he woke up. He said: no way, addicted, open your eyes and began to gamble, want to win money.

Xiao Wang said he lost more than 20 thousand yuan in a month and a half. He said he wanted to quit, but gambling addiction was like a hook. He kept holding him away.

Platform agent:

If you are profitable, the platform pumps 3% of your profit, that is, it wins 100 yuan, and the platform takes 3 yuan.

On the poker king platform, the stakes are genuine Renminbi. There are four levels of chips: micro, small, medium and large, from the smallest chips to the highest chips of 2,000 yuan. Gamblers can gamble as long as they have 20 yuan. The two thousand largest gamble will require gamblers to recharge at least 200 thousand yuan before they can gamble.

The reporter preliminary estimate, to the maximum table for example, six people gambling, each 200,000 yuan, this table is 1.2 million. Each table can open eight tables a day for two and a half hours, and the maximum amount of gambling can reach 9.6 million. High table can open ten different levels of gambling tables at the same time, plus micro, small, medium-level chips, Poker King platform, the total daily wager of at least 50 million yuan.

Many gambling platforms reappear and reappear network

What company does the Poker King run? On the front page of the platform, Poker King hangs up his business license, claiming that he has the legal status to operate online gambling. A legal operation license for online gambling shows that the issuing country of the Internet gambling license is Philippines.

In June of this year, CCTV broadcast a report on alleged cell gambling in the mobile APP poker circle. After the broadcast, the poker circle stopped service within 24 hours, and has not recovered yet. In September of this year, the king of poker was born, and immediately attracted many netizens to gamble. Poker Kings agent told reporters that poker king is actually the previous poker circle.

In addition to the king of poker, reporters found that the tribal pioneer is also a gambling nature of Texas poker APP, which belongs to the game game game. The platform usually maintains an online number of about more than 2000 people, with a cumulative number of over 10000 people per day.

According to a reporters survey, there are many online gambling platforms like King of Poker that have been closed and renamed. Mr. He, 41, from Jinan, Shandong Province, has been playing Texas poker for years, losing about 400,000 yuan. He said that he played mainly in the German flapping circle and the intelligent game.

There are many clubs on this platform. These clubs operate a business, which is to organize their members to gamble. The German hurdles bulletin board shows that it is a registered company in Ireland. Despite the claim to prohibit the use of platforms for gambling, however, reporters have joined more than 40 Depu Circle clubs since the beginning of the year, without exception are members of the organization to gamble.

In order to evade legal sanctions, some APP are reappearing after replacing their identities. All these platforms previously registered by domestic companies have been replaced by offshore companies. Not only did the software operators change to overseas, but also some large clubs moved abroad. We are in Cambodia, now the domestic environment is not good, can not act against the wind, big platforms and clubs have come out, mainly in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, said the customer service.

Punishing the black gold channel in accordance with the law

Can gambling APP hide away from abroad and escape the blow? Experts said that the company is legal overseas, but in the domestic violations, in addition to international law enforcement cooperation to punish according to law, the domestic regulatory authorities also need to effectively cut off the illegal channel.

Xie Mingdun, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said: in the Internet era, there are many APP programs on mobile phones. Generally speaking, not every APP needs to be licensed, but yellow, gambling, such procedures are explicitly prohibited, absolutely not in the network operation. If the operation is in violation of Chinese law, the person who opens a casino, a banker or helps the banker to operate is liable accordingly.

Experts identified eight Internet gambling platforms offered by reporters and found that six were foreign companies and two were not signed at all, unable to determine who was operating. Experts said that for the overseas registration or operation of suspected gambling APP, in the supervision of indirect methods can be taken to reduce the harm.

Xie Mingdun said, from the technical level, we can shield through the protective net, and do not let it operate in the country. From the capital level, if a huge amount of money is found, the banking department or financial supervision department should cooperate with the public security department to carry out the corresponding supervision.

Since last year, the Ministry of Public Security has directed more than 400 major cross-border gambling cases directly, captured more than 10,000 people involved, arrested and released more than 600 members of Chinese gangs from abroad, abolished more than 500 illegal money banks and network payment gangs, and seized 11 billion yuan of frozen funds.