British media mourning Victoria: Leicester citys daydream hero of the grass roots

 British media mourning Victoria: Leicester citys daydream hero of the grass roots

Vickys Leicester City miraculously won the Premier League title in the 2015-16 season, while Leicester City had a 5,000-1 chance of winning the title before that season. James Sharp said, Vicky is the dream maker of Leicester City and brings hope to all the other clubs. Faced with this tragedy, it is hard to tell how I feel, let alone write this article.

For the outside world, Vicky is a billionaire from Thailand, providing the most incredible sports legend for our generation, perhaps all generations. And for Leicester City fans like me, hes the one who allows us to dream, he puts us on top and gives hope to all the other clubs and other fans. I supported the Leicester City Club from an early age, and it was the most special journey, so it was almost impossible to understand and elaborate on the impact of Victoria on Leicester City - not only for the club, but also for the city.

Eight years before the Wechat family took over Leicester City in 2010, we didnt even know if the club we would support would survive. Leicester City has been trusteeed and some lifelong club employees have to accept dismissal and pack up and leave. Although the club was eventually saved, it has been a tough time, in 2008 Leicester City in the clubs history for the first time into the third division league.

So when news came out that Leicester City was bought by a Thai family, people were excited at first - we needed a boss like that, but also a little uneasy, because people were always suspicious of foreign investors who didnt know. Will they change the name of the club? Will you change the Jersey to red? What happens if they invest huge amounts of money but feel bored and choose to divest themselves?

But none of this has happened. What we get is investment and respect for tradition. Vecchi borrowed more than 100 million pounds in the first four years after joining the club, then converted the money into shares, which meant he could not choose to take the money out like ordinary creditors, and the clubs huge debts were liquidated. A club so close to the brink of bankruptcy is now stable. Exhibition.

Leicester city has signed many players, sometimes even too many players. Although manager Erikssons Supermarket plans did not go according to plan, it showed the clubs intention to be more competitive in the game. Leicester City signed striker Aginbye for 5 million in 2000 and didnt spend much more (8 million) on Urea until 2014. But now the record has become Slimanis 30 million pounds, and they have offered 40 million pounds for Sigurdson.

It is unimaginable for fans to spend more than one hundred million pounds this summer in Leicester. Even after winning the Premier League, Victoria continued to invest. The 100 million sex training ground is under construction and the Royal Court is being expanded, which would not have been possible without Victors guess.

He and his family have accepted the city of Leicester, just like the club they owned. Over the past few years, they have contributed millions to local charities: 2 million pounds to the new childrens hospital and 1 million pounds to the local university medical department. For a man of more than five billion pounds, thats not much to him, but for the people of Leicester City, it may one day be needed. Since Vicky became the clubs chairman, Leicester City has been moving upwards: the Champions League, the Premier League and the Champions League Eight.

He also has to make some tough decisions in the process, but as a billionaire he cant let sensibility rule reason. For example, many outsiders are angry about Vichais dismissal of the championship-winning coach Claudio Ranieri. How can he do that? How can he treat Ranieri coach like this? It will always be a sad moment in Leicester Citys history, but the club was close to relegation. Many fans know in their hearts that the change is the right decision and that it is the best thing to do for the club, regardless of the emotion, just as Victor did before and after.

Victoria did not talk much about this with Leicester fans before doing so. Sometimes he has been criticized for wanting to be in the spotlight, such as the day he won the Premier League trophy at Leicester City, when Vicky was the most eye-catching, and he and his family spent a long time hauling the field with the trophy. Maybe they made a mistake, but there are few moments like this, and can you blame him for that, anyway, when the clubs success depends entirely on your investment? Generally speaking, Vicky is a low-key person, the clubs decisions are made by him, but he seldom openly discusses these.

In fact, the last time I covered the Leicester City game during my time at the local newspaper Mercury (before joining the Post) was the first and only close encounter I had with Vicky. When Leicester City coach Puel invited me to the office, on our way to chat, Vicky brought his family in to wish Puel good luck. Vicky wasnt a tall man, but he had a halo, a sense of authority, when he greeted me and shook hands.

That was before Leicester City lost to Everton at home and the last home game before West Ham. After that, Victorias helicopter crashed into flames.

As the first manuscript written after working for a new employer, this is not the topic anyone wants to write. Source: NetEase sports writer: Fu and then editor in charge: Liu Jie _NS4812

As the first manuscript written after working for a new employer, this is not the topic anyone wants to write.