The woman used a strip to hide the license plate when she was a traffic policeman.

 The woman used a strip to hide the license plate when she was a traffic policeman.

Yu didnt recognize his license plate at the beginning.

After the police stopped the car, Yu doubtfully stepped down and asked, Is it because you cant drive with a dog? The traffic policeman pointed to the shield in front of the license plate and asked why he wanted to block the license plate. Yu immediately pulled the shield off the car and threw it on the ground. He shook his head and shouted, I really dont know, revealing grievance in his voice.

You parked the car on the side of the road, and then you got out of the car with a white strip. We thought at first you were going to clean the car, but we didnt think you were going to cover the license plate with a white strip.

Traffic police also said that at that time there were four traffic police near Yumou, did not expect Yumou unexpectedly on such a grand and magnificent license plate covered.

Seeing his behavior exposed, Yu explained that his traffic policeman friend said that as long as the license plate block can not collect tolls, because her traffic policeman friends know people.

Finally, the traffic police conducted a critical education for Yu Mou, recording 12 points for temporary driving license. The police also warned to keep the pet in place while driving, or if the pet suddenly rushed to the drivers side, it would easily lead to safety hazards.

In this regard, netizens said: I believe that rules and regulations are far more reliable than others.

Source: observer net responsibility editor: Shi Jianlei _NBJ11331