Luck + strength helps the young achievement fifth crown to catch up with Schumachers future.

 Luck + strength helps the young achievement fifth crown to catch up with Schumachers future.

Throughout F1s 70-year history, 33 world champions have emerged, while only five have won more than four championships. This seasons reignition of the drivers championship and the achievement of the Five Championships honor meant that Louis Hamilton not only surpassed Frances star Alan Prost in championship glory, but also left behind Sebastian Vettel, the four-time champion, as the direct contender for this seasons championship. Well deserved F1 active duty first person. Five world champions, Louis Hamilton, tied with Argentinas great driver Juan Manuel Foggio in the 1950s to become the second-largest number of world champions in F1 history, and the number of first place was President Hill in F1, the great Formula One champion, the seventh world. Michael Schumacher, the champion of the world.

Coincidentally, Hamiltons fourth and fifth World Championships were won ahead of schedule after completing 71 laps at Rodrigues in Mexico. In the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton won the world championship with 56 points ahead of Vettel, even claiming that the F1 championship of the 2017 season is the most difficult one. Although Hamiltons 2018 Championship seems to come a little easier in terms of points gap, from the trend of the whole season, Hamilton won still not easy, Ferrari, Red Bull two teams have brought a strong challenge to Mercedes-Benz team, Hamiltons fifth championship, winning it is still coming Its not easy.

At the beginning of the 2018 season, Ferraris top driver Sebastian Vettel came on the brink of winning the race in Australia and Bahrain. In the face of Vettels momentum, Hamilton won two races, one season in Asia and one season, gripping his opponent in the table. And to Shanghai, China, Wittel in the race with Vista Pan collision, only the 8th, Hamilton was not warm, and finally finished fourth, still behind Wittel in the scoreboard 9 points.

Hamiltons form was questioned for three consecutive games without a championship and the late signing of a new contract, but when he arrived in Azerbaijani, his luck came to him, Red Bulls infighting and Vittels mistake, and teammate Bottass tire burst before the end of the season, Hamilton magically won the first prize of the season and was on the scoreboard. On the realization of Vettels anti super. Hamilton, who was favored by the Goddess of Fortune and returned to Europes main battlefield, quickly found the feeling of the game and easily won the second title in Spain.

Walking into the summer, in Monaco and Canada, Vettel are slightly better, in the scoreboard against a point super Han. But in France, Vittel and Bottas collided, only fifth, seized the opponents chance to miss, Hamilton won a sub-station championship to regain the lead position.

In Austria, Mercedes-Benz suffered the worst defeat of the season, Hamilton retired at the end of the race due to a car failure, Bottas retired due to a car failure, Vettel finished third, and once again overtook Hamilton in the standings. At Silverstone in England, Hamilton, who fell to the end of the line-up, fought back with the Jedi and took back a runner-up with the help of a safety car. Wittel won the championship, but Hamiltons point lead remained in single digits.

A week before the start of the German race, Hamilton renewed his contract with Mercedes-Benz to continue his two-year run for the Silver Arrow. The German Grand Prix, which followed, was a turning point for the drivers championship of the year, and the race progressed dramatically, with Hamilton racing out of the first phase of qualifying. The track damaged the car and eventually only started at 14th place. Vettel got pole position. But during the race, Hamilton raced back to the top. After half the race, it began to rain heavily. The first and final championship, in the anti-overtaking Vettel 17 points at the same time, the drivers Championship balance began to tilt toward Hamilton.

At Hungarys Hungarys Hungarys Hungary Hungary Lorraine, Hamilton was once again favored by heaven. A sudden shower swept through the qualifying race, seizing the chance that Ferrari was not good at rain fighting, and Hamilton won the pole position and the Race Championship at one fell swoop. After the summer break in Spa, Belgium, although Vittel won the championship, but Hamilton is still a steady second runner-up. At Ferraris home circuit in Monza, the Goddess of Fortune stood next to Hamilton, Ferrari in front of the car but again lost a good game, Wittel and Hamilton in the first lap of the race, Wittel nose damaged and fell to the end of the team, and Hamilton racing car without damage! Hamilton eventually surpassed Raikkonen to the top in Italy, but Vettel only brought back fourth, home defeat, Vettel in the world championship race has been fully behind Hamilton.

In Singapore, Hamilton was not expected before the race, qualifying with an incredible perfect lap to win the pole position, and ultimately take advantage of the pole position back to the championship, Wittel won third, behind Hamilton 40 points, the drivers championship hopes basically destroyed. At the Russian station, Hamilton got teammates Botass let the car assist and successfully won the championship. Vettel also admitted after the game that the contention of the championship has been out of control.

In October, the Japanese Grand Prix, Vettel strength and luck double-line defeat, qualifying only ninth, the race with Vestapan crashed to the end of the collision, and finally finished in sixth place, Hamilton easily won the championship, has a huge advantage of 67 points. In American Indianapolis, Hamilton won the second place, Vettel was again tragic in the game, collided with Ricardo, and eventually only got the fourth, 70 points in the lead of the small Han, only to get six points in Mexico (seventh place), can defend the championship ahead of schedule.

Throughout the season, Ferrari and Red Bull teams have posed a huge threat to Mercedes in terms of performance. After the first nine races, the three teams won three championships each and were in a tripod state for a while. But Red Bulls racing speed is not stable enough, young Vistapan repeatedly collided in the race impulsive driving, confirmed that the upcoming Renault Ricardo is not interested in fighting, the stability of the car is not good, once became the seasons withdrawal king. Ferrari, on the other hand, was in bad luck, repeatedly beaten with a good hand in hand, and Vettel repeatedly collided in the race and lost the game. By contrast, in addition to withdrawing from Austria due to car trouble, Hamilton has had a good season of speed and luck, heavy rain, safety cars, and even as a wingman teammate Bottas, have repeatedly given the young man assists, coupled with their superb driving skills, so that Hamilton steadily to the fifth world championship. Army income pocket.

As the first black driver in F1, Hamilton became a teenager. In 2007, he won the podium in nine consecutive races on behalf of McLaren and became a champion. But in the last two races, Hamilton, holding a huge 17-point lead, lost the game by one point. Raikkonen, unfortunately, has no chance to win the first world championship. A year later, Hamilton returned to winning the pole and championship in the opening game, competing fiercely with Ferrari driver Felipe Massa for the world championship, which lasted until the final Brazilian Grand Prix. Massa succeeded in winning the race in his hometown, where Hamilton was sixth in the race. At the last corner of the race, Toyota driver Glock overtook, grabbed fifth place, also with a point advantage over Massa to get off the drivers championship, 23 years old to become the youngest world champion at that time.

In 2009, the Browns GP team ride the dust, Hamilton started not ideal, and even five consecutive races did not score points, but ultimately won two races championship, the final harvest of the years fifth place. In 2010, Hamilton won the podium nine times, three races and the fourth place of the year, while Red Bull driver Wittel won the world championship and broke Hamiltons youngest world championship record. In 2011, Red Bulls Vettel continued to dominate the race, Hamilton won three races, and finally ranked fifth. Hamilton decided to leave McLaren at the end of the season to join the mediocre Mercedes-Benz team, despite still winning three races in 2012 but not satisfied with the ups and downs of McLaren.

In 2013, Hamilton harvested fourth of the year to help Mercedes Benz return to the first class fleet. In 2014, the back-to-peak Mercedes and Hamilton merged perfectly to win 11 races of the year, helping Hamilton win the drivers championship again every six years.

From 2015 to 2016, benefiting from the dominance of Mercedes-Benz, the F1 world champion became the internal competition of Mercedes-Benz, and Hamilton won the third world championship by 59 points in 2015. But in 2016, despite Hamiltons 10 wins, Rosberg still won his first world championship by five points. At the end of the season, Rosberg claimed that the tough season against Hamilton did not want to come back and chose to retire. Memphis finally chose to sign Finnish driver Bottas as Rosbergs successor.

In 2017, Memphiss dominance was broken and Ferraris traditional prowess revived, but it was still hard to shake Mercedesposition. Although Vettel posed a threat in the first half of the season, Hamilton won five times in six games after the summer break, winning nine points a year and Vittel five. In the end, Hamilton picked up fourth world champions by 46 points.

With Hamiltons fifth world championship, the British also tied with Argentine champion Juan Manuel Foggio, who won the world championship five times on behalf of Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Ferrari and Maserati in 1951 and 1954-1957. It is worth mentioning that when Born in 1911, Foggio won his fifth World Championship in 1957, he was 46 years old, and Hamilton reached that height only at the age of 33, and his driving skills were still at their peak. Hamilton overtook the Mercedes, who had won five consecutive championships. Fang Ji o seems to be only a matter of time.

Hamiltons next catch-up is the unquestionable champion of F1, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, who won two World Championships at Benetton in 1994-95 and then drove the Ferrari in 2000-2004 to achieve an unprecedented five-time championship. Coincidentally, when Schumacher won the fifth championship in 2002, the same age was 33 years old. Hamilton, who had just completed a two-year contract extension with Mercedes-Benz, would be able to continue the peak of his racing career, catch up with and even surpass Schumachers seven-time champion, and let time tell us the answer.

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