Shanghai Media: Hong Kong is hard to get rid of in the celestial body and can not always count on Wu Lei Savior.

 Shanghai Media: Hong Kong is hard to get rid of in the celestial body and can not always count on Wu Lei Savior.

Wu Lei reincarnated himself as a superhero in this match. He scored twice in his career, scoring 100 goals in the Chinese Super League, becoming the first player to score 100 goals in the history of the Chinese Super League. His 25 league goals also put him far ahead of the scorerslist, just one goal away from home scoring record - Li Jinyu scored 26 goals a season. Although the other two goals of the Hong Kong team were scored by foreign aid Hulk on penalties, they were also made directly or indirectly by Wu Lei.

Of course, Wu Leis brilliance and an important victory can not conceal a big problem exposed by the Hong Kong team in this game. The challenge of Guangzhous Evergrandes battle of heavenly kings will be left or right.

At the beginning of the game, the Hong Kong team came up with a very clear idea of battle. The team was in a very fast state, and Luneng was caught unprepared. The Hong Kong players kept a tight grip on the midfield and kept pressure on Lunengs defensive line, forcing Lunengs two generals Pellet and Tardelli to withdraw from the backcourt defense, away from their familiar core areas. This tactic needs a strong terminator if it wants to succeed. Wu Lei has become a key part of this tactic.

The game lasted until the 16th minute, when Lu Wenjuns right side of the restricted area was crossed by an inverted triangle, Wu Lei burst into the goal and the Hong Kong team took a 1-0 lead.

In the 27th minute, Wu Lei got a single-edged chance, but was thrown down by Luneng goalkeeper Han Rongze to get a penalty kick, Hulk foul shot, the Hong Kong team 2-0 lead.

Before the end of the first half, Wulei penalty area, Luneng player Zheng Zheng destroyed the ball with his arm, the Hong Kong team got a penalty again, Hulk penalty point opened two degrees. A perfect Wu Lei, to help the Hong Kong team to play the perfect tactics in the first half, half-time to play a 3-0 score, so that everyone feels - Hong Kong is stable!

No one had thought that the second half of the situation changed dramatically. Shandong Luneng Team coach Li Xiaopeng adjusted in time, the overall premise of the front, increased pressure on Hong Kong, soon to achieve control of the scene. Striker Pele no longer withdraws the ball, Lunengs two sides widen his width, and repeatedly looks for Pelle. It was this change that allowed Pellet to chase two goals in the second half, not only to take a 3-2 lead in Hong Kong, the momentum was reversed to Lunengs side.

In the first and second half, the two teams looked and played as if they had exchanged each other, reflecting the lack of coping ability of the Hong Kong team. As coach Pereira had been sent off by red card forced to suspend the game, on-the-spot command of the Hong Kong team to the assistant coach Felipe. At present, Felipe did not make timely adjustments according to the changes in the game situation. This led to the second half in the face of opponentscounter-attack, Hong Kong did not change one person, two did not change the tactical thinking, with the same change strategy, is obviously a failure. The first substitution, which took place almost 90 minutes before the game, was more like a pre-match routine.

Fortunately, there is Wu Lei! When the game was about to collapse, Wu Lei stepped forward again, relying on his keen nose in front of the goal in the 88th minute, and scored a second shot to lock the victory for the team.

The next game, Shanghais arrival in Hong Kong, will be the most important and difficult of the season - the battle against Evergrandes Tianwangshan. The good news is that Lunengs core midfielder Oscar did not get a yellow card, attacking players in Hong Kong can be full play. The bad news is that coach Parreira is still unable to play. It would be very difficult to retreat completely if the strategy of changing everything with the same attitude was used to deal with the old and cunning generals. After all, it is impossible for the team to expect Wu Lei to become superhero again and again.