A review of Jia Jia: Jia Zhao Ye killed and greet the city ahead of the first round.

 A review of Jia Jia: Jia Zhao Ye killed and greet the city ahead of the first round.

Heilongjiang FC3-1 Xinjiang snow leopard

The 7th minute, Li Shuai left road oblique pass forbidden area, Babaka small forbidden area front left foot push to break the door, Heilongjiang 1-0 lead. The 16th minute, to the Jiachi Forbidden Zone front rubbing pass, Liu Xuanchen forbidden zone front vigorous volley scoring, Xinjiang leveled, 1-1. The 31st minute, Liao Chengjian forbidden area right inverted triangle return, Babaka penalty point right burst open two degrees, Heilongjiang 2-1 lead. In the 84th minute, Tan Liwei scored the ball at the front of the restricted area, and a hat-trick was performed on the left side of the Babaka restricted area. Heilongjiang won 3-1.

Zhejiang Yi Teng 1-1 Liaoning Shenyang Hongyun

In forty-fifth minutes, Gustavos right corner corner was passed, Wang Haos head in the penalty area was broken, and Liao foot 1-0 took the lead. In the second minute of stoppage time, Wang Tianzhi swept the ball to the right of the penalty area and scored a leak in Motas penalty area. Yiteng was unbeaten, 1-1.

Shanghai Shen Xin 0-3 Shenzhen Jia Zhao Ye

The 20th minute, Xu Yang left road bottom pass, Preziado small area line header scored, Jia Zhaoye 1-0 lead. In the 33rd minute, Ye Chugui broke the ball on the right, Ohandeza broke through to the right side of the penalty area, scored a low shot from the left foot, and Jia Zhaoye took the lead 2-0. Fifty-fourth minutes, Lin Jiahao was shovelled on the right side of the area. 2 minutes later, Plessi Janos penalty kick hit Mei Kai two degrees, Jia Zhao 3-0 wins.

Dalian exceeds 0-2 Beijing North control Yanjing

Hohhot 0-3 Wuhan drow

The 32nd minute, Evra arc top edge to do the ball gently, Pedro broke into the front left foot shot score, Zhuo 1-0 lead. The 60th minute, Li Xing middle line right side delivers the wonderful pass, Evera single-handedly goes to the meeting arc top hangs the door to be successful, Zhuo Er 2-0 takes the lead. The 76th minute, Evra doormat shot in the left pillar, Pedro small area left to re-open two degrees, Zhuo 3-0 victory.

Qingdao the Yellow Sea 2-1 Meizhou Hakka

The 51st minute, Wang Dong restricted area right bottom line crosses, Cleo restricted area line high jump header to break the goal, the Yellow Sea 1-0 lead. The 56th minute, Wang Weilong left pass, Malis penalty area after the middle of the ball, Meizhou leveled, 1-1. 887th minutes, Yang Yu poked out the front door was shot, Gao Xiang shot the ball into the Yellow Sea, the 2-1 kill. The 90th minute, the Huo Liang midfielder tramples on Cleo from behind, accumulates 2 yellow to be sent off by the red card, Meizhou 10 person completes the game.

Zhejiang green city 1-0 Meixian iron Han ecosystem

In seventh minutes, the right side of the dino restricted area was pushed down by Ceng Chao. 2 minutes later, Dino personally hit the penalty spot, Greentown 1-0 small wins.

Yanbian Fu De 0-3 Shijiazhuang Yongchang

The 31st minute, Li Chunyu Middle Road direct plug, Matthews restricted area right corner left foot arc ball into the world wave, Yongchang 1-0 lead. The 87th minute, Matthews small area back-to-back pass, Longdong easily into the empty goal, Yongchang 2-0 lead. After third minutes, Yang Yiming left the arcs in the penalty area and scored 3-0 points in Yongchang.