Secretary of the College of mentally ill students: no doctor has proved that he can not come to school.

 Secretary of the College of mentally ill students: no doctor has proved that he can not come to school.

It was a bit cold. Zhuangyu wanted to eat hot pot. He walked around and finally got into a KFC store. Meat can replenish energy.

He ordered a family bucket, a snack platter, a spicy chicken hamburger, a panini, and a cup of snow-topped coffee. The coffee was iced up, and he changed into a glass of milk.

There were other guests at the next table. He reminded the people around him not to say hospital but that place.

That place is the mental health center of Luoyang. 1060 days after leaving the mental hospital, Zhuang Yu was still wearing a cross and trapped in the original place.


The story begins with hospitals.

Zhuang Yu was pushed through an iron door. Several paramedics dragged him to a small room, stripped him of his T-shirt and trousers, and took away the keys and mobile phones. Put on sick clothes and sit in a ward of fifty or sixty people. The hospital bed is connected by the wall, and a bed is laid in the middle of the house.

His mother Qiu Lian, outside Tiemen, spoke to Xu Min, director of the Department of Luoyang Mental Health Center, and kept crying.

Xu Min told Zhuang Yu that only when he was in hospital could he prove it. Zhuang Yu repeatedly asked him what his illness was. The answer is serious illness and long-term treatment.

It was July 20, 2015.

The next day, Qiu Lian went to the hospital to check the results, Xu Mincong or that sentence: do not let him be hospitalized can not open the certificate not to study, 15 days later to inform the results of the examination, let her go home first.

Fifteen days later, Qiu Lian received a notification from the hospital that her sons diagnosis was schizophrenia, and she was scared to cry. Xu Min never said much and hung up the phone.

In August 17th, Qiu Lian paid for the hospital. She was half in doubt and had no way out. Then she went to school to suspend her sons studies.

The hospital building is back shape, and there is a vacant place in the middle. It is the place where the patient is active.

Zhuangyu lives on the third floor. There are doctors office, iron gate, small warehouse, nurses office, nurses station and ward on that floor. There are tables and chairs and TV in the hall.

There was a steel window in the ward, looking out of the window. A column of iron cut the sky into several pieces. Outside, between the building and the building is the cement path. In the morning, the running voice of the hospital staff members will come in. In the distance, farmland and open space extend to the Luo river.

Zhuang Yu belonged to the Fifth Department, where 150 patients lived. Some patients appear to be dementia, insane, slow in action, and some appear smart and flexible. A 19 year old boy often chatted with Zhuang Yu. He liked to write novels and fantasies.

According to their severity, they lived in 20 or 6 wards respectively. Three meals a day, the nursing worker pushes the cart to bring food from outside and distribute it to each patient.

Take medicine in the evening, the patients are lined up, and the attendants take medicine in turn. The drugs were lethargic, and Chuang Yu was lying in bed, falling asleep.

At seven or eight a.m. on the second day, he woke up from the sound of the radio and was called to the hall by the nurse. All the patients were standing in line. After the nurses finished, they arranged for the patients to eat, take medicine, and go to the hall. At noon, they ate, take medicine, and go to bed. At three in the afternoon, they were in the hall. At five or six in the afternoon, they had dinner and went to the hall. At seven or eight in the evening, they went back to the ward, took medicine and went to bed.

Day in and day out.

In addition to taking medicine, Zhuang Yus other treatment is convulsive electroconvulsive (MECT). A few days later, at about 8 a.m., Chuang Yu was taken to the MECT room and anesthetics flowed into his body from a transparent tube. He gradually lost consciousness and was unconscious.

After waking up, it was evening, and some memories disappeared. There are white walls and white windows.

The informed consent to non-convulsive electroconvulsive shock was signed on the day of Zhuangyus admission. The familys signature on the consent was written with the name of Qiu Lian, Zhuangyus mother. Zhuang Yu stared at his mothers name, saying that it was a forged hospital.

In the hotel room, Zhuang Yu described the hospitalization process to the person who asked. He spoke slowly and undulating, with a few seconds in the middle of each sentence. He constantly adjusted his body, changed his posture, and tried to recall.


On the first day when he entered the mental hospital, Zhuang Yu wanted to escape. Every day he asked himself why he came to this absurd place. How to return to the status of a normal person and take back the original life.

Zhuang Yu began to plan the escape plan, but he never had a chance.

Until one evening in October 2015, Zhuangyu, a 19-year-old patient in the six-bedroom ward of the Mental Health Center, chatted with his friend inside. The sick friend wants to change to the ward of twenty people.

On the second evening, the sick friend went to the nursing worker and asked to change wards. Zhuangyu was standing in the middle of the corridor and heard it. He advised his patients not to change. Some of them were seriously ill. They would get up in the middle of the night and beat people. It was dangerous.

Guan Jingdong, a male nurse, rushed over from the doorway of the six men and raised his fist and hit Zhuang Yu. Twenty minutes later, the female doctor ho Minna came and took the hit nurse to a ward.

Zhuangyu also followed the ward and spread his anger to Guan Jingdong: You rascal, I will not let you! At the end of his speech, Guan Jing Dong rushed to fight him. He grabbed the drawer of the bedside cabinet and smashed it across the face of the nursing worker.

Two nurses pressed Zhuangyu on the bed and punched and kicked. A minute later, the female doctor dragged the nurses out of the ward. The head nurse went to Guan Jingdong to apologize to Zhuangyu.

The next day, Zhuangyu saw Xu Mincong. He wanted to call the police. He wouldnt let me call the police, or he wouldnt let me go to school without proof.

Zhuang Yu wanted to know Xu Jiankangs story, but he did not know his phone number. There is an address book in the nurses office, but the door is locked. He is looking for an opportunity.

Every morning at four or five oclock, the nurse was drowsy, and when the office was empty, he slipped in and carried the number of the hospital administration.

With his phone number, he reads books at the front of the nursing station every day and stares at the doctors who come in and out of the nursing station. Finally one day, November 24, afternoon activity time, about three oclock, the door of the nurse station was open, Zhuangyu got in and picked up a phone, ran to the corner of a ward to call Xu Health.

Five subjects Xu people from the university students as mental illness to compulsory treatment, I ask you to negotiate immediately.

OK, Ill go right away.

About ten minutes, Xu Jiankang arrived. Xu Min went to the reception room with him and called Zhuang Yu.

Zhuang Yu put forward the three requirement: compensate for the loss and apologize; he is innocent; he is released immediately. Xu Jiankang agreed. After that, Zhuang Yu called his family phone for the first time in the hospital.

Xu Min recalled that Zhuangyus roommate looked for a nurse to transfer room, and the patient (roommate) was transferred away. He (Zhuangyu) scolded the nurse for targeting him. In the process of intervention, there was a physical conflict, and two of them later became private.

In the evening of November 30th, the hospital asked Zhuang Yu to sign an agreement with his mother. The agreement requires Guan Jing to pay 7000 yuan for Zhuang Yuan. Thereafter, neither party shall claim any rights from the public administration department, the competent department or the unit hired by Jingdong.

11 oclock in the night. Zhuang Yus mother and a cousin discuss outside the iron gate and negotiate with the hospital. The hospital also found a lawyer and wrote a reconciliation agreement.

Zhuang Yu signed with his mother, went out of the hospital, and regained her freedom.


Mother and a cousin live in a hotel in Luoyang with Zhuang Yu. There was little dialogue between mother and son that night. Zhuang Yu was depressed and his mother cried. He cried and wanted to leave Luoyang forever.

Zhuang Yu was suddenly sent to a psychiatric hospital. Previously, he was an English major at Luoyang Normal University.

Luoyang Normal University gate

What happened, because Zhuang Yu could not get in touch with his family, lasted for 134 days. On the second day when he came home from the mental hospital, he began to ask his mother what had happened before.

On the morning of July 20, 2015, Zhuang Yu was sitting in an empty dormitory without a bed at school. Earlier that day, the hostel told him to change the dormitory. The empty dormitory had to be furnished with beds and furniture so that he could move to an empty room on the first floor. Zhuang Yu immediately packed all her luggage and moved to the dormitory.

After sitting down for less than ten minutes, Chen Guanan, Secretary of the Foreign Language Institute, suddenly came in and said to him, Your mother is here. You should take your mother on a tour.

Qiu Lian recalled that in early July 2015, Chen Guan an made several calls to her. At that time, she was in poor health and had been recuperating.

In her memory, Chen Guanans original words are: July summer vacation, your son does not go home, the school is no one, the entire class vacation, he will not go back.

He also said that Chuang Yu had not behaved normally in school some time ago. He transferred his dormitory several times from the new campus to the old campus. He also said that the old campus was far from convenient to be afraid of being late, so he transferred it back.

He suggested that my son had mental and mental problems, or he would take a hospital to take a look back.

Qiu Lian didnt think her son was sick. She tried to contact her son, but the cell phone could not get through.

Until one day, Chen Guan an called Qiu Lian again, saying that Zhuang Yu was missing. Qiu Lian was scared out of bed all night and was worried about it.

On the second day, she telephoned the school to know that her son had gone to the Internet cafe. Chen Guanan asked her to go to Luoyang as soon as possible and find a hospital to see her son.

Qiu Lian went to Luoyang by bus, but she did not know where there was a hospital. Chen Guanan told her that there was a mental and mental hospital near the White Horse Temple.

Qiu Lian inquired about Luoyang Mental Health Center and met Xu Mincong. After describing the situation, Xu Mincong drove to the school with two nurses.

Before departure, Qiu Lian and Chen Guan an had been contacted well. He was waiting at the school gate. After getting off, Chen Guan an asked the guard to open the door and the car went in.

I didnt know how he was doing at that time. I didnt believe it would be serious enough to be hospitalized. The school teacher kept saying, Ill go to the doctor for examination.

The five went to the dormitory together, and Qiu Lian saw his son in the room. Her son looked surprised when she saw her.

Qiu Lian watched his son being dragged into a small ambulance. She cried all the time. Chen Guanan said beside her: Go to cure it, and let the doctor give a certificate to come to school, there is no certificate can not come.

When I got to the hospital, my son was taken to the iron gate on the third floor. Qiu Lian was stopped outside, waiting in the duty room. After a while, the hospital man gave her a bag containing her sons clothes, shoes and socks.

When I opened the door, my son had already changed to sick clothes. Qiu Lian cried, the nurse took her to the hospital procedure, and the doctor asked her to go home first and wait for the examination results. I always thought I could go to school just by checking up and getting sick during the summer vacation, she thought. How come theres no freedom at all?

On the second day, at six oclock in the morning, Qiu Lian bought milk powder and went to the hospital. The nurse told her that Zhuang Yu was going to be hospitalized and that she would be in a bad mood and unwilling to be hospitalized. I have no choice but to go. Finally, she signed her sons notice of admission.

Qiu Lian took his sons clothes and shoes and returned home by bus.

Ten days later, Qiu Lian called Xu Min and asked her about the results of her sons examination. Xu Min told her that Zhuang Yu had schizophrenia and wanted to be hospitalized.

In August 17th, Qiu Lian took the medical insurance card to the hospital, handed in the medical expenses, and completed the hospitalization procedure again. Her mind was in a mess, and she could only listen to the hospital.

That day, Qiu Lian saw his son. Without saying a word, someone called him to cook, and Zhuang Yu ran away. When leaving, Zhuang Yu grabbed the iron door and yelled to go out. Qiu Lian looked at his heart and was afraid to go to see him again.

Three months later, Qiu Lian received Xu Mins call and asked her to pick up Zhuang Yu to leave the hospital. On the phone, Xu Min and Cong Mei said that Zhuang Yu had been beaten. When she arrived at the hospital, Xu Mincong invited her to dinner with two nurses and told her at the table that Zhuang Yu had been beaten and that something was wrong with her face and jaw.

In the evening, Qiu Lian saw his son. The hospital asked them to sign the agreement, and after signing it, Qiu Lian supported the son who was slanting and went out of the hospital.


In Chen Guan an and Xu Min from there, some details of the incident have another version.

Chen Guanan remembered that Zhuangyu came to the school after the National Day, when he was also the general secretary of the League branch of the college.

The two persons first contact was due to the problem of changing dormitory. When he adjusted the dormitory, he had conflicts with his staff. Chen Guanan said Zhuang Yu went to his office to talk. His hands have been shaking, his eyes are difficult to look at, nervous.

On July 8, the fourth day of summer vacation, Chen Guanan went to Zhuangyus dormitory and asked why he did not go home. Zhuangyu said he wanted to find a job. Students who are staying in summer schools will submit an application in advance without the name of Zhuang Yu. Chen Guanan gave him a week to go home without finding a job.

It was probably before July 16th that Zhuang Yu did not return to the dormitory all night. On the second day, Chen Guanan was notified by the phone. Zhuang Yu couldnt get through. Later, the counselor found him in the commercial street.

After this incident, coupled with previous teacher reported that Zhuangyu often missed classes, Chen Guanan contacted Qiu Lian. He felt that Zhuangyu had some problems in her mind and suggested that she take Zhuangyu to a psychological institution for recuperation during the holidays. As for which hospital to go, he asked Qiu Lian to make his own decision.

When Chen Guanan saw Qiu Lian, he talked about the problems reflected in the dormitory management, and the people in the hospital were also there.

I didnt say he was mentally ill, and he never touched him from beginning to end. Chen Guanan watched the hospital attendants take away Zhuang Yu. He told Qiu Lian that the suspension procedure should be carried out first, and the discharging certificate should be provided according to the school registration regulations.

The doctor who took Chuang Yu was Xu Min and two nursing workers. Xu Min recalls that he collected Zhuangyus information from Chen Guanan and Suguan, and the on-site condition was an important source of his diagnosis. He is unstable, alert, sensitive, and indifferent to his mother.

Zhuangyus admission records are described as scattered thinking, confused logic, confused concepts, obvious delusions of victim relationship, auditory hallucinations, strange behavior, has been holding hands over his mouth and nose, inattention, lack of insight, diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Zhuang Yu had four convulsive electroconvulsive therapy in the hospital, the first time was three or four days after admission. In the process of electroshock, there is no consciousness. If you wake up in half an hour, you may have short-term amnesia.

young people who neither work nor go to school

The impermanence of fate is hidden in every life node.

In 2009, Zhuang Yu took part in a college entrance examination. He thought he could get one, but after the score came out, only two lines, he was sad and disappointed, blindly want to work abroad. Without waiting for the result of the admission, he hurried to the field.

Zhuang Yu wanted to go out to work, and his mother objected to let him stay in his hometown and marry and have children. He persuaded Qiu Lian to go out and see the world.

In spring, with her mothers thousands of yuan, Zhuang Yu bought a train ticket. The train runs from south to north, from Zhengzhou to Jinhua, Zhejiang. In his eyes, Zhejiang has a high degree of commercialization. He wants to work hard and fight for a future.

The train was bustling, and he looked out of the window and crossed the Yangtze River, the river was muddy and yellow, the mountains replaced the plains, and rice replaced wheat. He thought that life should be as vast as land.

When he got off the train, Zhuang Yus first job was to find a job and rent a house. In a homestay, far away from the downtown area, he rents a small room about 20 square meters on the three or four floor. There was a lot of noise, insulation, no private space, and he rented with college students, migrant workers, businessmen. Everyone comes home early.

A person in that city, Zhuang Yu no friends, no friends. There are coastal cities, and typhoons and torrential rain do not take time. Once on the way home, a storm hit, his umbrella was blown out, his electric car was broken, could not be pushed, the water did not reach the knees, the rain hit his face like a rock. He ran to his nearest supermarket and went into the water.

He liked the fierce weather and tried to fight the typhoon, but the insignificance of man was revealed at this moment.

In the first two years of Zhejiang, Zhuang Yu did ordinary bottom work at the print shop. In the third year, he found a tutors work in a family education group, tutoring middle school mathematics and physics. The parents looked at his tutoring effect and recommended him to a training institution at his relatives home.

Zhuang Yu, a tutor, came home early and hoped to buy a house and take root someday. His monthly salary is more than 3000, far away from his goal.

The dream of staying in a big city is one thing, and reality is another.

When he was a tutor for third years, Chuang realized that he had only one teaching skill. If he continues this skill, he has to take a teachers college and get a teachers qualification certificate.

In Zhejiang, Zhuang Yu often went to the university campus. There, he can see young and sunny college students. That reminds him that he should be the same as them. He missed his first opportunity to go to university.

With fifty thousand or sixty thousand of his savings, Zhuang Yu left Zhejiang. He decided to try again. If he failed in the examination, he would draw a conclusion to the Universitys yearning. Now he looked back and thought if he hadnt been admitted to the exam.

Finally, I chose Luoyang Normal University, Zhuang Yu said, because of the historical details of Luoyang city.

In September, Zhuang Yu received the letter of admission, which contained a map indicating the location of the old campus. He entered the university campus as a student.

On the day of school registration, Zhuang Yu went to the old campus. The school informed him that classes and accommodation were in the new campus.

Zhuangyu carried his luggage and ran to the new campus. His major was English education. There were 49 students in the class, 48 girls and one boy. He is ten years older than his classmates, five years older than a counselor. Because of the age gap, he seldom deals with female students in his class.

Zhuangyu shared a dormitory with the boys of the other classes, two Japanese students and one English translator.

At school, a lunch or dinner usually costs $12 to $15, and he cuts his monthly living expenses down to more than 300. After living on the new campus for three months, considering the cost of living, Chuang Yu first applied for a change of dormitory. He wanted to change to the old campus, where there was a library.

He travels between cities and suburbs, between new schools and old schools. The school has a designated shuttle bus or a long-distance coach. After living in the old campus for a month, he did not like the old campus, it was like a layer of coal ash. It was not convenient to attend class, and with a lot of traffic spending, Zhuang Yu applied again to the new school.

The school agreed to move him into a vacant room in a dormitory.


Zhuang Yu and his mother lived in a quiet and underdeveloped county town in Anyang. To the west of the town was a small hill. As a teenager, Zhuangyu and his companions often climbed the upper half of the hill to overlook the dark purple silhouettes of the woods and the distant sunset. There was a painting place on the hill where Zhuang Yu took the Enlightenment Course in painting.

Painting became his gift.

When he was a child, Zhuang Yu was the king of children. He was always unwilling to be the one behind him. Qiu Lians eyes are lively, kind-hearted, weak in appearance and strong in heart. After being bullied, he came home crying with the scar on his face.

When she grew up, Qiu Lian knew little about her sons experience outside, only that her son had been a tutor and was admitted to Luoyangs school.

His cousin Lufei grew up with him. He remembered two children chasing and scrambling in the golden wheat fields. Zhuang Yu taught him to sing by the yard fire, overhead in the night sky. Zhuang Yu is smart and he is among the best in the class.

From small to large, Zhuangyu liked to stand by the big lake or bridge, open his arms, the wind from the lake swept over his body. In junior high school, he stood by the lake in his hometown, where big fish were churning and jumping, gardeners were mowing lawns, and people were fishing.

Zhuang Yu held them in his hands and looked at them. Some of them were struggling. Their mouths were bleeding. The wet skin on the fish scales smelled of water grass. He looked at it for a long time and finally put the fish back in the water.

In the story of Zhuang Yu, he did not mention his father for the sake of self-protection and protection of his family. Father and son seldom met when he worked in the field. He only said, My father is very just and brave. He likes to work honestly and diligently. After ten seconds of pause, every family has its shortcomings. He added.

Zhuang Yu has been walking for more than two years. In the past few years, Zhuangyu has been tossing and turning between Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Anyang, working in a printing shop near the courthouse, asking for leave to sue for justice.

After leaving the mental hospital, Zhuang Yu had been injured for some time at home. Compulsive medication, physical damage caused by electric shocks.

He emphasized his involuntary treatment, which was stipulated in the Mental Health Law of the Peoples Republic of China. Among them, when a patient has already committed an act of injuring himself or is in danger of injuring himself, the medical institution shall, with the consent of his guardian, administer hospitalization to the patient; and when the patient has committed an act of endangering the safety of others or is in danger of endangering the safety of others, the patient or his guardian needs to live. If there is any objection to the conclusion of the diagnosis of hospital treatment, and if the patients do not agree to the implementation of hospitalization, they may request a re-diagnosis and identification.

After discharge, Zhuang Yus QQ group in the class exposed the whole thing, and the squad leader kicked him out of the group. Most students have not contacted since graduation. Friends also gradually drifted away, after the accident, he was even more embarrassed to meet friends, some of them are already University teachers, some are military officials.

In January 2016, he went to Henan education department to report Chen Guanan. During the Spring Festival, he began to search information on his home computer, searching for Chen Guanan. The search includes where he is from, where to graduate, when to enter school work and so on.

In February, Zhuang Yu registered 6 micro-blog accounts to describe his experience and the way to safeguard his rights. The first micro-blog sent more than 1300, second sent more than 1200, and then somehow was canceled.

On March 23, Yuan Caihong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Foreign Languages College of Luoyang Normal University, found Zhuangyus family and offered him a compensation of 4,000 yuan. Zhuang Yu refused. In May 23rd, Yuan Caihong went to his home directly with 5000 yuan in cash. He refused again.

In November 10th, Wang Wanpeng, deputy secretary of the school, met Zhuang Yu with Yuan Caihong at the Luoyang hotel. Zhuangyu recorded the sound of Wang Wanpeng on his mobile phone during the meeting. The voice of Wang Wanpeng was recorded. I think Chen Guanan did not deal with this problem properly. First of all, we students... And the hospital came and tied up and left. You didnt report to the secretary. Your school dean didnt report it. Chen Guanan can sue for this problem and we will not cover it up.

At the end of this month, Chen Guanan was transferred from his post to become Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law and Society after the school held a Party committee.

Until September of second, Zhuang Yucai knew the result of the schools treatment.

In November 25, 2016, Zhuang Yu found lawyer Chang Boyang, when the media did not pay attention to the case.

Originally, Zhuangyu imagined private prosecution of a criminal case, including Chen Guanan and Xu Min as defendants, charged with illegal detention.

Chang Boyangs analysis, according to the conventional state, his proposal is: although the individual is prosecuted, but the individual may be a duty act, should seek compensation from the unit, can be changed to criminal proceedings.

With only ten days to go before the limitation of compensation for private prosecution, Zhuangyu wrote a petition for prosecution and submitted it to the court, which refused to accept it.

Zhuang Yu followed such a strategy and prosecuted two units.


Zhuang Yus first prosecution was in November 29, 2016.

In December 13th, the Luolong District Court refused to accept the case. He continued appealing to the Luoyang intermediate peoples court.

Second years in March 7th, the Luoyang intermediate peoples court ruled that the Luolong district court dismissed the ruling. In May, the Luolong District forensic doctor accepted his case and arranged for the hearing.

In September 26th, the first instance was heard. Luoyang Normal University has provided testimony for several students and staff, saying Zhuang Yu threatened them. Among them, a roommate of Zhuangyu once wrote: once he met Zhuangyu and ignored him, and was thought to be speaking ill of him, Zhuangyu sent him a text message - you speak ill of me behind my back, and dont let me see you again.

Zhuang Yu also provided a recording of conversations with his roommates. In the recording, roommates denied that Zhuang Yu had threatened him with text messages.

On November 23, the Luolong District Court of First Instance ruled that there was no evidence to prove that Zhuangyu had acted of self-injury or injury, which was not a compulsory treatment. Zhuangyu was examined in the outpatient department of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology, and the EEG mapping report concluded that Zhuangyu was not psychiatric. Therefore, the mental health center of Luoyang city adopted a coercive measure against Chuang Yu.

On December 1, Zhuangyu received the first instance verdict from the Luolong District Court in his hometown. The court found that the hospital was compensated 70,000 yuan and the school was not responsible.

Zhuang Yu appealed, the hospital also appealed. In May 2018, the Intermediate Peoples Court of Luoyang held a hearing to hear the appeal case, and finally decided that the facts of the first instance judgment were not clear. Whether the Luoyang Mental Health Center and Luoyang TeachersCollege infringed Zhuangyu or not should be based on whether the Luoyang Mental Health Center and its medical staff were at fault in the diagnosis and treatment activities.

In addition, the case of Luoyang Mental Health Center and its medical staff in the diagnosis and treatment activities whether there is a fault is a professional problem, should refer to judicial expertise to determine, so revoke the original first instance judgment, sent back to retrial.

In October 10th, the peoples Court of Luolong District heard the case publicly. Due to time reasons, the courts cross examination procedure has not yet been completed and the retrial is only half done.

Luoyang Mental Health Center will apply to the court for judicial expertise to identify the mental state of Zhuangyu during hospitalization. Zhuang Yu also wrote to the court that he would cooperate if the mental health center applied.

After that, Zhuang Yu left Luoyang and went to Zhengzhou. For a few years, he was not familiar with Zhengzhou. He only knew the way to the two roads near the lawyers office.

This spring, Zhuang Yu accompanied her mother to gastroscopy. His mother was a frail woman with headaches, gallstones, cervical spondylosis, and low blood pressure for years. Qiu Lian also told him that it would be a blessing if he lost his fortune. Lu Fei also advised him to put aside the future and make a long way.

But Zhuang Yu did not want to give up.

At the hotel, Zhuang Yu demonstrated to reporters who interviewed him how he was tied to the hospital on that day. He regards life as a long corridor, and every act is like a picture hanging on the porch wall. I hope my life is a museum of art, a museum of war, or a museum of glorious history, or a museum of good memories. He described the experience as like a stormy and darkest hour. The memory of a storm is to go through the darkest and most dangerous corridors and walk back into those dangerous corridors and revive that experience. If he had not been asked, he would never recall. Repeated memories are like a wound sprinkled with salt, tear the wound and stick it in, make sure it doesnt grow well, and then close it. Tired by the continual recollections and recollections, he lay straight on the bed, closed his eyes, sighed, opened his eyes, stared at the white ceiling, and said in a different tone, Everyone is the same. Everyones life is so short, very short. We should be glad that we are alive. (Zhuang Yu, Qiu Lian and Lu Fei are aliases). The source of this article: surging news editor: Wang Zheng _NN7526

At the hotel, Zhuang Yu demonstrated to reporters who interviewed him how he was tied to the hospital on that day. He regards life as a long corridor, and every act is like a picture hanging on the porch wall. I hope my life is a museum of art, a museum of war, or a museum of glorious history, or a museum of good memories.

He described the experience as like a stormy and darkest hour. The memory of a storm is to go through the darkest and most dangerous corridors and walk back into those dangerous corridors and revive that experience.

If he had not been asked, he would never recall. Repeated memories are like a wound sprinkled with salt, tear the wound and stick it in, make sure it doesnt grow well, and then close it.

Tired by the continual recollections and recollections, he lay straight on the bed, closed his eyes, sighed, opened his eyes, stared at the white ceiling, and said in a different tone, Everyone is the same. Everyones life is so short, very short. We should be glad that we are alive.