Chongqing police: a total of more than 10 people were involved in the impact of the bus crossing.

 Chongqing police: a total of more than 10 people were involved in the impact of the bus crossing.

According to the preliminary field investigation, when the accident happened, the bus suddenly crossed the central solid line, hit the normal car and rushed onto the road, broke the guardrail, and fell into the river. It was initially confirmed that there were more than 10 drivers and passengers on the bus. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

The Chongqing bus is about 80 meters deep in the river and is ready to use a floating crane to lift the bus.

At 14:00 pm on the 28th, reporters from the Sichuan Road and Bridge Group Wanzhou Third Bridge Project Branch responsible for the rescue learned that the local government is currently studying the rescue program, preliminary prediction, bus crash at the depth of about 80 meters, the group in Wanzhou Third Bridge has a project, bus crash upstream about 4.5 km, because This emergency rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue. The official told reporters that at present, the groups large floating crane equipment has arrived at the scene of the fall.

Chongqing bus collided with car collided with private car driver driven by police

On October 28, a road traffic accident occurred in Wanzhou District of Chongqing, which caused a collision between a bus and a private car and a bus crashed into a river. According to the Wanzhou District patrol police detachment, private car driver Kuang has been controlled by the police.

Chongqing, a bus falling into the river is the main transportation tool for students around the weekend.

A bus from Wanzhou District of Chongqing crashed into a car on the bridge deck of the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wanzhou at 10 am on the 28th. According to a nearby school students, the bus line that crashes is the main way of transportation for many students to travel on weekends. After the accident, the school has arranged teachers to check the number of students in various classes. The school is not far from the place of the accident, is now counting the number of people, whether there is our school on the specific bus or not. Its not clear.