Stay in Saipan Chinese tourists: window glass was blown out for almost a night.

 Stay in Saipan Chinese tourists: window glass was blown out for almost a night.

Experienced person:

The typhoon stayed up almost overnight, and managed to extend the hotel itself.

On the evening of October 27, a Chinese tourist who had experienced the typhoon, Mr. Chen, told a Nandu reporter that the typhoon had subsided and the sea was restored, but the roadside trees were bare and infrastructure such as poles were damaged.

Before and after typhoon, the same location is compared.

The night the typhoon came, we stayed in the hotel. The wind was so loud outside and the house was shaken. We hardly slept all night. Some of the windows on the floors were broken, but no casualties were heard. Mr. Chen said helplessly that he could only report good news to his family and friends. They must be in a hurry. We can only say that they have lived here very well and have continued to live.

Mr. Chen ordered a team tour.

On this trip, Mr. Chen and seven good friends together through the Nanjing Tux International Travel Agency Limited travel booking. On the evening of the 21st, eight people took a direct flight from Shanghai to Saipan and arrived in the early morning. They are expected to return home at 6:10 am on the 26th. The flight belongs to Sichuan Airlines. Before the trip, Mr. Chen and his friends did not know there would be a typhoon in the area, and the bull did not warn the passengers that there might be a typhoon during the trip until they arrived in Symbian.

Saipan encountered Jade Rabbit attack.

Due to the typhoon, the members of Mr. Chens tour group were told to cancel their return flights, but they had to deal with hotel delays by themselves and keep in touch with their tour guide to get the latest information, which made many passengers dissatisfied. Mr. Chen believes that they as tourists to travel group encounter the situation, the bull company should take the lead to help visitors contact the problem of accommodation, rather than let themselves contact, after all, many people do not understand the language.

Tour operator:

There has not been a unified solution. The latest information is informed by the tour guide.

On October 28, a Tux customer service officer told the Nandu reporter that Tux did not give a unified solution to the matter. The groups peer-to-peer service checked with suppliers on the evening of Oct. 26, saying that local receptionists in Symbian would be the first to report back to passengers and arrange flights. The peer-to-peer service had also informed passengers by micro-mail. The customer service officer disclosed that the bull had notified the passengers to go through the formalities for postponement, and the fee was self-supporting, so they could ask the tour guide for assistance. As for the specific flight departure and processing plan, the tour guides will inform the passengers one after another.

After communication, the Tux customer service indicated that it could provide part of the compensation for the continued passengers. According to the chat record between the customer service and the passengers, the other party said that the maximum compensation for overseas hotels is 500 yuan / night, and the company and the guests each bear half of the compensation. The explanation is humanitarian compensation, that is, each passenger can get a compensation fee of 250 yuan / night.

Mr. Chen revealed that passengers are staying in the hotel every day, but the hotel does not provide food, need to spend their own money. Some people continue to live in Hotel So, and some find new cheap places. We basically stroll around the hotel, too far away to go. Mr. Chen added.

We just want to go home as soon as possible, and Tux is just waiting for us, or in communication, there is no other solution. Mr. Chen said they hoped that the company would give a satisfactory answer and provide a feasible solution.

Mr. Chen received a notification from his country.

The Chinese tourists began to return home, and there were 4 pickup planes on the same day.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) - On the morning of 28 local time in Saipan, the chartered plane of Chinas Sichuan Airlines flight No. 3U8647 landed at Saipan International Airport, becoming the first international flight to arrive in Saipan after being attacked by super typhoon Yutu and stranded Chinese tourists began to return home in an orderly manner. According to the plan, 4 planes were sent to Chinese tourists on that day to return to China on the afternoon of 28 Beijing time.