Lok Ma Changs enrichment: more than 3 thousand buy antiques 6 million to developers

 Lok Ma Changs enrichment: more than 3 thousand buy antiques 6 million to developers

Wang Shijin, 52 years old, was vice mayor of Zaoyang City from November 2006 to November 2009; vice director of Xiangyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee from November 2009 to October 2011; director of Xiangzhou District from October 2011 to November 2009. In May 2017, Wang Shijin fell.

On October 25, reporters found that Wang Shijins bribery amount reached more than 130 million yuan from judgment No. 304 at the beginning of the sentence of E0602 pronounced on August 31 (2017). At present, more than 1 million yuan has not been recovered.

Wang Shijins many bribes were related to the owners of the enterprises. What was astonishing was that Wang Shijin bought a bronze caldron and a bronze sword for 3,800 yuan in 1996. More than 10 years later, he sold it to Lin Momou, chairman of Minfa Industrial Group for 6 million yuan. The civil development group is a well-known real estate enterprise in Xiangyang and has developed several properties.

Wang Shijin, former district head of Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang, Hubei. Official website of Hubei provincial government

1. During the period of vice mayor, two paintings were sold to enterprises for 650 thousand yuan.

From November 2006 to November 2009, Wang Shijin served as deputy mayor of Jujube. There were 3 facts of bribery.

In 2007, Zaoyang Sanhuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. undertook the reconstruction project of the old city in the west section of Academy Street. Wang Shijin, vice mayor in charge of urban construction, helped Sanhuan in promoting the demolition progress.

In May 2008, Wang Shijin claimed 60 thousand yuan from a certain place in the name of his friends illness and lack of money for treatment.

In 2008, Wang Shijin accepted the request of Ge Mou, chairman of Zaoyang Jinli Industrial Co., Ltd. and promised to help the company in land property conversion and other matters. He received 100,000 yuan from Ge Mou in the first half of the year.

In 2008, China Energy-saving Boshi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Boshi Co., Ltd.) took over the construction project of Zaoyang Sewage Treatment Plant in the name of other companies. Wang Shijin helped Boshi in bidding, settlement of project funds and other matters. In July and September 2008, Wang Shijin, through Luo Mou, the companys deputy general manager, sold his collection of two pairs of calligraphy and paintings to Boshi for 300,000 yuan and 350,000 yuan respectively. After the incident, he failed to make value appraisal because of the loss of two pairs of calligraphy and paintings. In addition, in September 2015, Mr. Wang asked Mr. Luo to buy a ticket to Beijing and Europe for his daughter, thus demanding 49,000 yuan.

2, after the promotion of District long after the bribe, entrepreneurs say that broke the relationship between government and business.

From Zaoyang vice mayor to Xiangzhou District mayor, Wang Shijin was promoted to the post, the road to greed began to go crazy, check bribery more than 20.

Liu Mou, vice general manager of Xiangyang Xinxiang Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. in order to thank Wang Shijin for his support and help in land requisition and formalities, and hope to establish a good relationship with Wang Shijin and continue to receive care. In the name of New Years greeting, Liu Mou sent Wang Shijin cash three times from 2011 to the end of 2013. 18 thousand yuan.

The court held that, in view of Wang Shijins relative relationship with his cousin, the couple did not issue a debit note and agreed on interest and repayment time, which accorded with common sense, and considered in favor of the defendant, they did not accept bribes. Therefore, the fact is that Wang Shijins bribe amount is 350 thousand yuan.

The Xiangyang Discipline Inspection Commission had previously reported that Wang Shijin violated political discipline, colluded with others many times, transferred stolen money and stolen goods, probed and collected organizational investigation trends and information, and confronted organizational review.

Reporters found that in addition to the above cases, involving Wang Shijin bribery cases of enterprises are: Xiangyang Kunxing Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Qiantong Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Wuzhou International Trade City Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuzhou Co., Ltd.), Xiangyang Yingle Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., Jiuding Real Estate Development Co., Xiangyang Hongtai Shengshi Industrial Co., Ltd., Hubei and Xinyongcheng Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hubei Baiheyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Zhicheng Automobile Co., Ltd., Hubei Shenglan Cable Co., Ltd.

Most of these enterprises are well-known enterprises in Xiangzhou District. One of the chief executives who bribed Wang Shijin told reporters, Wang Shijin has ruined political and business relations. Many entrepreneurs did not want to give it away at first, but later turned to follow the wind.

3, to sell 6 million antiques to the owner of real estate in a thousand times of 6 million yuan.

Standing on the bridge of Qinghe River, we can see a beautiful modern residential district: Min FA world city. Land expropriation was carried out before development in 2011.

The court ascertained that Wang Shijin took advantage of his position as governor of Xiangzhou District to help Minfa Industrial Group Co., Ltd. in requisitioning and relocating land for the renovation project of Binjiang Riverside Village in Xiangzhou District and in implementing preferential policies. In April 2012, Wang Shijin asked Linmou, chairman of Minfa Industrial Group Co., Ltd., for 4 million yuan to buy a house for his daughter in Beijing. In order to cover up the facts of bribery, Wang Shijin gave Lin Mou a bronze cup by selling antiques. In early 2013, Wang Shijin asked Lin Mou for another $2 million.

At the end of 2013, Ye Chuanhui, the former director of Xiangyang City Administration, who had abused reporters as chickens and babies, fell off the horse. The news alarmed Wang Shijin and Lin Mou-mou.

Lin asked Wang Shijin to find a way to return 6 million yuan to Minfa. Wang said he had no money. He offered to give him another bronze sword from the Spring and Autumn Period, saying he spent 6 million yuan on two bronzes. Lin Mou had to agree, Wang Shijin let the driver give the bronze sword to Lin Moumou.

Wang Shijin said the two antiques were purchased at about 3,800 yuan in 1996 and that they are now worth 2 million yuan. They are nominally selling antiques and are in fact a cover-up for bribery. That is to say, Wang Shijin sold two antiques for 1580 times the price to Lin Moumou.

The court found that the four appraisers of the two antiques were only adult members of the expert group of Hubei Museum Cultural Relics Identification Center, and whether the four appraisers had legal qualifications was unknown.

In the first half of 2015, the inspection team of Hubei Provincial Party Committee visited Xiangyang. Wang Shijin was worried that the 1.7 million yuan he had demanded from Fang somewhere of the chairman of Hubei Tianrun Group Investment Co., Ltd. was unsafe and borrowed 1.5 million yuan from Lin somewhere for refund.

The court found that Wang Shijin claimed and illegally accepted other peoples property: RMB 13.559 million yuan, US $30,000 yuan, gold 1,100 grams, and jade pendant, jade handlebars each one, to purchase 1 million yuan of jade.

Before the case, Wang Shijin had returned 3.39 million yuan, 10,000 dollars and 1,100 grams of gold to the briber for fear of being investigated and prosecuted. One piece of jade pendant and one piece of jade handgrip were also returned to Yang before the case.

In 2015, during the inspection group of Hubei Provincial Party Committee in Xiangyang, Wang Shijin returned 200,000 yuan to the Xiangcheng District Discipline Inspection Commission to cover up the fact of bribery and let the Xiangzhou District Discipline Inspection Commission advance the time of refunding the gift to the actual time of receiving the gift.

In addition, Wang Shijin and his relatives returned 8.444 million yuan to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the procuratorial organs. Among them, Wang Shijins ex-wife Zhengmou returned 7.98 million yuan to the prosecution, Wang Shijin returned 164,000 yuan to the Yicheng Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Wang Shijins wife Zhumou returned 300,000 yuan to the Fancheng Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The court found that Wang Shijin had refunded and returned 12.334 million yuan, US $10,000, 1,100 grams of gold, and one piece of jade pendant and one piece of jade handgrip, one piece of jade purchased by one million yuan from Yang somewhere. There are 1 million 25 thousand yuan in cash and 20 thousand yuan in US dollars.

After Wang Shijin was investigated by the case-handling organ for accepting bribes, he voluntarily explained the facts that the case-handling organ had not yet grasped about other peoples claims and illegal acceptance of other peoples property, and also disclosed the clues to other peoples suspected crimes. The clues have been verified.

Corrupt people live in fear all the time, accepting bribes is like a bomb, which can explode at any time; the money giver has ulterior motives, and the recipient seems to be kidnapped, which makes the heart particularly painful? Wang Shijin confessed.

After Wang Shijins fall, Xiangyang Discipline Commission and Xiangyang Radio and Television Station organized and filmed a warning educational film The Cost of Losing the Bottom Line. The film, based on the investigation of Wang Shijins case, deeply analyzed the process of his loss of ideals and beliefs, disregarding the Partys discipline and state law, wantonly seeking personal gain with power and finally being dealt with according to law.

On August 31, 2018, Xiangcheng District Peoples Court of Xiangyang City, first instance, decided that Wang Shijin was guilty of bribery and sentenced to 12 yearsimprisonment and a fine of 2 million yuan.

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