The Court confirmed that Hua Qing Yuan became bankrupt Tsinghua presidents class restaurant and became old Lai.

 The Court confirmed that Hua Qing Yuan became bankrupt Tsinghua presidents class restaurant and became old Lai.

Recently, the news of Tsinghua president raised concerns about the bankruptcy of the restaurant. A court ruling obtained exclusively by Xinjing Daily reporters through reliable channels and sources confirmed that Huaqingyuan (Beijing) Catering Co., Ltd. was the recently bankrupt Tsinghua Presidents Class Restaurant and that the company had been listed as Lao Lai.

Hua Qing Yuan and the public bankruptcy bankruptcy restaurant information

Recently, a case report published by the Haidian court of Beijing became a hot topic of public opinion. It is said that the restaurant is sponsored by the president of Tsinghua University, and has 34 shareholders in the WeChat group. Its registered capital is 6 million 800 thousand yuan, and each shareholder holds 2.94%. But since its opening in 2015, it has continued to lose money and decided to file for bankruptcy. The companys assets are only over 5,000 yuan, and it still owes more than 3 million yuan in debt. In addition, the recharge card fee of more than 100 members has not been refunded.

After the news was released, some voices believed that the bankruptcy of the Tsinghua President Ban Restaurant is Huaqing edge, and some voices believe that it is 1911.

On October 27, 1911 Group issued a statement saying that since yesterday, 34 students in Tsinghua Presidents class have been preparing to open a restaurant for bankruptcy filing. The 1911 Group continues to receive concerns from Tsinghua alumni and many people, asking whether the restaurant is a 1911 restaurant. Here, we hereby state that the 1911 Group is an alumni enterprise of Tsinghua, and its business operations are in good condition. The 1911 Group has nothing to do with the class-raising restaurant of Tsinghua President, who applied for bankruptcy.

Who is this crowd raising restaurant? A source told the Beijing News that Huaqingyuan (Beijing) Restaurant Co., Ltd. is the recently bankrupt Tsinghua President Ban Restaurant.

According to the ruling, Huaqingyuan Company was established on December 12, 2014. The registration authority is Haidian Branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, with a registered capital of 6.8 million yuan. The list of shareholders issued by Beijing Equity Registration Management Center Co., Ltd. (date: September 5, 2016) shows that there are 34 shareholders in Huaqingyuan Company, with a share holding ratio of 2.94% for each shareholder. In July 8, 2018, Hua Qing Yuan held a meeting of shareholders and made a resolution on bankruptcy application. According to the balance sheet submitted by Huaqingyuan Company, the assets and liabilities of Huaqingyuan Company totaled 1510048.12 yuan and 1936902.75 yuan as of June 30, 2018.

The Beijing News correspondent noted that the Huaqing Margin Company described in the ruling matched the courts case bulletin information.

Huaqing edge has been listed as Lai Lai list.

Huaqing yuan company was quite large when it was founded.

According to the Tsinghua President Development Promotion Association, a grand opening ceremony was held on the morning of January 17, 2015 at Huaqingyuan Theme Restaurant, which was organized by 31 members of the Tsinghua President Development Promotion Association. More than 150 leaders, guests, shareholders, students and representatives of cooperative organizations from all over the country witnessed this important moment.

At that time, Professor Yang Jiaqing, the former executive vice president of Tsinghua University, spoke highly of the efforts of the Qing Dynasty to encourage the congregation to organize Huaqingyuan Restaurant. He hoped that the restaurant would make outstanding achievements in serving the surrounding organizations, residents and the president and students of Tsinghua University.

The Huaqing Margin Theme Restaurant is said to be located on the third floor of Huayuan Century Business Building, 88 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, only 100 meters from Qingdong Gate and Tsinghua Science and Technology Park. The restaurant covers an area of 1166 square meters, with 216 dining rooms, 9 luxury private rooms, a banquet hall for more than 100 people and a tea leisure hall, exhibitions and salons.

According to the introduction, restaurant dishes featuring new-style Hunan cuisine and creative fusion dishes are not only delicious, from delicate snacks, special stir-fried dishes, raw and fierce seafood, nourishing soup to top-grade ginseng with abalone wings, but also pay attention to excavating and shaping the cultural connotation and health-preserving function of dishes to create value, health and culture. Series of dishes and supporting services featured by Huaqing yuan. Restaurant decoration simple and elegant style, with the moonlight in lotus pond as the core design elements, from decoration, furniture, furnishings, accessories to dishes, services, all aspects of the inheritance of self-improvement, generous load of the Tsinghua culture and harmony, harmonious and accessible business culture.

However, according to the information released recently by the Haidian Court, since its opening in 2015, the restaurant has been in a state of loss. Although the restaurant has adjusted its operating mode several times during this period, it has not been able to turn its loss into profit. It has stopped operating and applied to the court for bankruptcy by resolution of the shareholdersmeeting.

On October 28, a reporter from the Supreme Court was informed by the Supreme Courts executive information platform that Huaqing Margin Company has been listed as a breach of faith by the executive (commonly known as Lao Lai), the Executive Court is the Beijing Haidian District Peoples Court, the implementation of the code (2017) Beijing 0108 early Republic of China 25825, case number (2018) Beijing 0108 4819.

On the morning of October 28, a reporter from the Beijing News called the current manager of Huaqingyuan Company. The other side declined to interview the reporter, saying that all information is subject to the court.

Tsinghua president class 34 students raised the restaurant opened poorly, filed for bankruptcy.

Thirty-four students from the president class of Tsinghua University raised a restaurant through members of the Weixin Group. Due to poor management, they filed for bankruptcy with the Haidian Court by resolution of the shareholdersmeeting.

Tsinghua presidents restaurant opened in Tsinghua University: no presidents words will be used when recruiting students.

Teachers at Tsinghua University say that the College of Continuing Education does have training and research programs for senior executives, but the term president class is not used in foreign enrollment, and the term president is not used in the name of the project. Tsinghua University has strict requirements on projects, which is not allowed.