The woman bought diapers and found that 2 years old boy was covered with a long needle.

 The woman bought diapers and found that 2 years old boy was covered with a long needle.

According to the British Daily Mail 27 reported that the incident was in West Midland, England. On the 23rd, shortly after Kelly Smith, a 30-year-old mother, replaced her 2-year-old sons diaper, he walked up to her with an uncomfortable face.

I looked at something that seemed to reflect light, so I took his diaper off and saw it, Kelly said. I will take the needle out of the diaper, and it is in the position of the leg pants.

Kylie later found that his son had red scratches on his thigh. In my opinion, acupuncture is wearing diapers, obviously you will not know whether it is hygienic. The consequences can be very serious. Fortunately, no bleeding has been broken, but many red scratches have also been left. If he is sitting in a slightly different position, or sitting elsewhere, the needle is likely to penetrate the body, which can cause great harm to the child.

Kelly says she usually goes to the supermarket chains to buy baby products, but this Pampers diaper bag was purchased from a small local store.

Kylie immediately contacted the store that sold diapers, and the other side was shocked. The product was temporarily put off shelves. Then she contacted Pampers. The other side had sent someone to retrieve the diapers for a thorough investigation.

A spokesman for the company stressed that infant safety would be a top priority. We are deeply sympathetic to the familys plight, and we are in contact with the family to understand what happened. We have recovered the relevant products and packaging and made a thorough investigation as soon as possible. But before the investigation is completed, we can not make any judgement.