How many more years can I play again? Yang Ming: if Wei Wei is injured, I guess I will be back soon.

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 How many more years can I play again? Yang Ming: if Wei Wei is injured, I guess I will be back soon.

It is reported that fans on both sides of the passageway are reluctant to leave after the match. On the stand, fans shouted hoarse, calling Guo Ailun and Han Dejuns names. At this moment, Captain Yang Ming walked through the passage, and the huge screams of the female fans immediately began to ring.

Now is the Liaoning team more difficult time, more injuries, Zhao Jiwei can not play, Gao Shiyan knee can not, I and Guo Allen, Liu Zhixuan have injuries, are grinding teeth insist. After the game, Yang Ming said in an interview.

In the opening game, he played 19 minutes and 58 seconds, contributing 9 points and 4 assists. It is worth mentioning that the positive and negative value of Yang Mings battle is the highest 23 of the team and 14 of its efficiency. In other words, his role in the team is not the result of his current data. At the critical moment, the pass and the help to attack are not completely visible.

Guo Allen in the first three quarters of the game performance is a bit sluggish, pass errors, shooting off again and again, even in their own home court, the audience occasionally sighed. Instead, Yang Ming, a substitute, appeared to be amazed and applauded every time.

Last season, although playing time has been compressed again and again, and even never a game to give him a chance to find the games state, but Yang Ming has always made clear his responsibility - that is, to put aside personal gains and losses as much as possible to do a team needs to patch. Finally, under the joint efforts of all of them, they have completed the dream of Liaoning basketball players for twenty-three years.

Its been six months since the championship was won, but its hard to calm down for those in it. Even in the face of the competition that started immediately after the awards ceremony, we were so excited that we waited 23 years and finally waited until this moment, but after the ring we were going to play this season.

Maybe many people will remember that Yang Ming released a video saying goodbye to his basketball career by dithering on May 20 this year. But it was not long before he deleted it.

Afterwards, reporters repeatedly questioned him and did not get his answer. But it is certain that his intention to retire has been in his mind for a long time. So, after the opening of the war, when a reporter praised him for his role, could he still be able to fight for himself for a few years? Yang Mings answer is very sad. If Zhao Jiwei is not hurt, I guess I will be back soon. Choosing a city to end up and being exhausted for a team, Yang Ming expressed his responsibility for the team in this way.

Interestingly, in addition to teammates Guo Allen and Li Yifeng, Yang Ming also climbed the top 50 of the microblog search, and the key word is handsome. When the reporter sent him the hot search list, he returned with a facial expression bag that gave him a leg.