The parents killed 4 Chinese descendant children after committing suicide: mentally ill, they tried to divorce.

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 The parents killed 4 Chinese descendant children after committing suicide: mentally ill, they tried to divorce.

Sheriff Rolands office Rey

Collier, a 55-year-old full-time mother, shot herself after killing four of her adopted Chinese children in Columbia, Tennessee, Tuesday, US media reported.

The murderer was mentally ill and had divorced her husband.

On Wednesday, Roland said he believed Collier was suffering from mental illness and that the couple began divorcing in March, according to court records.

Roland had previously mentioned that it was impossible to publicly adopt the relationship between the father and the mother of the child because there was some difficulty between them.

Cynthia Collier and her husband, Randall Wayne Collier, separated in 2007 and began divorcing in March. In May this year, two people seemed to have changed their minds. Court documents pointed out that the two tried to reconcile and asked the court to withdraw the divorce petition.

The police found murder murder.

Police received a call at 6:19 p.m. on Monday when Colliers own children returned home from work and discovered the tragedy, Sheriff Roland of Morrey County, Tennessee, told a police briefing on Tuesday.

The sheriff said, some of the short and obscure messages left behind indicate that this is a murder suicide. Investigators are still identifying motives, but Roland thinks Collier may be suffering from mental illness.

Roland Sheriffs Office spokesman Ray said Collier confirmed that he had died of his own injury, which was a murder-suicide incident.

The murderer is a full-time mother. The motive is still unknown.

The report said Collier was a full-time mother, responsible for the care of children at home, the police had never received a record of her residence.

Colliers four adopted Chinese-American children are 14-year-old Li Bo, 14-year-old Lin Meigan, 15-year-old Lin Lia and 17-year-old Lin Collie. Roland said the children were adopted twice a year ago by the Colliers, who also had three adult children.

After the tragedy, a woman named Stuart started a funeral fund-raising campaign on her website, hoping to help the Colliers who suffered from the tragedy ease their burdens. The fundraising target was set at 40000 yuan, and more than 2100 yuan donations had been received by Wednesday morning.

It is reported that all donations will be handed over to an adult son of Collier. Please pray for them (the dead). I would like to thank you first. Shi Douhua wrote.

American women shot 4 Chinese children and found 2 guns.

Overseas network 17 October? Tennessee, United States 15 night tragedy occurred. A 55 year old American woman shot and killed 4 Chinese adoptive children and killed herself.

According to the World Daily, a full-time mother of four Chinese-American children in Tennessee was found dead at home on the evening of the 15th. According to a preliminary police investigation, the 55-year-old American woman Cynthia Coller shot and killed four children, then shot herself in the head. The police found two guns at the scene of the crime. So far, all the investigations have shown that Coller is likely to kill the child before shooting herself, and that she used a total of two guns when she committed the murder.