CBA team change: 100 people move two teams, move 17 people, Bayi moved back to Nanchang.

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 CBA team change: 100 people move two teams, move 17 people, Bayi moved back to Nanchang.

Liu Wei returned to his old club.

Qingdao and Guangdong completed a big deal this summer involving an unprecedented number of players. In order to get Su Wei, the Guangdong team spared no effort to send out Zhou Zhandong, Yang Jinmeng, Shao Ying-lun and Liu Chuanxing, together with last years lofty transfer to Qingdao; in order to conclude a deal, the Qingdao team paid Su Wei, but also increased Diao Chenghao as a trading premium. This 5 to 2 player transaction is the largest in CBA history.

In addition to sending off Zhou Zhandong and other four people, Guangdong team Li Jiayi transferred to the same team with Xi, last season in the list of young players Zhao Yuhong, Xu Mingzhi unregistered this year, so that the Guangdong team in the new season out of the players reached seven; corresponding to their counterparts in Shenzhen, they signed Mengduo, from the youth team upgraded the talented Xu Jiehe Du Runwang, together with the draft of Halloween Wei, Ji Xiang, the Guangdong mens basketball team in the new season 7 in 7 out, to achieve a major change in the lineup.

Qingdaos lineup has changed more strongly than Guangdong, except for the latter. They also won the help of Jiao Hailong in Shandong, Yang Kai in Fujian, Delahei in August 1, Zhai Yi in Shanghai, Song Kangming in North Control and Cun Shouwei in NBL Anhui. Besides Su Wei and Diao Chenghao, Tian Jiafu transferred to Fujian, Sun Jie and Zhao Jie were not registered, and the Qingdao teams new season personnel changes totaled 17 people, the team can be compared to last season, face To describe everything.

Besides, the lineup of Guangzhou is not small. They completed a personnel transaction with Zhejiang and Xinjiang teams. They traded Zhu Xuhang for Zhang Yongpeng from Zhejiang. They traded Fan Ziming for three Xinjiang generals, Xire Lijiang, Sun Mingyang and Liu Fengbo. In addition to other staff changes, the Guangzhou team, which transferred nine people out of eight, also formed its own new lineup.

Liu Weis return to Shanghai basketball team after 4 years is one of the hottest topics in the CBA player market this summer. Liu Wei, who joined the Shanghai team with Yao Ming, has long been a totemic figure in the Shanghai Mens Basketball Teams campaign for the CBA, and has been singling out the beams after Yao Ming went to the NBA. In 2014, Liu Wei moved to Xinjiang and went to Sichuan after 2 seasons. After four years of wandering away, Liu Wei has returned to the beach where he is renowned, and his performance in the new season will be particularly interesting.

In addition to staff changes, a total of seven CBA clubs have changed their names, of which the Bayi Team has changed the most, and they have even moved the stadium that has been in use for many years. Since moving to Ningbo in 1998, Bayi mens basketball team has been living in this land for 20 years. With the teams new season restructuring, they finally bid farewell to this area, the home court moved to the birthplace of the peoples children soldiers - Jiangxi Nanchang, which was renamed August 1 Nanchang team.

Other teams were renamed as Shandong West King, Jiangsu Kendia as Suzhou Kendia, Fujian SBS as Fujian Jinjiang Brigade, Guangzhou Securities renamed Time China Guangzhou, Sichuan Pinsheng as Sichuan Wuliang Jinqian, Xinjiang Kashi Ancient City renamed Xinjiang Guanghui Motor. The media and fans of all the above teams will spend a period of adaptation in the beginning of the new season.

Changes in the domestic players of CBA in the 2018-19 season:


Transferred to 4 people - Gao Shi Yan (recalled from Jilin), Wang Yansong, Ma Zhuang, Yan Qi Qi (youth team up)

Turn out 1 people - Zhao Lvzhou (Jiangsu)


Transferred to 1 - Zhao Dapeng (not registered last season)

Turn out 1 people - Jiang Wen (Xinjiang)


Transferred to 7 people - Su Wei, Diao Chenghao (obtained by the Qingdao transaction), Meng Duo (Shenzhen), Xu Jie, Du Runwang (youth team up-grade), Wan Shengwei, Jixiang (draft)


Out of 3 people - Ding Yanyu Airlines (signed NBA Lone Ranger), Sui ran (not registered), Jiao Hailong (Qingdao)


Transfer to 4 people - Zhao Lvzhou (Liaoning), Liu Yuxuan, Sun Xin and Zhang Xiran (youth team up)

Turn out 4 people - Chen Lei, Liu Yahui (retired), Chang Yasong (North Korea), Liu Lei (not registered).


Transferred to 7 - Fan Ziming (trading with Guangzhou), Zeng Lingxu (Shanxi), Zhou Yixiang (Tongxi), Jiang Wen (Guangxia), Deng Qunfei, Liu Yunan, Hou Peizuo (youth team up)

Out of 4 people - West heat river, Sun Mingyang, Liu Fengbo (transaction to Guangzhou), Camiran (Fujian)


Transferred to 2 people - Chen Zanyu (youth team up), Zhao Yanman (Draft)

Turn out 0 people - no


Transfer to 4 people - He Xining (North), Chen Baishi, Zhao Yiming and Lu Zijie.

Turn out 1 people - Meng Duo (Guangdong)


Eight people - Zhu Xuhang (Zhejiang), Fan Ziming (Xinjiang), Luo Xudong (Shanghai), Hu Long Trade (Guangzhou), Zhang Fan (North Control), Luo Yongxuan, Zhang Xiaolei, Liu Zihao (unregistered)


Transfer to 5 people - Liu Wei (Sichuan), Tian Yuchen (Jilin), Dong Yinlin (Guangdong), Luo Xudong (Jilin), Zhu Ying (draft)

Out of 1 people - Zhai Yi (Qingdao)


Four people - Zhu Xuhang (Guangzhou), Sun Yansong, Lin Xiaotian (Youth Team up), Wang Zai Road (draft)

Four people were transferred - Zhang Yongpeng (Guangzhou), Xia Yubo (Jilin), Hui Longer (Tongxi), Zhang Jiafeng (unregistered)

North control:

Chang Yasong (Jiangsu), Zhang Fan (Guangzhou), Liu Dapeng, Zhang Minghao (unregistered last season), Chen Zian (up-graded youth team)

Six people were transferred - He Xining (Shenzhen), Song Kangming (Qingdao), Teng He Qi (Shanxi), Xia Yutong, Jia Junlong and Li Cedar Song (unregistered)


Transfer to 4 people - Tian Jiafu (Qingdao), Camillan (Xinjiang), Hu Long Trade (Guangzhou), Fan Yuxuan (Youth Team up)

Transferred out of 4 people - Yang Kai (Qingdao), Zhou Qixin, Guo Lei and Wang Zengjie (not registered)


Transferred to 3 people - Teng ho Qi, Sun Weibo (North Kong), Ren Pengpeng (NBL)

Six people - Wang Lei, Zhang Xuewen (retired), Zeng Lingxu (Xinjiang), Wang Chongyang, Javert sword, Li Xu (unregistered)

Tong Xi:

Transferred to 5 - Hui Long Er (Zhejiang), Li Jiayi (Guangdong), Li Borun (draft), Li Hong Peng (youth team upgrade), Zhang Han (unregistered last season)

Turn out 4 people - Zhou Yixiang (Xinjiang), Tang Zhengdong (retired), Jiang Bo, Bi Pengfei (not registered)


Twelve people were transferred - Zhou Zhandong, Shao Yinglong, Yang Jinmeng, Liu Chuanxing (obtained from the Guangdong transaction), Jiao Hailong (Shandong), Yang Kai (Fujian), Delahei (August 1, medical examination has not been passed, signed into doubt), Zhai Yi (Shanghai), Song Kangming (North Control), Cun Shouwei (NBL), Wang Siqi (draft), Shi Wenlong (Qinglong). Year team up

Out of 5 people - Su Wei, Diao Chenghao (trading to Guangdong), Tian Jiafu (Fujian), Sun Jie, Zhao Jie (unregistered)


Transferred to 4 people - Xia Yubo (Zhejiang), Jiang Weize (Liaoning), Fu Bowen (Youth Team up), Jiang Yuxing (draft)

Turn out 2 people - Gao Shi Yan (Liaoning), Yao Tianyi (Guangzhou)

Transferred to 5 people - Valley Bath, Meng Zikai, Tian Yu (youth team up), Liu Shuai, Luan Xiaojun (Draft)

Turn out 1 people - Tian Lei (return to SBL League)

Sichuan: seven people - Zeng Wending (Shanghai), Min Qingfei, Zhang Haikuo, Jing Han Yi, Hu Linsen, Mo Mengchen (Youth Team up), Yuan Zhenliang (draft) out of five people - Liu Wei (Shanghai), Wu Nan (Shandong), Xu Yufeng, Zhang Weiyue, Zhao Hang (unregistered) August 1: six people - Han Shuo (unregistered last season), Guo Haowen, Hu Tonghao, Wang Junjie, Ma Yong, Zhang Xu (Youth Team Upgraded) turned out a person - Delahei (Qingdao) source of this article: Netease Sports Author: A Yong Responsible Editor: Lv Qiuyang _NBJS7086


Transferred to 7 - Zeng Wending (Shanghai), Min Qingfei, Zhang Haikuo, Jing Han Yi, Hu Linsen, Mo Mengchen (Youth Team upgrade), Yuan Zhenliang (draft)

Out of 5 people - Liu Wei (Shanghai), Wu Nan (Shandong), Xu Yufeng, Zhang Hanyue and Zhao Hang (not registered).

Eighth one:

Transferred to 6 - Han Shuo (not registered last season), Guo Haowen, Hu Tonghao, Wang Junjie, Ma Yong, Zhang Xu (youth team upgrade)

Transferred out of 1 people - De Le black (Qingdao)