Lost girl rainstorm pear flower type alarm was saved: wanted to find the police to pay the oil fee.

 Lost girl rainstorm pear flower type alarm was saved: wanted to find the police to pay the oil fee.

Nanjing female university students sit on the counter bus, this N hot search! Brush the screen!

Just now, the modern express reporter contacted the girl. She said, think about finding the police to pay for the oil.

Its like this.

In October 10th,

A college student in Nanjing sends a post to thank Jiangning police in Nanjing.

Late October 9th

Take the last bus back to school.

Call for help in the wrong direction.

The student cried while he called the police.

Let the police mistakenly believe that a kid newspaper police...

The police car took the school.

Gone through the most glorious moments of life.

Jiangning police release alarm recording


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Female students sat in the middle of the night in the anti rainstorm pear flower type crying alarm.

One phone call, police sister, patiently persuaded:

Dont cry, little boy.

Tell Aunt where are you?

How old are you, boy?

At the end of the phone, the girl sobbed.

I am so old.

I am eighteen.

Almost twenty.

A recording of rainstorm pear flower style.

Netizens react like this.

This sentence is also on top of the hot search!



Net post is popular

Some netizens questioned:

Almost 20 years old.

Lose your way, sit on the wrong bus and call the police.

Is there any waste of police force?

In October 10th,

@ Jiangning Police Online sent micro-blog to respond to the matter.


Police said the alarm was sensible and correct because of the students situation at that time, he stayed far away from the urban road at night, and there were few other vehicles passing around the scattered villages and towns. They also said, Thank you again for your praise, and hope you must pay attention to the direction of the bus and subway when it is critical. There is no problem in engraving to the police.

Jiangning Public Security Online also stressed that the police confirmed that the police car did not run a red light, there is no drift...

Its the police uncle who complied with the traffic rules.

Modern Express reporter contacted Wu Jinhua, a police officer at that time, he told reporters that at 19:00 that day he received a police platform notice, received the notice, he and his colleagues and three people rushed to the scene. When the little girl was alone on the bus platform, there was no one around, and she was very frightened.

Then they spent 30 minutes to send Chen classmate back to Nanjing Xiaozhuang University. Because the little girl was crying all the time and she was not stable, we had been pacifying her on the way, telling her to be careful when going out alone.

In order to ensure the safety of Chen students, Wu Jinhua sent Chen students to school, but also arranged the school guard and Chen students in front of the police car took a picture, because it was late, we must ensure that Chen students back to school safely.

The latest news! Female university student: want to find them to pay the oil fee.

Just now, a reporter from Modern Express contacted Chen by telephone. Chen said that the bus stop was very partial, very dark, no one, especially helpless. Chen classmate is very nervous, call the classmate, the classmate gives her idea to let her call the police, she just wants to fight 110.

After seeing the police coming to the scene, she was very excited. Chen said, after that, I even wanted to find them to pay the fuel fee, but they couldnt get in touch with them. Previously thought that the police is to arrest thieves, but now the profession has completely changed, with a new understanding!

What a straight girl!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

@Derry_ Zhi fan: the Nanjing police are very responsible and very good at work.

@ sway: no trouble, both sides are the right way to deal with it.

@ first line Video: how old are you? I am so big. I am 20.

CyuKrs: Well, its a good alarm and a little bit of security. Its so big, its Weibo and its crying.

@ Liu Wei, a local girl named Liu: I want to ask you how you do when you are studying outside. Keyboard man, do you use the keyboard to bring people back to school?

Honorary Evolution Director 666: This lady is so funny. She is a college student. She cries and calls the police when she sits on the anti-bus. Her psychological endurance is too bad.

Bobby Bobby Bobbys Big Pendulum: A girls big night bus is gone and she cant hit it. In a very remote area, cant she cry and call the police?

@Sinnnnnnnnnnky: its a little cute. Dont play games next time!

Do not blindly report to the police, but do not be afraid of the alarm!

Finally remember @ @ Jiangning public security online science popularization.

1, if there is no immediate harm to the police, try not to cry, say it slowly.

2, do not blindly report to the police, but in case of danger, you should not be afraid of the alarm. The police did a good job in this matter.

Listen to the tape.

Xiao Bian smiled unkindly.

Female college students sit late at night to get lost in public transportation.

Yesterday that warm-hearted escort police, with the consent of the children concerned, this torrential rain pear flower alarm recording sent out (this video has no screen, private information has been pinched off).