Do you remember little sister who sold tea to Grandpa? The gang is actually a bunch of men.

 Do you remember little sister who sold tea to Grandpa? The gang is actually a bunch of men.

After adding this young lady as a good friend, the other side first fell in love, in Mr. Zhangs comfort seems to be quickly out of the shadow, and then in order to adjust themselves, the little girl asked for leave to his grandfathers tea house for relaxation. During this period, she would often send some information about the tea house and his own dynamic to Mr. Zhang, it seems very real.

Holiday is coming to an end, the young lady told Mr. Zhang, I think Grandpa is too hard to manage the tea house, I want to resign to help him! As a friend, Mr. Zhang supports her choice. Since then, the other partys circle of friends has indeed begun to take tea as the main business, but also often asked friend Mr. Zhang to help buy some tea, Chongqing performance.

Modern Express reporter learned that, after giving the other party one hundred thousand yuan, Mr. Zhang was blacken. At this time, he found himself deceived and hurried to the local police.

The police station of Happiness Road of Sucheng Public Security Bureau, together with other departments such as Punishment University and Internet Security, has determined the suspects foothold after careful investigation. On September 19, police officers drove more than 1,700 kilometers to Tianhe District of Guangzhou, and arrested six people, including Zhang and Liao, who were suspected of fraud. They seized a large number of crime tools, such as computers, mobile phones, bank cards and drama scripts.

According to Zhang, at the end of 2017, he introduced the industry of selling tea to Weixin through his friends. Because of the considerable profits, he gave up Taobao business which he had been doing before.

Initially, they will use the head of a beautiful woman, in Weixin, strangers and other social platforms to spread the net to add friends, adding friends are generally male, age in 20 or 30 years old. Plus good friends, they are not anxious to implement fraud, but like ordinary friends chat with the owner of emotional, gradually enhance understanding, until mature and then unified harvest. Generally in the form of corporate operations, mainly divided into powder and business group, in fact, Wechat tea sales little girls are men.

They have special teaching materials, and after the victims slowly put down their guard, they began to sell tea for various reasons, and on the pretext of their birthdays, grandfathers illness and other reasons to ask the victims for money, in order to escape the attack of the public security organs, the gang boss contacted some tea merchants, low-priced tea will be sent as a second-best mail. Victim.

At present, Zhang, Liao and other six suspects have been detained by the public security organs according to law, the case is being further investigated.