Saudi reporter in the earth missing Trump this time very low key exactly because of what?

 Saudi reporter in the earth missing Trump this time very low key exactly because of what?

The authorities in Turkey say KASH is assassinated by the Saudi government. The Saudi government denies this.

Washington Post published a blank column on the 5th to mourn the reporter; Britain, France and other countries and international organizations such as the United Nations have voiced concern for the Saudi government to give an explanation.

But this time, Mr. Trump, who has always been irritable, has kept a low profile: he has not publicly condemned or tweeted.

Until Wednesday, under pressure from lawmakers from both parties to investigate the journalists disappearance, Trump finally spoke out.

According to CNN, Trump said Wednesday that he had high-level communication with Saudi authorities about Kashuji, We need to know everything, what happened. We cant let this happen to journalists or anyone. We will explore it.

The Agence France-Presse news agency says Mr. Trun is putting pressure on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to popularize his senior aides. White House spokesman Saunders said National Security Advisor Bolton, Secretary of State Pompeio and Trumps son-in-law and senior adviser Kouchner had talked to the Saudi Crown Prince on the matter.

What is the secret of Saudi journalists in the disappearance of soil? Why did Trump delay his voice? What will the United States do when it comes to a good Saudi partner in the Middle East?

Take the documents to get married, but never go back.

Kashuji, a prominent dissident journalist in Saudi Arabia, has written many times before criticizing Crown Prince Salman, the actual ruler of Saudi Arabia, as his tyranny trend is becoming increasingly evident.

According to the Washington Post, Kashuji traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, on October 2 to collect documents and prepare to marry his fiancee. And the fiancee waiting outside the door did not wait until kastu came out.

Kashujis fiancee, Hatis Gingiz, wrote in the Washington Post Wednesday asking Trump to popularize first lady Melania to help investigate Kashujis disappearance.

Turkeys Sabah newspaper said Kashuji had been assassinated by a group of 15 people who arrived in Istanbul by two private jets on the day of his disappearance.

But the Saudi side denies it. Crown Prince Salman told Bloomberg that Kashuji left the consulate on the 2nd after a brief stay. But at present, Saudi Arabia has not given any practical evidence that Kasuji has left.

According to Foreign Policy, there is growing evidence that Kashuji was assassinated by Saudi agents and it was Crown Prince Salman who ordered him. The Washington Post also said U.S. intelligence agents found that Crown Prince Salman had previously ordered the return of Kashuji to domestic detention.

What was Trumps Silence before?

Trumps attitude toward the Saudi journalists disappearance is indeed memorable: a week after silence, he spoke in a calm tone, and why?

CNN said Trumps worldview and his Middle East ambitions made him reluctant to criticize Saudi Arabia.

What is Trumps world view? At the UN General Assembly at the end of September, he made it clear that overseas human rights issues are not a priority for the United States, and that he is concerned about American sovereignty.

What is his Middle East ambitions? CNN says one is peace in the Middle East between Israel and Pakistan; the other is fighting terrorism in Syria; and the third is suppressing Iran.

Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly at the core of Trumps Middle East strategy. Saudi Arabia maintains quiet ties with Israel, stands united front with the United States against Iran, provides substantial funds to fight terrorism and finance the post-war reconstruction of Syria - the United Statesbest partner in the Middle East.

Foreign Policy analysis said that for Trump, Saudi Crown Prince Salman is the best Middle East partner; for Crown Prince Salman, Trump is also the best ally.

The first stop of Trumps visit was Saudi Arabia, where he and his son-in-law, Kushner, had good relations with the Crown Prince, and Saudi Arabia had signed hundreds of billions of dollars in arms orders with the United States.

Foreign Policy said that Trumps only criticism of Saudi Arabia is about oil prices, he does not pay much attention to democracy and human rights, let alone the fate of a missing Saudi journalist.

According to the BBC, the Trump administration, in addition to selective neglect of Saudi human rights issues, has also supported many Saudi actions, including the 2015 bombing of Yemen.

Even when he asked Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to explain the journalists disappearance, Trump stressed that Crown Prince Salman was a good man. BBC said Trump had a fathers pride.

The Trump administration trapped in dilemma

On Wednesday, more than 20 U.S. senators called for an investigation into the disappearance of Saudi journalists, which could lead to sanctions against Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported.

Some senators said that although the confirmation that Saudi Arabia was responsible for the journalists disappearance would complicate the U.S. strategy of suppressing Iran and affect U.S. interests in the Middle East, human rights issues and the global diplomatic order should be given priority.

This puts the Trump administration in a dilemma.

CNN said the investigation could lead to U.S. sanctions against Saudi Arabia, a moratorium on arms sales and a reduction in diplomatic relations. This is clearly what Trump did not want to see.

The BBC said directly that the United States has been focused on criticizing the International Court of Justice, while the Trump administration has turned a blind eye to illegal incidents around the world. Source: Foreign Affairs Author: Xie Lian editor in charge: Su Hong _NBJ9980

The BBC said directly that the United States has been focused on criticizing the International Court of Justice, while the Trump administration has turned a blind eye to illegal incidents around the world.