The vagrant is humiliated by the red paint, the painter is threatened, and the police are protected.

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 The vagrant is humiliated by the red paint, the painter is threatened, and the police are protected.

After three days of being humiliated, the tramp died, and the painter was threatened by his neighbor for police protection.

A tramp has been painted red and humiliated on the side of the road and has been photographed on social media. A few days later, the tramp was found dead. Subsequently, the video photographer, also a painter, was threatened by his neighbor. In response, the painter said he was not responsible for the death of the tramp, and now needs police protection.

According to the Daily Mail of England reported on the 14th, this video was taken in Normandy, England, by the name of Aaron Jones painter shot and published in social media. From the video, a tramp named Michael Casey sits on the ground against a wall, and his upper body and back walls are sprayed with a lot of red paint. In the video, there are voices saying, this is how we deal with beggars in the streets.

Three days later, on the 12th of local time, Michael Casey was found dead at Eston Cemetery, a few kilometers away. The videos filmmaker, Aaron Jones, was caught in a whirlwind of public opinion and threatened by angry neighbors.

Aaron spoke and asked for help when he was interviewed by the sun in his home. He said, I am not responsible for Michaels death. I need police protection now. Im sorry about my video. But Im not responsible for painting him. I just walked out of the store and took a video.

Local police said they noticed speculation in social media about Michaels death, but did not link his death to being sprayed.

In the place where Michael was painted red, people left flowers to express their grief. A retired couple said, I want to catch the murderer who did this. Weve never heard anything bad about Michael. For Michaels experience, netizens also expressed sadness. Some people say, how cruel is human beings? Its disgusting.