Global Times: Mainland students are the main targets of Taiwan spy intelligence agencies.

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 Global Times: Mainland students are the main targets of Taiwan spy intelligence agencies.

The story of spies and counterspies doesnt just appear in movies, it may happen to some of us. Although the spy activities in reality are not as frightening and strange as those in movies and videos, they quietly penetrate into our daily life, study and work, and are more hidden and less easily detected. Such seemingly mundane espionage often has a strong continuity and temptation, which may be even more destructive to personal and family life and national security.

As the Taiwan independence forces came to power on the island, the Taiwan authorities have sent more and more spies to the mainland in recent years, and their activities have become more frequent and arrogant. This makes us face more and more serious challenges on the covert front, and the task of counterintelligence is increasingly arduous.

From these reports, we can also see some trends in espionage activities in Taiwan. In order to serve the policy needs of the Taiwan authorities, these Taiwanese spies not only use traditional espionage methods, such as money buying, emotional attraction, pornography and so on, but also use a lot of new technologies to make full use of e-mail, micro-mail and other network technologies and the convenience of social media to launch activities.

The penetration of Taiwan espionage intelligence agencies is still shifting to young students from the mainland. They take advantage of the opening up of the mainland, the increase of international exchanges and the expansion of cross-strait exchanges to focus on and stick to young students who may enter the economic, scientific and technological and national defense fields. They will take a long-term, directional training and build networks. Such activities not only seriously undermine the overall situation of cross-strait peace and development, but also threaten the growth of young students in the mainland and the normal economic, cultural and academic exchanges between the two sides.

These young students who have been eyed have a good future. They are at a critical stage in their lives. They should have had the opportunity to improve themselves by going to Taiwan to exchange and study. It is also a moral crime committed by Taiwans intelligence agencies to deal with such young people and ruin their lives.

At present, the Taiwan intelligence department has become the horse independence force. The Taiwan independence forces are ready to move, and the intelligence department in the city is more active and means more despicable.

At present, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is becoming more and more serious. The United States has repeatedly tried to collide with the Red Line of the mainland on the Taiwan issue and may further destabilize the Taiwan Strait. When the mainland is obviously feeling the pressure of increasing pressure, it is bound to prepare for the worst of the Taiwan issue. The Taiwanese authorities will therefore be alarmed, and in the future will inevitably intensify their spy infiltration into the mainland in order to grasp the trends of relevant departments in the mainland.

The general situation of cross-strait relations will not be reversed. Apart from creating innocent victims, the spying activities of the Taiwan authorities will not be conducive to improving the situation of the Taiwan independence forces. Early recognition of the situation on both sides of the Straits is the most sensible choice for the Taiwan authorities.

Preventing spies from infiltrating the Taiwan authorities is an important part of countering Taiwan independence, safeguarding national sovereignty and integrity, and realizing the reunification of the motherland. Countering the espionage work of the Taiwan authorities needs to uphold the overall national security concept. As a systematic operation, it is necessary to cooperate closely and cooperate in all aspects. Some of the cases released by the national security organs remind us that colleges and universities and relevant youth organizations and institutions need to have a clear understanding of the current situation of anti-espionage, attach great importance to the popularization of anti-espionage law education, a good vaccination.

National security is the foundation of building a country and the fundamental guarantee for the survival and development of a country. We have achieved some success in the field of anti-espionage, but that does not mean that our safety net will never be vulnerable. A complete and effective national security network is formed by citizens with a good sense of security, which is a long-term and arduous work.

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