See David De Geas father again! Put the sentry to death, fly to the opponent 2, kneel 3, hold your head.

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 See David De Geas father again! Put the sentry to death, fly to the opponent 2, kneel 3, hold your head.

Sure enough, David De Gea returned to life after the break of international competition. There were 5 shots in Waterford, but only 1 goals. In other words, David De Geas rescue rate reached 80%. In the first half, United 2-0 led. In the second half, Waterford, home game, went crazy and drove back to the city in sixty-fifth minutes. In the next half hour, Manchester United may lose points anytime.

The key to David De Geas timing

The match has entered the overtime period, and the whole team of Waterford has pressed it. The referee gave time to 3 minutes, but because of various factors, the game lasted 94 minutes. In the last few seconds, Manchester United was almost drawn. At that time, Waterford got the free kick on the right side of the front court. Hughes moved the ball into the penalty area, and Kabasseli headed the ball in the back. The ball was very fast and went straight to the goal. Manchester United fans all said their voices, but De Gea did not give up, he made a vigorous side dive, his hands blocked the ball out of the baseline, did not give opponents a chance to re-shoot.

After De Gea made the save, Watfords players almost collapsed. They couldnt believe it. Subsequently, two Watford players knelt on the ground, heavenly sigh, and three Watford players held their heads in both hands, a face of helplessness. De Gea talked about the save after the game: The opponents header was close and I had to respond immediately. That saves is very important for the whole team, and for me too. If Manchester United are eliminated, David De Gea and Mourinho will inevitably be criticized.

Manchester United officials also gave David De Gea the best player in the competition to praise him for his excellent performance. Watford goalkeeper Foster also raised his thumbs to De Gea after the game: De Gea is a world-class goalkeeper, young people can learn a lot from watching him play football. It is worth mentioning that FIFA 19 recently released the Premier League playersscore, De Gea is the highest goalkeeper, reached 91 points, is the only one of all the Premier League goalkeepers scored more than 90 points. With the return of David De Gea, Uniteds performance is expected to be further improved.