Is this Barcelona? Half time, only 1 shots are being saved by 2 set blocks.

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 Is this Barcelona? Half time, only 1 shots are being saved by 2 set blocks.

Given that Barcelona will play in the next couple of weeks, and that many international players are infected with the FIFA virus, it is understandable that Balwade is now starting the rotation system. But the problem is that barverde directly disrupted Barcelonas midfield configuration. Without the powerful control of the midfield, Messi could not get the ball in the front court, and the defenders were in a passive situation.

Busquets and Coutinhos turn off made him play in the rear waist position. More accustomed to playing the right avant-garde or the right side of the La via, they are arranged to play the left forward. The only choice for the Brazilian who is good at the left foot is to cross or divide the sides. He cant play out the right-sided style of direct attack.

In the right avant-garde position, barwold chose Roberto. Robertos front pressure enabled him to become a right back. Facts prove that this is Barcelonas worst right-hand combination. In the first round against Alves, Valverde let Roberto and Semedo start together. As a result, the two men did not call at all, Roberto, who was used to playing full-back, seemed to forget how to play in midfield, and Semeido drifted away from the team system. At that time Balwade replaced Semeido just after half-time, Roberto returned to the right, Barcelonas overall attack immediately became smooth.

Tonight, however, Balward wetted his shoes for the second time in the same river, and he asked Semeido and Roberto to scrap Barcelonas right road together. In the first half, Barcelona had 67% possession, but only 1 shots.

Fortunately, barverde made timely adjustments. After the second half, Semedo was replaced and Roberto returned to the defensive line. Cuttinio and Busquets came on as substitutes, which greatly enhanced Barcelonas midfield control and attack. The winning goal of Barcelona comes from the corner kick made by Kun Di o wearing cloud arrow. I hope that in the future rotation, Valverde will not become mindless...