The 14 year old boy plays 130 thousand of the lucky money he paid for the female anchor every month.

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 The 14 year old boy plays 130 thousand of the lucky money he paid for the female anchor every month.

The 130 thousand yuan is almost a years income for the boy and his family. Who can imagine that the money has gone like this?

Anxiety: the money in the bank card has been emptied.

In September 12th, reporters met Miss Cheng, who was anxiously waiting for the phone call of the customer service. This money is for children to go to university. Now they are rewarded with the Internet anchor. What should I do? Ms. Cheng said, 11 days 6 oclock, she found that her bank card through Alipay turned out 10 thousand yuan, and at that time she did not move a cell phone, at that time, the brain is covered, think it is bank card stolen brush. Later, Ms. Cheng found through various channels, unexpectedly 14-year-old son turned the money away, and through statistics found that before and after a total of 100,000 yuan.

From August 19th to September 11th, each sum is about 10 thousand yuan. We were so scared that we didnt know where the children had spent the money. Asked his son to know, he through the Tiger Tooth live network platform, I card 100,000 yuan and his own deposit of 30,000 yuan New Years money, all rewarded to the anchor.

Reporters in Ms. Chengs son Xiao Wang (not his real name) on the mobile phone to see, there are many pen recharge records, the highest one is 15,000 yuan Tiger Tooth aristocrat - Kai Tong King, the rest are mostly to buy Jindou (live virtual currency), 1 yuan can buy 1000 Jindou, and Xiao Wang often buy millions of dollars at a time. Jin Dou.

Question: minors can register in live broadcast platform

Ms. Cheng said that because her son was excellent and obedient from an early age, and the parents trusted him, they gave him a bank card. The New Years money was deposited in the card, and the money in the card was also deposited for the children to go to college. Xiao Wang rewarded three game anchors with 130,000 yuan through the Tiger Tooth Live Platform, almost the annual income of Ms. Chengs family. Ive heard about Minors rewarding anchors before, but I didnt expect it to happen to my son in junior high school.

After the incident, Ms. Cheng questioned the supervision of tiger tooth very much. Why does such a big network platform have loopholes in the supervision of minors? Other platforms must be authenticated by real names. Why are tiger teeth not? Ms. Cheng showed the reporter Xiao Wang and several anchors of the text chat, and said Xiao Wang has shown his minor identity, and the anchor not only did not persuade, but also asked Xiao Wang to watch the live broadcast, until 12 p.m. before going to bed. Subsequently, the reporter logged on to live broadcast, it is easy to use the mobile phone number to apply for an account, really do not need real-name authentication.

Platform: application for refund for minors consumption

Can miss Cheng return her money? The reporter dialed the customer service telephone of tiger tooth direct broadcast. Customer service personnel said that their company has a special department responsible for docking the situation of minor consumption. At present, there are job specialists on tiger tooth platform to apply for minor consumer refund for relevant customers.

Cheng said that she added a commissioners YY account on the 11 day, but the other side has not responded. The customer service staff also told reporters that they would supervise. The customer service will give her feedback immediately. Because the amount involved is relatively large, customer service is also very able to understand the anxious mood of customers. The Commissioner will guide you in detail and require you to provide relevant material proofs. After verification of the evidence, you will process your refund according to the relevant procedures of the company. Customer service staff said that other customers have encountered the same situation before, has successfully refunded, and remind parents not to let their children know the password of the home bank card.