6 people arrested in eastern Germany to reproduce attacks on foreigners

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 6 people arrested in eastern Germany to reproduce attacks on foreigners

According to the case released jointly to the media by the Camnitz Police General and the Procuratorate on the 15th, at least 15 self-proclaimed Buergerwehr people came to the Camnitz Schlossteichinsel Park at about 21:15 p.m. local time on the 14th. At that time, about 10 young German people held a birthday party here. The men who called themselves national army came to the scene and asked the young people to show their credentials. The young man immediately stopped the party and quickly fled the scene and called the police.

The self-proclaimed National Army men then surrounded seven other people sitting in the park to rest, and began making xenophobic abuses of the seven men. According to the police, 7 people who were abused and besieged were from Germany, Iran and Pakistan. In the subsequent conflict, a 26 year old Iran man was attacked and slightly injured.

After the police arrived at the scene, 15 members of the so-called national army were detained, 9 of whom were released the same night. On the 15 day, the authorities issued an arrest warrant for the remaining 6 suspects. The case is expected to be heard in the next week by the Kaimnitz District Court and police are investigating it.

There have been many attacks against foreigners in Chemnitz recently. Among them, in the extreme rightist demonstrations in August 26th, there were incidents of expulsion and chasing foreigners. The demonstrations sparked a day after a German man was killed after clashes with immigrants.

According to the China Deutsche B. C. report, the police in Kemnitz on the 14th of this month are also investigating a 41-year-old Tunisian man was attacked. On the 1 th of this month, a 20 year old Afghan man was attacked in the city. According to the police, the two victims were attacked by four unidentified persons at the same time.