Bundesliga -J Luo Jian Gong Robben milestone goal Bayern 3-1 wins 10 people pharmaceutical factory

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 Bundesliga -J Luo Jian Gong Robben milestone goal Bayern 3-1 wins 10 people pharmaceutical factory

Only two minutes after the start, Tiago handball in the penalty area, after VAR playback, the referee awarded Leverkusen penalty, Flander knife penalty, his right foot volley was Noyles side throw out, the resultant shot was resolved by Noyle, but before his penalty, there were Bayern players in advance, the referee awarded a penalty penalty penalty heavy penalty. This time, vendel stood at the penalty spot, and his right foot calmly hit the ball in 0-1.

The 10th minute, Bayern forward high press, Forbidden Zone front, Moore first block, Levan homeopathic push, Torreso received the ball into the forbidden zone, right foot volley was blocked, followed by the left foot push, the ball flew into the goal, 1-1!

The 19th minute, Jimmys big foot long pass in the backcourt, tower forbidden area header clearance without top distance, Robbens chest after stopping, the left foot homeopathic shot, the ball flew into the net, 2-1!

Thirty minutes later, Toliso crossed the middle road, Mullers right-footed heavy artillery outside the restricted area attacked the door, Heraldeki flew out. In thirty-second minutes, Robben took the ball to the penalty area on the right and left volleys shot out of the goal. The 38th minute, Gnabry left accurate diagonal pass, unmanned after the point of Torriso swept the ball to the middle, Heraldeki will ball.

In forty-second minutes, he was injured and J rob came in. Half court ended, Bayern 2-1 leading pharmaceutical factory.

Easy to fight again, fifty-fourth minutes, Robben outside the restricted area long shot high beam. The 60th minute, Jimmy right pass, Robben receives the ball into the penalty area, swings the angle after the left foot volley, Heraldeki will save the ball.

In sixty-third minutes, after the ball was propelled, the right foot long shot outside the restricted area was higher than the cross beam. In seventy-ninth minutes, the hafz restricted area was shot out. The 80th minute, the substitution debut Bella Rabbi from the rear directly stepped on the ankle of Lafenia, was sent off directly by the red card.

Eighty-fourth minutes, Alabbar left the road, Robben road sideways shot kick. In eighty-sixth minutes, Alabbars left foot dribbling crosswise dribbling, the right foot shot out of the crossbar. The 89th minute, Robben in the middle of the straight pass, Tiago restricted area near the bottom line of the right back, J Ro timely follow-up, high jump in the middle, heading, the ball fly into the net nest, 3-1! At the last stage of the stoppage, J headed the ball, but the offside was initially invalidated. In the end, Bayerns home 3-1 reversed Leverkusen.

The two teams are in the lineup:

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1): 1-Noir/32-Kimi-hi, 17-Boateng, 4-Jules, 13-Lafenia (8327-Alaba) / 24-Torriso (4211-J Ro) / 10-Robben, 25-Thomas-Muller, 6-Tiago, 22-Gnabri (598-Harvey-Martinez) / 9-Levandovsky Leverkusen (3-2-4-J-Ro) 1: 1 - Heraldeki / 4 - Tower, 6 - Dragovich, 5 - Sven - Bend / 16 - Yedwayi, 18 - Wendell / 29 - Haversis, 8 - Ras - Bend (2810 - Brent), 21 - Cole, 9 - Bailey (837 - Polynio) / 31 - Flander (7338 - Bellaby) Source: Netease Sports Author: Garza Responsible Editor Feng Haotian _NSJS2656

Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1): 1-Noir/32-Kimi-hi, 17-Boateng, 4-Jules, 13-Lafenia (8327-Alaba) / 24-Toliso (4211-J Ro) / 10-Robben, 25-Thomas-Muller, 6-Tiago, 22-Gnabry (598-Harvey-Martinez) / 9-Levandovsky

Leverkusen (3-2-4-1): 1-Heraldeki/4-Tower, 6-Dragovich, 5-Sven-Bend/16-Yedwayi, 18-Wendell/29-Harvard, 8-Ras-Bend (2810-Brand), 21-Cole, 9-Bailey (837-Polynio)/31-Flander (7338-Bellamy)