Spanish cat luxury hotel: a private room providing brush service.

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 Spanish cat luxury hotel: a private room providing brush service.

Gatosphera, a Madrid Hotel specializing in cats, has private rooms and gardens, refreshing mattresses for the summer and brushing services, Western media reported on September 16.

According to the Spanish newspaper Herald on September 10, the cat hotel was founded by Ms. Almudna Dias-Miguel in 2010. She was encouraged by a friend who set up a dog shelter and told her that Madrid had no similar cat shelter. As a matter of fact, there are only two hotels in Madrid so far.

Reported that Gatosphera is located in the northern suburbs of Madrid, a farm here is also the residence of Almudna, the farm has dogs, horses, chickens, and Almudnas own cat.

Gatosphera does not allow cats of different owners to mix in, because Almudna believes that some cats are too domineering to share food with other cats. The hotel has 20 standard rooms with floors and boards of varying heights so that the cat can jump up and down freely. The best choice for the Cat Family is a bungalow with three 3-meter-long, 2-meter-wide huts and a view of the mountains outside. But the most popular is the 16 luxury suites that resemble bungalows in size but are decorated with wallpaper, paintings and brightly colored furniture that can be enjoyed by just one cat. All rooms in the hotel have heating.

Gatosphera also offers multi-purpose rooms for cats with special needs, such as older cats or newly operated cats. Standard rooms cost 15 euros a night and luxury suites 27 euros.

In order to provide personalized service as much as possible, the hotel asked customers to fill in a card with their cats before checking in, explaining their personality and detailed needs.

Almudna and two regular staff took care of the cats, and their carefulness and love won praise from customers.

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