Women give their mothers 2000 mid autumn rites by their own wages.

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 Women give their mothers 2000 mid autumn rites by their own wages.

The Mid Autumn Festival is going to send 2000 of the fireworks to my mothers home. My husband scolds me for losing my family.

This years Mid-Autumn Festival is the first year after the license, I reminded my husband very early to go shopping in advance to my parentshome, my husband promised very perfunctory.

On Monday this week, my husband didnt offer to go to my parents, and he didnt buy anything. I was in a hurry. Im going to buy some moon cakes on the Internet. If he doesnt buy it, Ill buy it myself. I just saw yogurt on the Internet and bought two boxes. Last night I went to the supermarket and bought two Chinese cigarettes and other things. I bought a box of hairy crabs on the internet. It will be delivered to my parentshome by express tomorrow. I also bought two boxes of fruit on the Wechat. I will pick them up after work tomorrow evening.

Tell my husband to go to my parentshome tomorrow evening to give Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, I said Ive already bought things, my husband asked me how much I spent, I said about 2000, my husband instantly black face, very unhappy to say I lost the family.

I just casually said: the first year of marriage to send something better, and I bought my own salary, whats wrong? My husband and I quarreled, said I spent money, but also that I do not need to buy so many things, with two boxes of moon cakes and two boxes of milk just fine, he thought I was too extravagant waste!!! Eventually broke up and nobody ignored anyone.

Im just fine when Im fair, and I dont live a life of stingy, but Im super stingy when it comes to buying gifts for my mothers family during the holidays. I thought he didnt know anything about the world and didnt mean to visit my parents for the holidays.

We are now living with my parents-in-law, my parents-in-law has never said that the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, to visit my parents how. And before the New Year, when my husband and I were engaged, we stayed at their house. My parents-in-law and my husband didnt say they were going to visit my parents. Later, I paid for something to take my husband to my parentshouse.

Do you think this gift is too bad for me?

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Its a little bit more. Spend 2000 on gifts.