Taiwan female spy photo exposure: seduce mainland male students and their relationship

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 Taiwan female spy photo exposure: seduce mainland male students and their relationship

Focus interview: dangerous intelligence (first) (source: CCTV- News)

In recent years, more and more mainland students have come to Taiwan to study and exchange. Most of these students come from key universities, many of whom are studying for masters or doctoral degrees. Since they are learning and communicating, they will naturally come into contact with all kinds of people, but it may be difficult for these students to imagine that in the process of contact, they may have been targeted by people with ulterior motives.

In 2011, 18-year-old Xiao Zhe, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering at a key university, was given the opportunity to study and exchange at Yishou University in Taiwan because of his excellent academic performance. When he first arrived in Taiwan, he was an extrovert and energetic little zhe eager to meet new friends. Once, Xiao Zhe participated in a gathering organized by his classmates. At the gathering, besides mainland students, there were also several young Taiwanese. The active Xiao Zhe became the focus of the gathering.

A few days later, Xu Jiafu asked Xiao Zhe to go to KTV. Xiao Zhe was drunk and vomited in the bathroom. Xu Jiafu slapped his back and rubbed the tigers mouth again after he was drunk. So considerate and caring made Xiao Zhe very moved. He also felt the sisters affection for himself was unusual. A month later, the two travel together, on the way, Xu Jiafu tirelessly inquired about Xiaozhes various situations, such as whether there are civil servants among relatives, can access to some government documents, and told Xiaozhe these documents can also be sold money, but also let Xiaozhe own learning, and his personal school. The academic situation was faithfully reported to Xu Jia Ying.

At this time, Xiao Zhe did not realize that Xu Jiafus interest in his major has exceeded the level of ordinary people. And the professional he studied can touch many secrets of national defense science and technology workers. On the same day, when he got off, Xu Jia Ying took the initiative to show his love to Xiao Zhe and had a relationship with Xiao zhe on that night. At this time, little Zhes communication learning is coming to an end and will soon return to the mainland. Xu Jiafu, as a lover, asked Xiaozhe to go back and share his achievements with her in time, making each others eyes.

I cant help but think of you, do everything with your shadow, feel you are still around to talk, accompany me through the scenery of life.

You and I meet is not sad, the future can stay together, many people in life know each other, I will cherish it.

This is the communication between Xiaozhe and Xu Jiafu after he returned to the mainland. Like ordinary lovers, they often express their love and miss through email and micro-mail. But unlike ordinary people, Xu Jiafu always shows extraordinary interest in Xiaozhes professional learning.

Every day Xiaozhe would send his life and study to Xu Jiafu, Xu Jiafu asked Xiaozhe for some specific content, such as the basic situation of the school laboratory.

Xiao Zhe responded to Xu Jiafus request, and Xu Jiafu returned the favor. She told Xiao Zhe that students were hard working. If they could ask for money from themselves in school, Xiao Zhe once met with difficulties and borrowed 5000 yuan from Jiafu.

Xu Jiafu is very comfortable to borrow money, but after borrowing money, he said to Xiaozhe that money is easy to borrow and human feelings are difficult to return. In fact, he reminded and warned Xiaozhe that taking money is necessary.

After Xiao Zhe studied as a graduate student, he was able to participate in some projects of the State Key Laboratory, and Xu Jiafus requirements for him began to intensify, more and more. Xiaozhe gradually felt that Xu Jiafus request was abnormal, and he had doubts about his identity. He wanted to get rid of the other party and once severed his relationship with Hu Jiafu. Unexpectedly, it was not so easy to break up. Xu Jiafu sent emails to Xiaozhes classmates, relatives and friends, saying that Xiaozhe was a liar, expressed his good feelings to Xu Jiafu in Taiwan, and seduced her.

Under pressure, Xiaozhe had to reconcile with Xu Jiafu and continue to collect all kinds of information and information according to Xu Jiafus requirements.

According to the Shaanxi Provincial State Security Department, Xiao Zhe has provided Xu Jiafu with nearly 100 intelligence related to defense workers in China, and also received some compensation from Xu Jiafu, totaling 45,000 yuan.

In 2014, Xu Jia Yings activities were discovered by the national security department, and the behavior of Xiao zhe was immediately stopped. At this point, the true face of the so-called lover that Xiao zhe spent three years together was exposed. Originally, Xu Jiafus real name is Xu Liting, born in January 1977, 16 years older than Xiao Zhe, is a spy of the Taiwan Military Intelligence Bureau. She used all means to entice small philosophers to control small philosophers in order to obtain intelligence. And little Zhe, who was under temptation, failed to keep the bottom line.

In order to obtain intelligence, espionage can be said to be absolutely useless. In fact, some seemingly ordinary and ordinary contacts also hide dangers. When mainland students study in Taiwan, they are far away from their hometown and are eager to make friends, so Taiwanese spies will take advantage of such psychological characteristics to find opportunities to approach them. Xiao Liu is a graduate student in the Department of Political Science at a university in China. In 2012, he went to Tanjiang University in Taiwan as an exchange student. When he arrived in a strange environment, Xiao Liu felt very lonely. During his vacation, he was about to travel freely along the island with his classmates. A local acquaintance who was soon acquaintance was very enthusiastic and volunteered to be a tour guide for them. The first time we met, this friend left a good impression on Xiao Liu and his classmates: tall, fair-looking, friendly and enthusiastic.

After the meeting, the friend was busy for Xiao Liu and his classmates, and everyone did not even know the other sides name. When Xiao Liu asked, the other side looked a little shy, only said his nickname, called Chen Xiaozi.

Chen Xiaozis participation made the trip extraordinarily rich and happy. He recommended five or six kinds of local snacks to Xiao Liu and his classmates. He also bought tickets for the concert to take Xiao Liu and his classmates to see. He also organized some games to amuse everyone. Chen Xiao said that he was studying tennis, that is, leisure sports, the usual work is to teach others how to play.

Chen Xiaozi was not only thoughtful but also generous. During the days he spent with Xiaoliu and his classmates, he paid a lot of fees on his own initiative.

As a good friend, Chen Xiaozi often cheered Xiaoliu up and encouraged him to apply for civil service examination after returning to the mainland, saying that Xiaoliu would come to the mainland to look for her when he became an official. Xiao Liu didnt think there was anything wrong with it until Chen Xiaozi once found her and said he had changed his job. The unit wanted to find an acquaintance in mainland China to help take some pictures at an air show, which could solve the problem of food and lodging and pay thousands of yuan for running errands.

Xiao Liu felt a bit strange at that time. Since it is a fixed business of a company, why not travel on business? Chen Xiaozi said he had no time for himself.

Later, Chen Xiaozi asked Xiaoliu several times, because he thought Chen Xiaozi was suspicious, Xiaoliu cut off contact with him. Chen Xiaozi collusion with many students from mainland China and finally entered the national security departments vision. Chen Xiaozi is sometimes called Chen Youcheng. His real name is Chen Taiyu. Born in November 1988, Chen Taiyu was a spy from Taiwans Military Intelligence Bureau. In recent years, Chen Taiyu has sought out mainland students in Taiwans Political University, Tamkang University, and National Chungzheng University, and carried out a policy of solicitation and rebellion.

Its not uncommon for mainland students to go to Taiwan for academic exchanges. They usually need to get in touch with local foundations. In the process, they may meet people with ulterior motives. In 2014, a student trail from the mainland came to Taiwan for an academic seminar. The event was approached by a Taiwanese foundation and was hosted by a fashionable young man, Lin Qingzhe.

During the course of the trail, Lin Qingzhe accompanied almost all weather. In the process of communication, Lin Qingzhe learned that the colleges and universities where the path is located involve national defense science and engineering secrets, and have access to relevant information. He soon made friends with the path. After returning, Lin Qingzhe hoped Xiaolu could help him with some reward, saying that he had a friend who paid special attention to aerospace information and sometimes wanted to find some domestic information that could not be found to see if she could help collect it.

Looking at Lin Qingzhes path is to publish domestic academic magazines and professional journals, it is not difficult to find, coupled with Lin Qingzhes extravagant, casual find can get a lot of money. Xiao Lu took it as a part-time job and began to collect information for Lin Qingzhe frequently. He was paid 15,800 yuan. It didnt take long for the state security department to find the path, and then he knew what Lin Qingzhe was really trying to do. Lin Qingzhes real name is Lin Jiafu, a spy from Taiwans Military Intelligence Bureau. Born in June 1984, Lin Qingzhe contacted mainland students in the name of volunteers and participating in the activities of a foundation in Taiwan to identify students with the right conditions for development.

Officers at the Beijing Municipal National Security Bureau said that what Taiwanese spies initially asked mainland students to collect was not intelligence, but they were actually thinking more deeply about doing so. Give these students some money, then go deep into it, hold him in prison, and hang up, and then they will not be able to throw it away.

In recent years, Taiwanese espionage organizations have been increasingly rampant in their counterrevolutionary activities against students going to Taiwan. The reason why Taiwanese espionage has attracted the counterrevolutionary students is that they are in a rising stage of development and have broad employment prospects.

According to the Beijing Municipal National Security Bureau, Taiwanese spies have said to many mainland students who go to Taiwan that they hope they can enter the civil service in the future, especially some units and posts they are interested in. Once the students are in a key and sensitive position, and then want to reject the more in-depth and important intelligence requirements of the Taiwanese spies, the Taiwanese spies will tear off the warmth mask and use the evidence of the activities of the former mainland students with him as a handle to coerce them into submission.

It is worth mentioning that most of the students who were targeted by Taiwanese spies were liberal arts majors such as politics and economics or those who were involved in defense science and engineering secrets. This time, because of the timely discovery of the national security department, these students were able to pull the plug. If their behavior continues, it will eventually lead to disaster. Xiao Zhe dropped out of the program because he was no longer suitable for the relevant majors, and was held accountable. Several other students were also criticized and educated. Here we should also remind students studying abroad: be alert to gratuitous favors and refuse to offer free lunches.

More than 100 Taiwan spy cases have been cracked: infiltrating the mainland through money and color means

More than 100 cases of Taiwanese espionage were uncovered, and the state security organs captured a group of espionage personnel: they used money to buy, emotional corruption, pornographic temptation to deceive students to engage in espionage activities in Taiwan.