The photographer died at the bar in the morning. His mother sent a message to find witnesses.

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 The photographer died at the bar in the morning. His mother sent a message to find witnesses.

The young photographer, the bar, and the stranger died.

On the evening of September 13, Ms. Yang wrote that his son Cheng Mou died in the early morning of the 9th after celebrating his birthday at a bar in Languifang, Chengdu, hoping to find witnesses to the incident. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.


Son bar celebrates his 22 birthday and drowned in the early hours of the morning.

In September 14th, Ms. Yang told reporters about the general course of the incident. She said that her husband died a few years ago, he and his son are very good feelings, although she perennial work in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, but almost every day to keep in touch with his son.

At 4:00 a.m. on the 9th, she received a phone call from relatives saying the police told her son that something had happened. I was told to look for the dead body, and I was confused. My son told me that he was 22 years old with a friend the same day.

An obituary issued by Chengs mother

After receiving a phone call from his son, Miss Yang rushed to Chengdu overnight to see her sons body. It was wounded in the river just beside the bar. She didnt understand that her son had only been to his birthday.

It is reported that Cheng is a photographer, came to work in Chengdu last November, he is very good, very sunny, very good photography, good popularity, Chengs friend Xiao Ye (alias) said.

A mother in Cheng

Doubtful point

The reason why the deceased was suspected to be drowned was a mystery.

A friend of Chengs birthday party, Mr. Deng, said that on September 8, a total of six of them went to the bar, five men and one woman, all had dinner. Mr. Deng recalled that he left after 11 oclock that evening. Cheng was in good condition at that time. He didnt drink much at that time. Cheng didnt drink much at that time. Cheng also sent him a bar with another friend at that time.

Ms. Yang and Chengs friend provided two monitoring to reporters. Monitoring showed that Cheng was dancing at a bar table that night, but a person nearby overturned the table, Cheng fell down, and he tried to stand up again. At this time, someone gathered around and pulled Cheng, and then pulled Cheng out.

Cheng was standing on the table while he was in the bar.

Ms. Yang said the surveillance seen at the police station had been beaten by Cheng and was nearly ten minutes before and after. A surveillance at the bar door revealed that Cheng was pulling at the door and that a friend of his tried to persuade him and was pushed away. Cheng was led to the flower bed direction.

The red tip pointed to the victim Cheng Mou and was dragged to the flower bed.

The whole process was less than ten minutes, and there was a crowd of onlookers. Suddenly, everybody was walking around the river from outside the bar. I guess it was the son who fell into the water. Ms. Yang said that the reason why her son fell into the water was not clear because the drowning place was to monitor the blind area.

Cheng to a friend before the incident dialogue.


The parties did not respond to their mothers appeal for witnesses.

Reporters visited the scene found that the bar from the Jinjiang River about 20 meters away, separated by a road and flower beds, the river has railings. A Street Worker and a sanitation worker confirmed to reporters that more than 9 people participated in Chengs body salvage.

At 6:00 on September 14, the reporter came to the bar, a staff member said that heard about this matter, but he did not know the situation, and said that the reporter contacted the insiders did not appear. The reporter repeatedly called the head of the bar who was connected with his family, but was in a state of shutdown.

People are gone. They only want a truth, whether they are thrown into it or he himself jumps. Ms. Yang said that after the police intervened in the investigation, she would cooperate fully and only hoped that there would be witnesses that night who would come forward to provide clues.

The 22 year old photographer died at the bar. The death surveillance showed that 2 people had been dragged out of the bar.

Nandu News on the evening of September 13, micro-blogging user Cheng Jias mother launched a network for help, looking for witnesses in the early morning of September 9 near the M3 bar in Languifang, Chengdu. September 8th is the 22 birthday of Cheng Jia. That night, he and his friends celebrated their birthday in the bar, and were dragged out of the bar by two men. On the river opposite the bar, Cheng Jia fell into the water and died in the river. This is a monitoring blind spot. The family members do not know what happened at the last minute of Cheng Jias life.

After receiving the news of his accident, Uncle Cheng Jia arrived at the scene early on the 9th and witnessed the whole process of Cheng Jias salvage from the water. Mother Cheng Jia arrived in Chengdu from Xian on the same day.