Guo Jingyus fraud rating Insider: pay to buy ratings in 90 cases

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 Guo Jingyus fraud rating Insider: pay to buy ratings in 90 cases

Guo Jingyu has directed many classical TV plays, such as Tie Li Hua and Hitting Dog Stick, and is well known to the audience. Recently, his wife Yue Lina played a starring role in the Mother Road, and attracted much discussion. Guo Jingyu responded to the phenomenon that Niangdao scored low on beans, saying there was conclusive evidence that interest groups were manipulating comments and that it was organized black. And wife Yue Lina was sprayed face, Guo Jingyu pointed out that the role in the first episode has not yet officially launched, there is a collective emergence of cosmetic criticism, its authenticity is questionable.

Regarding the delay in broadcasting Niangdao, Guo Jingyu carefully narrated his own experience of not worshiping the mountain head. He pointed out that a director of satellite television asked him to pay the god to operate ratings to buy ratings, the other side of the price 900,000 episodes, 80 episodes of the drama for 72 million, and said that such a series can be arranged to broadcast. Guo Jingyu also disclosed that the god declared that last year, the average audience rating of a 2 drama, is bought by three teams together; and said this year, two big stars filmed the drama, spent money, but did not find him, the data did not go up, Satellite TV is angry, will not pay for the production company.

Guo Jingyu openly said, I said today, can be responsible, the competent departments, discipline inspection departments, public security organs can come to me for evidence. In his speech, he also referred to the recent broadcast of Tiansheng Changge, due to a statement not to buy ratings, was cut 14 episodes, a direct loss of 100 million. Guo Jingyu was angry at the widespread insider of fake ratings in the industry. If this industry goes on smoking, there will be no future at all. He also called on all colleagues to stand together and thoroughly eliminate the malignant tumor of fake ratings.

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