Morley is 46 years old, and you deserve to be the best manager in the League!

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 Morley is 46 years old, and you deserve to be the best manager in the League!

The thirteen sisters had to sigh that there were so many Virgos in NBA. Although I dont know exactly how much Mos total intelligence quotient is, he has always been in my eyes like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Hes the oldest man in the casino.

Anyway, I couldnt wait for a masters degree: I was an undergraduate in computer science at Northwestern University (biased towards data analysis), and then a masters degree in business administration at MITs Sloan School of Management.

Polytechnic man is also the label of Mo. As everyone knows, Americans love to say that he is the NBAs Penalty Gold story, the film can be summed up in such a sentence: this will count.

Morey was appointed assistant general manager by Rockets owner Alexander twelve years ago and replaced Dawson one year later. The boss really gave him all the trust and let him walk out of a data path in the rocket. Years ago, the NBA didnt pay much attention to data analysis, and many people laughed at the fat mans stingy quote, thinking he had a head in the neck. But now, no one is laughing.

As a well-known Massachusetts alumnus, Morey also led the Massachusetts Sloan Sports Data Analysis Summit, the NBAs growing influence, Dantony has not been rocket coach when often participated in, the two can work together, there is absolutely no reason.

The 46-year-old is very young for the teams top managers, but Morey has accumulated too much experience, in terms of a solid position, not many managers can compare with Morey. No wonder the Rocket official said when he celebrated his birthday: We believe in Morey WeTrust.

These years of hard work, so that honey is also a total love and love. Some netizens said that Moreys name can be regarded as Money by accident. Its a good accent. Even in English, Money is omnipotent.

Some fans praised him as the best GM of the sports season. Although at present in the NBA, the warriors GM Miles and the Greens GM Angel are very famous, but Morey is not far behind them.

Last season, Mo has said that he and his team are addicted to beating the Warriors, perhaps for him, the Warrior is like a difficult mathematical problem, and his players in various combinations of arrangement, is the equation (has forgotten the pen multiplication and division of the thirteen sisters are not sure this metaphor is appropriate for orz).

I left Ariza and Bamot this summer, but looking at Mozambiques reinforcement on the front, the thirteenth sister is still quite confident. Last season he won the first personal career, Rockets history second best manager award, the new season depends on whether he can successfully overcome the super difficult math problem bar.