Hurricane hits us flooded into disaster: save me

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 Hurricane hits us flooded into disaster: save me

New Bern people: can you help me?

Colleen Roberts, a spokesman for the New Bern City Government, said that, affected by the hurricane, many people have called and asked, My water is flooded again. Can you come and save me?

The areas that had never been flooded were flooded this time, and the areas that had been slightly flooded were now waterlogged and almost the entire town was submerged.

The New Bern is just where the Neuse River meets the Trent River, and the Pamlico Sound is flooded by the current, sending floods across the streets of downtown New Bern.

Whether its a comfortable retirement community or an area where low-income households gather, its also in the water. The Trent river has been flooded, allowing a public housing in the New Bern city to flood several feet.

Another wave of high tide will soon come, and more rainfall is expected to follow. The disaster in New Bern is feared to continue to deteriorate, and the pace of relief operations can not stop.

Cynthia Diraimondo, a resident of New Bern who was evacuated in the evening of the 13th floor because his first-floor apartment was already flooded, is temporarily living in a two-story neighborhood. She said, as long as the flood does not flood to the two floor, everything is fine.

She said that the past night of horror, flooded the house, water up to seven inches, although the early morning of the 14th faded slightly, but she was ready to submerge, and then again. She said, we are praying, hoping for peace.

Some parts of Texas declared disaster.

When Hurricane Florence landed in North Carolina, parts of Texas were also experiencing rain. The coastal city of Calvingston, southeast of Houston, was flooded by rain on the morning of the 14th local time. Faced with the coming heavy rain, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced in advance that parts of Texas were in a state of disaster.

Authorities say parts of the streets of the Strand Historic District in Calvingston have been submerged; residents have also received reports that some of the streets have been submerged to a depth of two feet and that some vehicles have been unable to move when the water is put out. Ferry services on the citys islands have all been suspended, and the Calvingston campus of Texas A&M University has cancelled classes and asked students to go to shelters to ensure personal safety.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner forwarded Abbotts message and posted several articles on social networking sites to remind people of the weather. Houstonians have deep and painful memories of the hurricane, not only because of Hurricane Harvey, which arrived at the end of August last year, but also because of Hurricane Ike, which landed on September 13, 2008. Ike took place in the same week as todays Florence, and the astronomical phenomena show amazing repeatability to humans.