The reporter is not sure about the hurricane, but the shorts are walking through him.

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 The reporter is not sure about the hurricane, but the shorts are walking through him.

Hurricane Florence landed near Lettsville Beach, North Carolina, early yesterday (14) morning, bringing severe storm surges. A chasing wind reporter deliberately shrank his head and legs in the live broadcast, making an exaggerated act of unstable wind and surprisingly was betrayed by two passers-by behind him, and was bombarded by netizens.

Hurricane Florence landed at 7:15 a.m. EDT on September 14 near Reitsville Beach, east of Wilmington, North Carolina, with winds of more than 145 kilometers and rainfall of nearly 8 centimeters per hour. Meteorologists predict that Florence will bring the equivalent of eight months of precipitation in two or three days, but the hurricane will weaken further to tropical storm level after landfall.

Weather Channel correspondent Mike Seidel stood in the streets of Wilmington after the hurricane in the morning to make a live broadcast of the situation that the hurricane has caused 600,000 local users to power off. To make the hurricane more effective, Mike stood in the greenbelt in the middle of the road, with his head and neck curled up and his back hunched as if he would be blown down if he stretched out.

During the live broadcast, two passers-by suddenly appeared behind the reporter. They walked slowly in their shorts on the street, and gradually faded away. It seemed that the weather was not as bad as the reporter said. This shocked the audience, Reporter Mike, stop pretending, you were betrayed by passer-by A and B, good play wear help!

The video was soon shared on social media twitter, and netizens commented and forwarded it. One of the 256 thousand comments commented that its too dramatic! The guy on the Weather Channel was still struggling in the hurricane, and the two guys were just roaming the streets.

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