Little guy trapped pyramid selling strangle the supervisor case: there were other villagers in the village trapped in pyramid schemes.

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 Little guy trapped pyramid selling strangle the supervisor case: there were other villagers in the village trapped in pyramid schemes.

Investigation on the case of small boy trapped in a pyramid selling and strangling supervisor: there were other villagers in the village who were deeply involved in pyramid schemes (source: ~)

Zhang Shicai, who was deceived into the pyramid selling anti killing caretaker, worked around the age of 16 after graduating from primary school. Wang Wanchun, a surging journalist

On January 21, Zhang Shicai, a young man from Baoshan, Yunnan Province, was tricked into Chuxiong by the girl Sisi (alias) who met on Wechat, and fell into a pyramid sales organization. In the early morning of February 10, after many unsuccessful escape, he was strangled by the MLM supervisor when he was pinched by the neck.

The pyramid marketing organization consists of 10 people including Zhang Shicai. There are three managers - leader Li Chuang, supervisor Wang Guanping and Liu Guilin.

Among them, cheated Zhang Shicai and Ma Ze (alias) are the key regulators. They say their ID cards and mobile phones have been confiscated. Even when they go to the toilet, two or three people have to follow them. The MLM forces them to sell a set of 2,800 yuan cosmetics to cheat their relatives and friends and ask Zhang Shicai to collect 50,600 yuan in less than 20 days. Money. Zhang Shicai and MARZE tried to escape but failed.

In the early morning of February 10, 2018, when Zhang Shicai went to the bathroom under the guard of Wang Guanping, a supervisor, a dispute broke out between the two sides. Wang Guanping was accused of pinching Zhang Shicais neck with his hands. Zhang Shicai strangled the other party with a strap on the brim of his down jacket hat when he retaliated.

On August 10, the Chuxiong Intermediate Peoples Court opened a court to hear the case; on September 6, the Yunnan Provincial Procuratorate announced that a special person had been assigned to Chuxiong to guide the handling of the case and investigate whether the defendant Zhang Shicai had a defense plot or not.

Pengbo News learned from Zhang Shicais parents on September 11 that Zhang Shicai sent text messages to his family many times before the incident to ask for help, but his parents did not pay attention to it for fear of fraudulent text messages. When they received the polices notice of criminal detention after the incident, they thought it was still a fraudulent trick of pyramid selling organizations. Zhang Shicais family believes that Zhang Shicai once got a cell phone and secretly sent a text message, but there is no condition to call the police.

Notice of detention of son received by Zhang family on New Years Day

See female net friend trapped in pyramid selling trapped

When Zhang Shicai, a young Baoshan worker who had been away for a whole year, was preparing to return home from Kunming, he received a message from Chuxiongs female netizen, who said, Im sick, and youre coming to see me.

In January 21, 2018, Zhang Shicai hurried from Kunming to Chuxiong. According to a person familiar with the matter to Peng Mei News, Sisi, a netizen Zhang Shicai met through Weixin, bought a train ticket from Chuxiong to Baoshan before going to the hospital to see her. He planned to catch the train home after seeing Sisi.

Zhang Shicai was tricked into a second-floor rental house on 272 Dejiang Road, Chuxiong Development Zone after watching Sisi in the hospital, and lost her freedom in a pyramid marketing organization, according to a live video on China Open Trial Network.

The above information shows that there are 10 people in this pyramid selling organization, including Zhang Shicai. The leader was Li Chuang from Xinxiang, Henan Province. Two supervisors were Wang Guanping from Huanggang, Hubei Province, and Liu Guilin from Guangan, Sichuan Province. Three of them controlled seven people, including Zhang Shicai and Ma Ze.

Peng Mei News previously reported that Li Chuang later confessed in court that he was appointed by his superiors and that his marketing organization was Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. According to public media reports, in September 2014, the company was identified by the Jiangmen Intermediate Court as a pyramid marketing organization, with boiling water hot hips, mouth water, lighters burning male genitals and other cruel means to force others to join the pyramid marketing organization.

According to Li Chuangs confession, Wang Guanping sometimes gives lectures to the people under control during the day and chats with them at night in order to solicit relations and let them take part in pyramid sales activities.

Liu Guilin assisted Li Chuang in keeping the key to the MLM outlet and was responsible for opening and locking the door in the absence of Li Chuang, according to a judgment on China Judgment Documents Network.

When Zhang Shicai got into the pyramid marketing organization, Li Chuang arranged for Wang Guanping to keep watch. According to the convention, he needed two or three guards to go to the toilet. Zhang Shicai called Wang Guanping the boss of the king. Because Zhang Shicai is a new comer, other people dont know what his surname is, or call him fat, or call him guy.

According to court records, Zhang Shicais identity card and mobile phone were confiscated and threatened and beaten by pyramid selling gangs, which forced him to sell a set of cosmetics costing 2,800 yuan to his relatives and friends. In less than 20 days, Zhang Shicai got enough money of 50,600 yuan.

In Chuxiong, Yunnan, Zhang Shicai was not alone in seeing that female Internet users lost their freedom in pyramid schemes. According to the Spring City Evening News on August 11, 2018, in July this year, a 22-year-old son and grandson met his girlfriend from Hunan to Chuxiong with a longing for love for more than five months. Unexpectedly, the girl was a small leader of a marketing gang. She fell into a pyramid marketing organization and lost her freedom to be scolded, abused and brainwashed. The police took control of the gang when they knocked it off. Similarly, Chuncheng Evening News reported on August 4, 2018 that in August 2013, a man from Wuhan, Cheng Mou, went to Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, to see his online girlfriend fall into pyramid sales, in order to escape the control of the other side, Cheng Mou jumped from the 4th floor in a hurry and died of injuries after jumping.

On the morning of February 10, 2018, Zhang Hai received a text message from his son.

Escape can not be a anti kill caretaker.

Zhang Shicai, who lost his freedom on Jan. 21, has repeatedly rejected requests from marketing organizations to sell cosmetics to deceive relatives and friends.

In the court video, Zhang Shicai told the court that he had been beaten five or six times. His father, Zhang Hai, told Pengbo News that it was only after they learned that Zhang Shicai had lost his freedom that he was pinched by the MLM gang and hit his head and ribs with an ashtray.

According to the neighbors of the MLM outlet confirmed, Usually I hear the noise in the next room, thinking it is the sound of decorating the house.

The controlled Ma Ze confirmed that on February 3, he and Zhang Shicai exchanged views on how to control Liu Guilin who had the key and fled; on February 9, around 19:00, Zhang Shicai invited him to control Liu Guilin, but to no avail.

Originally known that his son came home, 20 days later, but no trace and no contact, Zhang Shicais father Zhang Hai and his mother Pan Xuefang some anxious. According to Zhang Hai, his son had called home to go home after he had paid for his job in Kunming, and lost his connection in the next few days. On February 6, Pan Xuefang finally got through to his sons phone, but no one answered. A few minutes later, his son returned the phone in two days and hung up.

During the period, Zhang Shicais cousin first received a short message: I was deceived into pyramid selling organization. According to the Zhang family, my cousin felt that this was not his cousin Zhang Shicais hair, may be fraudulent text messages, cousin is a smart man, should not be cheated.

The same village boy told Pan Xuefang the news. Pan Xuefang pulled his little son to go to the police together. The little son answered, I have this information too, but Im afraid I cant say it.

They didnt believe Zhang Shicai was deceived because he was the only person in the village who often went to other provinces to work, and made fun of other village partners: Are you silly? How could you be cheated?

At 0:57 a.m. on February 10, my father Zhang Hai also received a text message: Dad, I may never come back. Ive been back for almost a month. My friend asked me to come to Chuxiong to play with him. I didnt expect to be cheated into pyramid selling. Today I want to pay 56,000 yuan. I said I would give them the day after tomorrow. I just killed them here. The second text message added, You mustnt call me or tell my mother.

Zhang Hai did not see the text that night. He saw it second days later and showed it to Zhang Shicais cousin. Cousin think, Zhang Shicai primary school culture, how can write such a long message? Listening to the tone is not like cousin, they think it is fraudulent text messages, Zhang Shicais phone has been unable to connect.

February 16 is the first day of the lunar new year. Someone in the village brought back a letter to Zhang Jia from a town 10 kilometers away. Inside it is the detention notice of Chuxiong Public Security Bureau - Zhang Shicai was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury.

After seeing the letter, Zhang family is still afraid that this is a deceptive tactic of pyramid selling organization. Zhang Hai and his wife ran to the local Datianba police station to confirm, got a positive reply, not assured they called the Chuxiong detention center to confirm, and finally believe that his son was tricked into pyramid sales after running out to kill people.

According to the video of the trial site, in the early morning of February 10, Wang Guanping, a manager of the MLM organization, called Zhang Shicai to go to the bathroom together, during which the two sides had a dispute. According to Zhang Shicais defender to the court, after the two entered the bathroom that evening, Wang Guanping said to Zhang Shicai, Brother, did you hear what the leader said today? If you cant get five or sixty thousand yuan, its a shame for a man. For the sake of your and your familys safety, youd better think about it. Three days later, when the leader arrived, he didnt know what he would do. If he abandoned you, no one could help you.

Up to this time, Zhang Shicai did not give up the idea of escape. Court materials show that in the bathroom he put forward to Wang Guanping, you let me go, I will give you 10,000 yuan, and then Zhang Shicai put forward we run together, leave the MLM organization, were refused by Wang Guanping.

Video footage of the trial scene showed that after the dispute, Wang Guanping pinched Zhang Shicai by the neck and pushed him against the wall. Zhang Shicai began to fight back. He pulled the ribbon from the brim of his blue down jacket hat and wrapped it around Wang Guanpings neck. The two men were deadlocked. According to Zhang Shicais defender in court, at that time Zhang Shicai offered to you let me go too, but Wang Guanping still disagreed, still pinching Zhangs neck.

The autopsy report showed that Wang Guanping died of mechanical asphyxia. After 10 hours, Zhang Shicais condition showed that his right neck skin was reddish with an area of 2.0 cm by 1.5 cm.

Zhang Shicai, who left the bathroom, sent a text message to his father and called the police himself. At the same time, he contacted the drip driver to give an alarm through the drip order, and added the drip drivers message to send the location. The public security organs receiving the police seized the pyramid selling network and captured the gang members and Zhang Shicai.

During the trial, the public prosecution believed that Zhang Shicai, who died, called the police on his own and waited for the police station to come forward to explain the problem according to the facts, with the circumstances of surrendering himself.

Zhang has not paid off the loan for the two story house built for his sons wife.

There were other people in the village who were deceived into pyramid schemes.

Qinghe Village, Datianba Town, Changning County, Baoshan City, is located in the granary zone on the dam of the Lancang River, but it is remote and blocked, and the per capita land of the villagers is small. Zhang Shicais family is located in the village of Yi village, Qinghe Village.

Zhang Shicai, who was born in 1990, did not go to school after graduating from primary school because of poor family conditions. When he was 16 years old, he worked with his father for the first time and worked in Tengchong to dig lead and zinc mines.

According to Zhang Hai and his wife, the eldest brother is a hard-working person, working outside all year round, returning home at the end of the year, and going away immediately after the New Year.

At the age of 18, Zhang Shicai worked with relatives and fellow villagers to work in Xishuangbanna. Pan Xuefang said that it often rained and couldnt start work, and people who could not earn money could not go home. Workers, led by Zhang Shicai, went to a temple for accommodation. After the master of the temple supported 10 yuan, he handled a bank card in the local area and paid 400 yuan for the toll before returning home. This is the only way he works outside. Asking for money at home one after another, our cousin came back and said that he would not have known what to do if he hadnt.

In his fathers mouth, Zhang Shicai did not like to go far away from the same village. The village will blame each other when they come back because they cant earn money from going out, Zhang Hai said. His son is the only one in the village who often works in other provinces.

In his fathers eyes, Zhang Shicai was intelligent and eager to learn. Although only elementary school education level, but the village junior high school graduates do not understand the function of mobile phones, and Zhang Shiping fully understand, when the New Year back, will be everywhere with local friends to play, bring a lot of friends are not known to the Zhang family.

In 2012, the Zhangs built a two-storey building through borrowing and other means, which looks more elegant, but so far has not paid off the loan. This is the family for the eldest husband to marry a daughter-in-law prepared, He seems to have no girlfriend, anyway, do not mention to us, we urged him to marry a daughter-in-law for him, but he ran around. Zhang Hai said.

Perhaps influenced by his elder brother, Zhang Shicais younger brother did not go to school after graduation from primary school and began to work in nearby places. Both brothers sell coolies at construction sites.

It is ingenious that Wang Guanping, from Xishui, Huanggang, Hubei, is also 16 years old and has worked outside the junior middle school after dropping out of school. Wang Guanpings father, Wang Mingfang, told Peng Mei News that his son had worked in Shenzhen before. In May 2016, Wang Guanping, who had just become his father, went to Yunnan to work and lost contact with his family. At that time he was tricked into pyramid selling. At that time, the Wang family did not know what their son was doing outside. When they saw him again, they were already the custodian of the murdered marketing organization at the funeral home in Chuxiong, Yunnan Province.

Wangs economic conditions are not good. After Wang Guanping left, his wife returned to her mothers home, and then went to Shenzhen to work and never returned, leaving her old father and mother with mental disabilities.

Peng Mei News previously reported that on December 5, 2017, an unemployed man from Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Li Chuang, rented a second-floor rental house at 272 Dejiang Road, Chuxiong Development Zone, restricting personal freedom by confiscating mobile phones, locking doors and following people outside, and controlling fraudulent people to engage in pyramid selling activities.

After the end of the year, Zhang Shicai went to Dehong, then to Kunming, Shanghai, Wuhan, from Wuhan to Kunming, where he worked as a reinforcing bar in construction sites. According to Zhang Hai, his son didnt make any money this year. When he came home, he called home and said he would pay the bill, but they only got 800 yuan after they learned it.

After the incident, Zhang Hai and his wife made their first visit to the Chuxiong detention center to see their son. The first time we met, Zhang Shicai broke down in tears. Within 20 minutes, the couple did not understand what happened to their son that night. He only cried to his parents, They hit me with the ashtray. In April 10, 2018, when they visited their son for the second time, they knew the above experience.

In August 10th, Zhang Shicais anti slam pyramid selling organization watchdog was tried in the intermediate court of Chuxiong. The couple did not communicate directly with Wang Guanpings relatives. They entrusted lawyers to compensate the Wang family for 30,000 yuan. In the Wang familys petition for criminal collateral civil compensation, the defendant, Zhang Shicai, was required to compensate the loss of 640,000 yuan.

On August 17, the Chuxiong Peoples Court sentenced the pyramid selling leader Li Chuang and the manager Liu Guilin to two yearsimprisonment and one year and six months imprisonment respectively for illegal detention.

On September 6, the Yunnan Provincial Procuratorate announced that it had appointed a special person to Chuxiong Prefecture to guide the case and investigate whether the defendant Zhang Shicai had a defense plot or not. Just before the trial, the prosecutor believed that Zhang Shicais behavior constituted intentional homicide, while his defense lawyer argued that Zhang Shicai was in the process of being illegally infringed on the legitimate defense, resulting in the death of one person was unduly defensive.

The man who strangled the pyramid selling supervisor was the earliest warning Officer: he thought it was a prank.

The news of Beijing News reported that in February 10, 2018, a homicide took place in Chuxiong, Yunnan. Zhang Mou, a young man in Baoshan, Yunnan, who was mistakenly admitted to the MLM organization, was detained illegally for more than 20 days. In the early morning, Zhang had a dispute with Wang, the supervisor who was in charge of him, when he went to the bathroom. Zhang strangled Wang Mou to death.

The Beijing News reporter learned that the earliest reported case was a taxi driver named Wang surname in Chuxiong, Yunnan. In the afternoon of September 11th, Wangs driver recalled to the Beijing News reporter, at the beginning, it was considered a practical joke. On February 10th, at three a.m., Wangs driver received an order for passengers to pick up passengers.