Police informed courier rapes female customers: 95 suspects after rape attempted

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 Police informed courier rapes female customers: 95 suspects after rape attempted

Around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon, Lucheng police official micro-blog issued a briefing on the case, said: September 14, 17:50, 110 command center received police said that a rape occurred in the new village of fishing machinery in Wenzhou city. After receiving the police, the police immediately involved in the investigation. At that time, 6 minutes later, the suspect Zhang was arrested near the crime scene. After interrogation, Zhang Mou (male, born in 1995, Shuicheng, Guizhou Province) confessed to the crime of attempted rape at the moment of intent. At present, the criminal suspect Zhang Mou was arrested by the public security organ in accordance with the law for attempted rape.

Couriers were exposed to rape, female customers 40 minutes later to continue to send express delivery.

According to Mr. Zhang, the victim, Miss Zhang, called for express delivery. The express operator of China Communications came to her home. A few words later, the victim initiated an infringement. 40 minutes later, the express operator left her home and continued to deliver the express. Miss Zhang ran after the courier to leave a license. She found that the couriers electric car had no license plate, but she took pictures of him and the appearance of the car. When the suspect saw Miss Zhang running after her, he said in front of the passers-by, I like you, and I will be responsible for you. Then proceed with the delivery.

Courier was accused of raping female customers, continue to send express to pass the response.

On the 15th, the reporter contacted the China Communications Express Public Affairs Management Center, the relevant person in charge said that the groups top management after being informed of the importance of the current local network is actively assisting the police investigation. The company will take the results of the police investigation seriously and will not tolerate any violations of laws, regulations and corporate codes of conduct. We will inform the progress of the incident in time.