US media exaggerate the quantum competition between China and the United States, the house of Representatives passed the bill to increase investment.

 US media exaggerate the quantum competition between China and the United States, the house of Representatives passed the bill to increase investment.

After the bill was passed, US media said on the 14th that China and the United States were locked in a parallel, behind-the-scenes quantum technology competition as they competed for the dominant position in the field of artificial intelligence.

Quantum may be the computing technology of the next 100 years, Jim Clarke, Intels director of quantum hardware, told CNN. Its like a space race, one for every generation.

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Focusing on China, increasing capital investment and establishing new institutions

The bill is called the national quantum initiative Act (NationalQuantumInitiativeAct). Gizmodo, a well-known US technology blog, said Thursday that the bill will be submitted to the Senate for consideration. After the Senate passes it and Trump signs it into law, the bill will provide a 10-year plan to promote quantum development in the United States.

The passage of the bill in the House of Representatives was described by CNN14 as an important step forward in the battle against China and other countries for global computer supremacy.

IBM four qubit chip / data map from US media

According to Gizmodo, the bill, sponsored by Republican Representative Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, aims to ensure that the United States remains a sustainable leader in quantum technology. The bill calls for more researchers, students and workers in the field of quantum information. Thus accelerating the development of quantum technology in the United States. The bill covers areas such as quantum computing, communications and network security, sensor and imaging technology, and materials science.

Smith explained the bill in the house of Representatives / video screenshots.

The bill also plans to allocate $400 million to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and $625 million to the Department of Energy and $250 million to the National Science Foundation. These funds will be used to train scientists, expand research and establish up to 10 centres for quantum research and education.

In recent years, China has invested more and more in order to compete for the commanding heights of global quantum technology. In September last year, it was reported that China was building the worlds largest quantum research facility, the National Laboratory of Quantum Information Science, according to the Observer. com. By the end of this month, the latest financial news from the First Financial Group pointed out that China was planning to build a national laboratory covering many places, with long-term investment of 100 billion yuan (RMB).

In addition to funding research, the U.S. House of Representatives bill also mentions the need to promote coordination between different agencies and to build partnerships between industry and academia. The bill calls for the creation of a National Quantum Coordination Office, with a director appointed by the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and a subcommittee comprising members from different scientific groups and government departments, including the National Science Foundation, the Defense Department, and the Energy Department. The source, the National Institute of standards and technology.

The bill was launched by Republicans, but also supported by Democrats.

Democrat Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, a supporter of the bill, believes it aims to keep the United States competitive internationally. As China, Europe and Russia invest heavily in quantum research and technology development, we must do everything we can to maintain our global leadership in this field, Johnson said.

Democratic congressman Eddie Bernice Johnson / data from the US media

The global leadership in quantum computing has brought military and intelligence advantages, as well as the competitive advantage of quantum computing becoming a huge industry in the coming decades, she said. The national quantum initiative act will give us the right path.

According to Gizmodo, American companies in the industry are excited about the passage of the bill in the house of Representatives.