Shandong Dezhou a company arrears wages more than 50 yuan, the boss stopped.

 Shandong Dezhou a company arrears wages more than 50 yuan, the boss stopped.

Tianhong square arrears of wages for workers more than 50 yuan

He admitted that his salary was in arrears since February 2016, including two months in 2016, the whole year in 2017 and four months in 2018, totaling more than 130,000 yuan, and has not yet been paid. The other 11 employees were in arrears from around 2017, ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, totaling 510,454.34 yuan.

The company issued a notice in April 2018 to dismiss all the staff. Mr. He told reporters that at the time of dismissal, the company promised to pay one months salary within three days after the completion of the departure procedures, and the remaining salary will be paid before August 31, 2018, but until now, he has not received the remaining salary. As for the reasons for dismissal, the notice said that it was due to the internal adjustment of the company, after the company decided to dismiss all staff, and the necessary posts need personnel to be re-employed.

We have people in our sixties who have veteran supervisors and cancer patients, and thats very important to them. Mr. He said that in early September, after they had not received the arrears of wages, they went to the company to ask and ask for them, but the companys relevant directors did not meet. Over the past few days, they have been to the company many times to understand the situation, but the matter has not been resolved, this part of the wages in arrears, can be paid, when can be paid? They do not know.

The office door is locked, and the workers ask for wages.

On the afternoon of September 13, the reporter followed Mr. He and others to Tianhong Living Culture Square Management Co., Ltd. in Dezhou, the investment operation center, there is only one hall door or open. According to Mr. He, the hall is accessible to the office of the company on the second floor, but the door to the office is already locked and inaccessible.

He said, now they want to find the relevant person in charge of the company has been very difficult. As far as they know, the company is presided over by a Mr. Hu, but Mr. Hu did not meet them.

According to Mr. Hos information, the reporter called Mr. Hus telephone number. Mr. Hu said he was only the creditor of the company. At present, is to solve the companys related project problems, as for the wage arrears of employees, not within the scope of his management, for the wages of employees, but also to find the chairman of the company Mr. Tao. According to Mr. Hos information, Mr. Taos telephone has been shut down, and they can not get in touch with it.

The labor and social security supervision department has issued the administrative handling notice.

In this regard, the reporter contacted Decheng labor and Social Resources Protection Bureau Labor Supervision Committee. A relevant person in charge of the Department said that earlier, the Department has received the Tianhong Living Culture Square Management Co., Ltd. in Dezhou staff appeal. According to the Labor Contract Law of the Peoples Republic of China, the Social Insurance Law of the Peoples Republic of China, the Regulations on Labor Security Supervision and other laws and regulations, the company has issued the Notice of Labor Security Supervision and Inquiry, but the company has not come forward to solve the problem.

At present, according to the investigation, the Department has also issued to the Tianhong Living Culture Management Co., Ltd. Labor Security Supervision Order Correction Notice and Labor Security Supervision Administrative Processing Notice. According to Article 91 of the Labor Law of the Peoples Republic of China and Article 26 of the Regulations on Labor and Social Security Supervision, the company is ordered to pay 510454.34 yuan of wages in arrears according to law.

If the company has no objection, we will issue theLabor Security Supervision Administrative Processing Decisionto the company. The person in charge said that if the company still refused to execute, the next step will be referred to the peoples court according to the provisions.

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The source of this article: Qilu one point editor: Luo Jiazhen _NBJS6445