This old spurs crave for books and haste: I want to fight for it. Carter: I can last 1 years.

 This old spurs crave for books and haste: I want to fight for it. Carter: I can last 1 years.

The thirteenth sister is sorry to think that four people could be in the East at the same time and become All-Star powers.

Defense Efficiency: 108.8, alliance twenty-third

Home: PHILPS center, attendance League thirtieth

Summer trend

Introduction: Trey Young (draft), Kevin Hulter (draft), Omary Spearman (draft), Lin Shuhao (trade), Justin Anderson (trade), Alex Ryan (contract), Vince Carter (contract), Thomas Robinson (contract);

Leave: Mike Bowden Holzer, Dennis Schroeder, Mike Muscala, Elson Iliasova, Marco Berlinelli.

New manager: Lloyd Pearce

The first season is expected.

The sixth person: Terre Yang

In the above paragraph, the thirteen sisters searched for information, but there were only two feelings. One is: in addition to Carter and Jeremy Lin, it seems that all they know is to leave. The other is: what efficiency and attendance rate are too bad?

After hearing that there was no play in the playoffs last year, coach Bowden Holzer offered to go, and the Hawks found a 76-man assistant.

Lloyd Pearce is the head coach. Oh, God, lets never let a NBA coach get on the horse. Its really big!

But it also means that we are hopeless this year. Come on.

The thirteenth sister remembers that the Eagle was 60-22 three years ago, better than the Cavaliers, when four of the Eagles entered the All-Star at the same time. But then, the only player who didnt make it to the All-Star team, Carroll, who was a casual player that I lost with the Fire, was dug away by the Raptors for 60 million dollars. Then, Millsap, all of them went away. I signed a big old-age contract and was sent away a year later after I screamed to go back and play for my hometown, Warcraft. So the thirteen sisters really dont know, why did the eagle do this, why did not always think about stabilizing it?

So this time I switched to Schroder and cheaped my fire. What was the eagle trying to figure out? To my mind, I accepted Anderson and Baez for Baez Moore. In this way, I will have more capital and warriors to break my wrist.

But its a bit of a hassle when it comes to putting things on the wrong foot - its a bit of a hassle to think about cost-effectiveness, to analyze the salary structure every year, and, most importantly, whether big stars are willing to come in the future. You see, Anthony went to the Eagle and refused to stay. He bought him 24 million dollars out of gold, and at last a tenth of the price came my fire. Willingly play three masters, so look at it, compared with what they say, rotten team, or we are much happier championship team ah!

New season Watch

1. is the next curi or curry brother?

The most handsome one in this session should be Dong Qiqi Luca East Qiqi. When the thirteenth sister first saw him wearing the Hawks cap, she thought it would be a honey for the second home team. But who knows that we have been changed in the twinkling of an eye, and we are alone in the same area.

There should be two reasons for changing Tonchi to Trey Young: the Hawks dont think Tonchi is suitable for the team and can make another first round. What is the level of this Teri Yang? The thirteen sisters heard that Teri Yang once said that he was more powerful than crow. As a result, the first three games in the summer league were 24 to 3. My God? This is a parallel product. Eagle... Lost!

But there are friends who know NCAA and thirteen sisters who say that Trey Yang is at university. Check the data, God! Each game can produce 10.3 three points, with a 36% hit rate. The average score is 27.4 points and 8.7 assists. NBA is the dominant form. And I heard that the general manager of the Eagle is the former Vice-President of the Warrior Schrenk, it seems that this is really looking good on this little Curie ah!

But even though Curie and our family Hu Zideng are rivals, lets be honest with him. And curry is not just into the league has such a strong day-to-day strength, need to be good at the times and ability to train out, so everyone wants to become curry, but curry is not so easy to practice out, this Xiaoyang classmate, but to refuel!

2., the last battle of the book hero is one year.

In the summer, the nets changed the book to the eagle, and the thirteen sisters looked at it basically. For the thirteen little sister who was a little selfish as Lin MI, she was a little unhappy. And it was even more unhappy when I thought that I had sent the book to the Lakers in the first round.

In a flash, Shu Hao is also 30 years old. Wow, time flies so fast. When the book signed my fire, it was only 24 years old. After leaving my fire, Bookstore changed four teams in five years. Last year, he suffered a serious injury reimbursement in the Nets. I hope he will get better soon.

Think about it, Booksellers are also unlucky, in my fire and Hadden position overlap, in the Lakers and Caraxon to grab a position; in the Hornets is Kenba-Walker to start, to the Nets and was knocked down by injuries, to see Russell as inferior to his future top card. Although a little bit by the Terry - Yang circle fan, but still hope that the bookseller can start, so that the pupil lay hands to learn slowly!

In retrospect, Bookstore also played two seasons in my fire, helped me fire in the playoffs to make a contribution, the thirteenth sister and all the honey, looking forward to Kobayashi in the eagles can also play Lin crazy level, to achieve the second peak of his career!

Three important words: keep healthy! Keep healthy! Keep healthy!

3. half man and half gods curtain call year

When the free agent went to King last year, the thirteenth sister especially hoped that old Carter would come to play with me. At that time, she really felt that Carter could shoot three points and help the young players grow up. The point was: Playing good!

As a result, he went to the king and took 8 million. I thought it was okay, after all, I could not afford fire. But this year, the basic salary is only! The base salary went to the eagle. Theres another place for me to fire. How nice to have my fire!

Its a little sad to think of the last year of Uncle Carlo. Its too self disciplined to be 41 years old. Sincerely hope that he has another chance to come to my fire. Lets win the ring together.

I still remember that when my fire nearly traded Carter, he passed ten years in a flash. Although I couldnt see Carter wearing my Fire No. 15 shirt, the thirteenth sister has always been a fan of Carter as McGradys cousin, hoping that Uncle Carter would spike a few more buttons when he hit me. Just dont win.

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