Man killed security and robbed millions of gold jewelry and fled for 5 years.

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 Man killed security and robbed millions of gold jewelry and fled for 5 years.

In September 7, 2013, a robbery and murder case occurred in Yuan hung shopping plaza, Songxian.

After killing a security guard at Yuanhong shopping mall in Songxian County, the suspect entered the shopping mall and grabbed more than 3,000 grams of gold jewelry, which was worth more than 1 million yuan.

After the incident, the Songxian County Bureau quickly set up a task force to carry out the detection work.

The special group of police did not let go of any clues, conducted a large number of investigations, invited national criminal investigators to simulate the suspects.

Due to the limitations of various conditions at that time, the video data and other physical evidence around the scene are relatively vague, and it is temporarily impossible to determine the identity of the suspect.

In the past 5 years, the footsteps of the police in the task force have never ceased. After repeated investigation of the remnants of the scene by the police, it was successfully determined that Fan Mu, an ancient town and country in Qingfeng County, Puyang City, was suspected of a major crime.

In September 14th, the task force rushed to the home of a suspect, fan, and seized it at one stroke. After questioning, fan confessed to the crime of robbery and murder. At this point, the case was successfully cracked.

At present, fan fan has been detained by law according to law, and the case is being further investigated. The source of this article: Dahe Net - Dahe newspaper editor: Zhao Yaping _NN9005