Officials accept bribes 10 million 420 thousand repentance: the tears of several months exceed 60 years total.

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 Officials accept bribes 10 million 420 thousand repentance: the tears of several months exceed 60 years total.

This is a speech by Wang Yongjiang, the former standing committee of the Heze Municipal Committee and Minister of propaganda. On March 29, the first instance of Wang Yongjiangs bribery case opened, and in the final stage of his statement, he solemnly read out his regrets and choked several times.

On the morning of September 6, Wang Yongjiang, former Standing Committee of Heze Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, who was indicted by Zibo Peoples Procuratorate, publicly pronounced the case in Zibo Intermediate Peoples Court. At this time, 160 days before the first instance hearing, combing Wang Yongjiangs fall from the horse, from retirement, investigation, to the first instance sentencing, this great change only took more than a year. No amount of merit can compensate for the crimes committed, Lu wrote at the opening of the first instance. Now the dust settled, the court on the prosecution charged Wang Yongjiang with bribery of more than 10.42 million yuan to all the facts of the fact that he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for bribery, and a fine of 1 million yuan. At this point, the Deputy leading cadre in his late sixties collapsed, and the halo disappeared, leaving only tears of regret.


I was born in March 1957 in a poor family in the countryside. During the three years of natural disasters, many of us starved to death. My mother feared that I would starve to death, so she took part in the Labor Congress with me on her back and did not starve to death by drinking the bitter vegetable soup left over by others.

Wang Yongjiangs life was not very high. He was born in the countryside and grew up in a very difficult environment. In his repentance, he recalls that he and his mother survived by eating other peoples leftovers. But the hard conditions did not destroy his will, and Wang Yongjiang, who grew up listening to the song The Grace of the Communist Party is higher than the sky and deeper than the sea, was determined to be a useful person to society. And he did work towards his dream. He was hard-working and well educated. In 1975, he had taught in a local high school when he was just over 18 years old.

Soon, Wang Yongjiang ushered in a broader platform.

By the end of 1977, Chinas college entrance examination system, which had been suspended for ten years, was officially restored. Wang Yongjiang, 20, gained the opportunity to study in the university through the college entrance examination, and opened a new door.

Zhang Jingya, procurator of Shandong provincial Procuratorate,

Wang Yongjiang, a man who was down-to-earth and willing to work in the early days, according to the local people and people who have worked with him, said that Wang Yongjiang is more capable of work, many times you can not see him in the office, are down to the grass-roots level, to work in the front line.

This experience has also been confirmed by Wang Yongjiang himself. He mentioned that in 2004, the organization transferred him to a poor and chaotic county at the junction of the four provinces as the chief leader. Since then, I have been determined to contribute all my energy to changing the backwardness of the county, Wang Yongjiang recalled to the prosecutor.

After several years of unremitting efforts, the county where Wang Yongjiang worked rose from 119th to the top of the region, surpassing 46 counties and municipalities, and Wang Yongjiang became famous at one fell swoop. He made a speech at the National Congress to promote the experience and practice of poverty and chaos control.

It is also in his brilliant brilliant and outstanding achievements in 2004, he thought of cracks.


Some enterprises and individuals, in order to please me and thank me, take advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival opportunity to send money and presents, with the first acceptance can not be refused, so that their own step by step into the road of crime.

According to the indictment, from 2004 to 2017, the defendant, Wang Yongjiang, took advantage of his position as deputy county magistrate, acting County magistrate, County magistrate, Secretary of the Communist Partys single county committee, Standing Committee of Heze Municipal Party Committee and Minister of propaganda, to handle land procedures for many units and individuals, cash government support funds, and work Cheng offered assistance in contracting, promotion and so on, and received property illegally directly or through his wife and son, amounting to 10.42 million yuan.

Where is the turning point in Wang Yongjiangs life, from a well-known and practical official to a bribery officer? All this will return to the great significance of Wang Yongjiang in 2004.

According to the fact determined by the procuratorial organs, we found that Wang Yongjiangs first bribery occurred before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2004. In June of this year, he was sent to Shanxian County as Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee. In the face of the reality of poverty and backwardness, he drastically reformed and worked hard. How to take this powerful and energetic local parents official has naturally become the top priority of people with ulterior motives.

Three months later is the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to be able to successfully handle land procedures, a local representative of a company to Wang Yongjiang launched a attack, nickname, in the Mid-Autumn Festival as a reason to give Wang Yongjiang a value of 10,000 yuan shopping card, let him buy something for his family, is a gift to meet.

Zhang Jingya, post prosecutor of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: Wang Yongjiang mentioned that in the face of money sent by others, he initially firmly refused, and had returned 100,000 yuan in cash and bank cards. But later, more people sent, and these gift-giving enterprises and individuals are taking advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and other time points, in the name of visit to visit, money and presents, also known as a little holiday, can not but accept. This made Wang Yongjiang waver, there is a festival gifts may not be considered bribery illusion, it did not refuse the door. And these units and individuals during the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, and did not immediately ask him to do anything, but to maintain the relationship, when the late need for Wang to do things, then sent alone.

In this way, from shopping cards to agricultural and sideline products, from cash to automobiles, Wang Yongjiang, who could not stop his car for the first time, went into the abyss of degeneration, and was reduced to prison from the well-known County leaders. Up to 2017, Wang Yongjiang had received more than 1042 yuan of property from 18 units and individuals.

Zhang Jingya, post procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: According to Wang Yongjiangs own statement, he felt in the later period that he, as a leading cadre, had made so much contribution to the development of the county economy, provided some units or individuals with corresponding convenience and obtained benefits, which was not a big deal, and provided these conveniences. It is not against his personal principles.

A careful analysis of the money received by the prosecutor found a rule.

Zhang Jingya, procurator of Shandong provincial Procuratorate, Wang Yongjiang: there are 3 main sources of bribes. Firstly, there are real estate development companies seeking help from him for land bidding, planning approval, coordination of funds and other aspects; secondly, some companies want to seek convenience through Wang Yongjiang, so as to develop, such as listing companies, tax incentives, relocation of factory sites; and finally, in the personnel sector, the following subordinates are promoted to arrange labor for others. Do so.

In these companies, a local group company is very closely related to Wang Yongjiang. According to the survey, from 2004 to 2012, in eight years, Wang Yongjiang accepted the companys request, in the enterprise development, product sales, relocation and other aspects of help, has received 18 cash 450,000 yuan, a POLO car. These bribes, the company is big clients cash or reward the meritorious service reason for account processing. After receiving the money one after another, some of it was left at home or in the bank, and the rest of it, in order to hide his ears and eyes, he also instructed his niece to manage it for him in an attempt to escape the sanctions of the law. But the French net is so sparse that when a letter of report was sent to the higher-level Discipline Inspection Commission, Wang Yongjiangs dream of taking care of his life was completely broken.


When I worked for the Party and the people for 42 years and retired, I was able to cure the root of my illness at work and share my old life with my family, I lost my freedom and became a sinner to the people. I regret it very much. I hate myself very much.

The case was handed over to the provincial Procuratorate by the provincial Commission for Discipline inspection. Designated by the provincial procuratorate, the Zibo Peoples Procuratorate handled the case and intervened in the investigation in advance. The provincial procuratorate dispatched three officers to guide the whole process of case examination, prosecution and appearing in court.

Shandong procuratorate post prosecutor Zhang Jingya: after the case, Wang Yongjiang is more cooperative, confessed very well. In addition, we intervened in advance and guided the investigation organs to supplement the evidence completely according to the standard of prosecution. Therefore, the case did not return to supplementary investigation once, and the evidence was very solid. At that time, the procuratorates self-investigation department and the prosecution department joined seamlessly, from transferring the examination and prosecution to instituting the prosecution, it took only 40 days to guarantee the case. The quality and speed of the case.

Although the evidence is solid and confession is stable, prosecutors still dare not relax. During the study of cases, several bribery cases aroused controversy among us.

Zhang Jingya, post prosecutor of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: Wang Yongjiangs bribery behavior did not end with retirement, but crossed the point of retirement, which has become the most controversial point in this case.

Then, what is the nature of the property received after retirement? Is this money a crime of duty? To figure out all this, return to January 2017.

In early 2017, the chairman of a real estate company came to Wang Yongjiangs house. When the two met in 2007, Wang Yongjiang had repeatedly sought help for the companys development. According to statistics, from the Spring Festival before 2007 to March 2017, the criminal suspect Wang Yongjiang took advantage of his position as secretary of the county Party committee of Shanxian County and Standing Committee of Heze Municipal Party Committee to accept up to 17 bribes, with cash of 1.04 million yuan, US $20,000 yuan and gold bars totaling 700 grams, equivalent to RMB 1.38 million yuan, for his company to compete for land. It also provides assistance in coordinating construction, planning approval and coordinating funds.

With the former pleasant cooperation, the two people are tacitly aware of each others needs. This time, Wang Yongjiang was still found for the development of the company - he wanted to ask Wang Yongjiang to help coordinate the funds. Of course, this request is accompanied by full of sincerity. He first gave 100,000 yuan to Wang Yongjiang, and put forward: I hope he can retire to his company to serve.

According to the time calculation, Wang Yongjiang left his job in February 2017 and retired formally in April, so when he found him in January, he naturally had to plan for his future. However, Wang Yongjiang accepted the money, but he refused the olive branch thrown at him.

Zhang Jingya, post procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: At that time, Wang Yongjiang mentioned in a conversation that he was about to retire, and there was no car after that. Therefore, when considering the help provided by Wang Yongjiang before, the first proposal was to let Wang Yongjiang as a company consultant, but Wang Yongjiang said there were disciplinary provisions, not allow to be a consultant, refused. So when he proposed to buy a car for Wang Yongjiang 500 thousand, he said he would pay for it after the new year.

In March 2017, Wang Yongjiang took the initiative to contact a certain vehicle, saying that the car had been selected. Subsequently, according to a previous commitment, Wang Yongjiang transferred 500 thousand yuan.

Zhang Jingya, post prosecutor of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: Wang Yongjiang left his post at that time. He confessed himself at the stage of examination and prosecution. The main reason why he sent him 500,000 yuan was thanking for his help before, and the second was to hope for continued support in the future.

Although it is a bribe after leaving the office, what is the confirmation of such a sum before leaving the office?

However, this recognition is risky.

Zhang Jingya, post procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: At that time, we also believed that there was a risk of not being recognized by the court, because although the testimony said that as a consultant is a cover, but Wang Yongjiang may retrieve a confession in court, the defense does have the intention and behavior to be a consultant at that time. If Wang Yongjiang retracts his confession in the future, and even puts forward the specific matters of serving as a consultant, it can only be considered as bribery by using influence, and it will also involve whether the illegitimate interests or profit-making matters are complete or not.

Even so, the prosecutor insisted on his original opinion after careful study.

Zhang Jingya, post procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: After careful study, we think that the first is that a certain time began to invest in real estate in 2007, and has carried out the construction of the first, second and third phases of the project (currently the third phase of the project is still under construction), in this process for land procedures, construction, planning and adjustment, and so on. Wang Yongjiang helped and helped Wang Yongjiang bribe 15 times. In January 2017, a government official made a request to Wang Yongjiang for co-ordinated funds and bribed him 100,000 yuan, and offered him 500,000 yuan to buy a car, and then accepted it after leaving office, which was in line with the situation that the State functionary took advantage of his position to seek the interests of the trustee and consecutively accepted the property of the trustee before and after leaving office. The second was January 2017. When a specific request for coordination of funds was made to Wang Yongjiang, he still offered to buy a car for 500,000 yuan even though he knew that Wang Yongjiang would retire after the Spring Festival, which was in line with the state staffs agreement to accept the trustees property after leaving office before or after taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for the trustee. And accept the situation after leaving the office, so we insist that this is a bribery act.


I regret that I am not strict with myself. No matter how the court punished me today, I will obey the sentence and never appeal.

On the morning of September 6, 2018, Wang Yongjiang, former Standing Committee of Heze Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, who was indicted by Zibo Peoples Procuratorate, publicly pronounced the case of bribery in Zibo Intermediate Peoples Court. On the court, Wang Yongjiang was wearing a navy blue jacket with neat hair on both sides. He put his hands on his face and looked solemn, waiting for the final judgement.

Finally, the court found out all the facts that the procuratorial organ accused Wang Yongjiang of accepting bribes of more than 10.42 million yuan, sentenced him to eleven yearsimprisonment for bribery, and fined him 1 million yuan. After the sentencing of the first instance, defendant Wang Yongjiang clearly stated that he would not appeal in court.

Zhang Jingya, post procurator of Shandong Provincial Procuratorate: Handling the bribery case of Wang Yongjiang has touched me a lot, and I was also impressed by his penitence at the first instance. I believe he truly regrets his actions, but he can only atone for himself in the high walls. From a teacher to a public official, Wang Yongjiang stepped into a leading position step by step with his own efforts, reflecting the cultivation and trust of the Party and the people. But in the face of achievements, he should continue to be conscientious and dedicated to the party and the people to make more contributions, but he gradually relaxed his requirements, broke through the basic code of conduct of leading cadres, and ultimately destroyed his happiness in the latter half of his life. Thought-provoking.

Now the dust settles down, and Wang Yongjiang, who has worked hard all his life and won many honorary titles, loses his freedom in the year of Huajia. Should have played a trick on his grandson, but because of his own greed slid into the abyss of degeneration, trapped in a high wall. Today, the consequences of self eating are sober and alarming for the world. Some officials were lucky enough to think that retirement was tantamount to safe deposit box and that retreating to the second line was safe landing. However, no matter in the central or local government, the retired corrupt officials were frequently investigated and punished, thus shattering the Huangliang dream of these people.

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