These primary schools have been praised for 0 years for 0 fires.

 These primary schools have been praised for 0 years for 0 fires.

This article was forwarded by many famous media in China and won thousands of angry comments from netizens.

This micro-blog is the same content: [publicized student food reimbursement! After the nutritional meal problem of Dacao Primary School in Tanzhuang Town, Shangshui County, Henan Province was exposed, some netizens found that @Dechang County Ma Li Township Yi Ganhai [email protected] Wenshan Ma Li Po County Tianbao Town Teng Primary School, @ Hubei Province Hefeng County Tongquan Primary [email protected] Hefeng County Wuli Township Suzhou District Primary School, and other schools, for many years. One thing to do is to insist on publicized childrens food every day.

Take Teng Primary School of Tianbao Town in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture as an example. There are 884 microblogs posted on the official microblog of this primary school. Almost all of them have only one content. That is to update the daily food content: on September 14, 2018, there should be 85 people, including 30 free lunches and 0 people on leave. Menu: stir fried pumpkin slices, stir fry pork with Chinese cabbage, and cook melon. Consumption of main ingredients: rice 9 Jin, 31.5 yuan, small pumpkin 7 Jin * 14 yuan, pig 4 jin 52 yuan, Beijing cabbage 8 kg 12 yuan, edible oil 1 kg 15 yuan, melon melon 7 7 yuan, Yuan Yuan, a total of $8 yuan, the balance of yuan yuan.

It looks like a pipelining account, with a few less technical photos, and it doesnt seem like much of a deal. However, it has not been easy for such a matter to persist for 4 and a half years.

The reason is to do this because it is a free lunch fund school.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, Teng Primary School in Tianbao Town, Ma Lipo County, Wenshan Prefecture was originally created by a military tent, a small blackboard and nine shells. Later, they were donated by the free lunch fund raising scheme to provide free lunch for needy students.

The content of this micro-blog, which lasted for four and a half years, is a reciprocation and account of the teachers and studentshelp from society.

Its not hard to see from microblogging that for many years before, the bottom of every microblog was like this_.

This is a microblog that nobody commented on, praised or forwarded, until in recent days, after a sudden fire... But even if nobody pays attention to it and praises it, it doesnt prevent them from preparing nutritional meals for students every day and updating the content of their microblogs conscientiously.

Official microblogs certified by the China Social Welfare Foundations Free Lunch Fund also responded by requiring schools to open microblogs, reveal daily lunches and accept social supervision.

And they did it with real action. Only by offering free lunches to children on a quality basis every day would they be able to update and publish their microblogs day after day!

This behavior is also on the hot search list of sina micro-blog yesterday.

It was this move that contrasted sharply with the fact that a pupils nutritional meal at a primary school in Henan Province was only half a bowl of vegetarian noodles spilled on September 12 by a microblogger, haitaode.

At that time, netizens reported that although a primary school in Henan Province was not a free lunch donated by the public, the government subsidized a meal of 4 yuan per student per day.

But in the video, the teacher has given each child a plain meal. On the day of the Education Bureau, the dishes were chicken cubes, fried squash, garlic sprouts and rice gruel.

The government subsidized meals and nutritious meals are like this, which can ruin netizens.

On September 13, the Henan Provincial Education Department responded by saying: According to the survey, the schools food supply does not conform to the recipes required by the Education Bureau. At present, the principal of the school has been dismissed and several responsible persons have been prosecuted. A special working group will be formed to stay in the relevant units for further investigation.

As the Peoples Daily commented: Almost all of these micro-blogs are 0 praise 0 comment 0 forwarding, but do not hinder their continuous updates there is always someone unknown to do these primary school sincerely, worthy of some praise!! Lets praise Yunnan for having such a good school. Source: spring city evening paper editor in charge: Yang Yi _NBJ10647

As the peoples daily commented:

These micro-blog are almost 0 praise 0 reviews 0 forwarding.

But it does not prevent them from continuing to update.

There are always people who do things in obscurity.

These primary schools deserve to be praised!

Lets praise Yunnan for having such a good school.