4 year old girl who was cruel to abuse her fathers stepmother was sentenced to jail for 11 days.

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 4 year old girl who was cruel to abuse her fathers stepmother was sentenced to jail for 11 days.

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On the morning of June 14, a netizen posted that a divorced man abused a four-year-old girl in Yunling District, Qingzhen, hoping to rescue the child as soon as possible. After receiving the response, the Qingzhen Public Security Bureau intervened for the first time, found the girls residence, rescued her and sent her to the doctor, and launched an investigation into the incident. Community, civil affairs, womens Federation, judicial and League committees and other departments take timely actions to comfort girls and help them.

According to preliminary investigation, the suspects of abusing the girl are her biological father Liu Qingsong and her stepmother Xu Youfen. In August 24th, Qingzhen Municipal Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with Qingzhen Municipal Peoples court. In September 4th, Qingzhen Municipal Peoples Court opened the court for trial.

The trial found that between February 2018 and June 14, 2018, the victim Xiaozixin (not his real name) lived with his biological father Liu Qingsong and stepmother Xu Youfen. Since March, Xu Youfen began to hate Xiaozi Xin and complain to Liu Qingsong about raising Xiaozi Xin. Liu Qingsong and Xu Youfen together abused Xiaozi Xin to please Xu Youfen.

One day in March, Liu Qingsong beat Xiaozis face, buttocks and legs more than 30 times with his palms and sticks because clothes are not bought by his mother.

At noon one day in March, Liu Qingsong beat Xiaozixin on the buttocks and shoulders with his fists and palms for peeing his pants. He asked him to squeeze out his cigarette butt, ironed his arms and neck with his cigarette butt, and pricked his fingers with a sewing needle.

One day in early April, Liu Qingsong and Xu Youfen beat Xiaozi on the back and buttocks of his heart with a wooden stick because they climbed the window. They coned Xiaozis buttocks with needles.

One day in early May, Xiao Zixin was beaten by a wooden stick with his hands and ears by a charging wire. He was also asked to kneel on chopsticks and screwdriver and wash clothes for more than 10 hours.

One day in early June, Liu Qingsong and Xu Youfen went out to work. Xu Youfen, disgusted with Xiaozis dirty home, proposed to tie Xiaozis heart to his home with a rope. Liu Qingsong, in order to please Xu Youfen, tied Xiaozis heart to the kitchen with a cloth belt. On the second day, when Zi Zis heart broke the rope, Xu Youfen proposed to change the rope to bolt. On the fourth day, Xu complained that Xiaozi Xins diapers smelled the house, and Liu Qingsong transferred Xiaozi Xin from the kitchen to the toilet. Until the incident, Xiao Zi heart can be rescued. During the 11 days of being tied up, Xiaozi Xin could not go to bed and had no normal diet. Liu Qingsong and Xu Youfen beat Xiaozi with belts, hangers and slippers, resulting in bleeding of her ears, back and elbows, bruising of her face, opening of her glasses, redness and swelling of her legs, and extensive scaling.

After the trial, evidence, cross-examination and certification, various evidence shows that the defendant Liu Qingsong as the father of the child, the defendant Xu Youfen as the stepmother of the child, not only did not give Xiaozi love and warmth, but often abused it. By means of beating and scolding, hungry food, binding, illegal detention, forced excessive labor, illness and no treatment, the victim Xiaozi was tortured and tormented physically and mentally. The abuse lasted for a long time, frequently, cruelly and the plot was bad, which constituted the crime of abuse.

The court shall, in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 260 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years for maltreatment of family members if the circumstances are bad. Detention or control. According to the regulations, the defendant Liu Qingsong was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment for the crime of ill-treatment, and the defendant Xu Youfen was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment for the crime of ill-treatment.