Qingdao customs verified 86 thousand tons of smuggled foreign garbage and arrested 15 suspects

 Qingdao customs verified 86 thousand tons of smuggled foreign garbage and arrested 15 suspects

On September 14, the Qingdao Customs launched the fourth round of Blue Sky 2018 concentrative action. Qingdao, Linyi, Tianjin, Yangzhou, Shantou, Huizhou, Shanghai and many other joint efforts, knocked off a number of foreign garbage and ferrosilicon and other resources smuggling gangs, arrested 15 major smuggling suspects. A total of 420 tons of smuggled waste powder coatings and 40 tons of ferrosilicon were seized, and 86,000 tons of smuggled waste powder coatings and plastics and 80 tons of ferrosilicon were verified.

At 6 in the morning of September 14th, several containers were discharged in Qingdao customs inspection area. After opening the container, a pungent smell rushed in, and tons of bagged white, grey, black waste powder paint appeared in front of us. In several other containers, it is filled with silky gray mass of ferrosilicon.

It is understood that after careful analysis and operation in the early stage, Qingdao Customs successfully grasped the evidence of the import of waste powder coatings smuggled by two smuggling gangs headed by Yuan Mou and He Mou, as well as the network division of labor and the track of gang membersactivities. In accordance with the unified deployment of the General Administration of Customs on September 14, it carried out a special attack and captured all 11 major offenders in one fell swoop. The suspect, through on-site search of the units involved and the residence of the suspect, has found a large number of documentary evidence, electronic evidence and other key smuggling evidence, 18,000 tons of waste powder paint involved, and 420 tons of seizure on the spot. Powder coatings are mostly used for spraying the shell and parts of household appliances, metal furniture, instruments and instruments, building hardware and other products. The waste materials mainly come from floor powder, over-spraying powder, ultra-fine powder, head powder, expired powder and so on, which are prohibited from importing by the state.

After preliminary investigation, it was found that Yuan Mou, manager of a logistics company in Qingdao, and He Mou, manager of a trading company in Qingdao, falsely declared the waste powder coatings as stock or surplus powder coatings, and at the expense of overreporting the real price and paying more taxes, so as to cover up the fact that the actual imported goods were prohibited from importing solid waste by the state, and frequently changed the port and economy. Name of battalion unit, high quality powder coating is placed at the door of container to handle customs inspection. After the smuggling of imported goods, they are mainly sold to family furniture shops specializing in powder coatings in Jiangsu and other places.

During the operation, Qingdao Customs also found a chemical company false name smuggled ferrosilicon export case, involving more than 80 tons of ferrosilicon, seized 40 tons of the scene, arrested two suspects. After preliminary investigation, Li Mou, the person in charge of the company involved, in order to seek illegal interests, falsely reported that the State restricted the export of ferrosilicon as iron sulphide, carburizer, etc. without export supervision conditions, exported to Japan, Russia and other countries. Ferrosilicon is a kind of resource product and also a national strategic product. At present, China has implemented strict export license management and imposed 20% export tariff on ferrosilicon.

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The source of this article: Qilu one point editor: Luo Jiazhen _NBJS6445