Little guy entrepreneurship to engage in online gambling involving more than 5000, was arrested for regret.

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 Little guy entrepreneurship to engage in online gambling involving more than 5000, was arrested for regret.

In August 1st, Sichuan Xiao Xuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. arrested the scene. Police mapping

Friends circle WeChat group promotion

Development offline earn profits

At the end of 2017, Zhaoyuan citizen Wang Mou installed an online chess card APP named Xiang Rui Shandong Chess Card on the recommendation of his friends. Friends told me at the time that this game can not only earn their own gold coins for money, but also develop players to give themselves a commission, so try it out. Wang said.

At first, few people played this game, Wang himself played with the trumpet, did not assume that really can recharge and carry out online gambling. Since then, in order to earn more commission agents, Wang has tried every means to promote this game every day, and established a special group of Weixin games, as long as someone is interested in it quickly added.

However, Wang Mou, who is eager to make money, did not know that the WeChat group had already ambushed two ad hoc police officers. As early as the end of 2017, Zhaoyuan City Public Security Bureau police according to the tip-off clues found that Wang spread online gambling information through Weixin friends circle, in order to obtain more valuable clues, the police launched a secret investigation.

After investigation, the suspect Wang Mou is only a gambling website at the bottom of the agent, the site registered as Sichuan Shaoxian Network Technology Co., Ltd., the companys address is located in Sichuan. The website uses WeChat, Alipay and other three party payment means and money merchant to collect and transfer cash bets on the website players, and draw players high commission from the game to make huge profits. Zhaoyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau special police Zhang Jun said.

On January 31 this year, Zhaoyuan Public Security Bureau filed a case of Xiang Rui chess and card online gambling, and set up a special team to carry out investigation.

Platform and agent pumping

Currency trader earn exchange price difference

With the deepening of the investigation, police found that the companys game platform to push the tractor chess card game, the sites gambling chips for gold coins, each game of chess and cards, will cost varying amounts of gold coins, players need to throw money into exchange. Gambling, gaming platforms and agents pump playersgold coins to earn so-called commissions for each game.

Players game gold coins in the game mall to buy, is 100 yuan RMB for 1 million gold coins, in thecoin dealerto buy, 100 yuan RMB can buy 1.04 million gold coins, but if you want to refund gold coins, the coin dealer to 105 million gold coins can be converted back to 100 yuan. Zhaoyuan Public Security Bureau Public Security brigade leader Dong Guochun introduced. It is precisely the difference between them, which has become the profit margin of the money merchants, and it is attached to the game platform for illegal income.

The police quickly locked down the addresses of Sichuan Shaoxian Network Technology Co., Ltd. and its operators, Liu Mou, and Sichuan Yibin Quanyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., and one by one implemented the head of the currency merchant, Li Mou, Cheng Mou, Guo Mou and Huang Mou.

At 7:30 on August 1, the police successfully captured more than 20 suspects, including Liu Mou and Li Mou, as well as other suspects in operation, customer service and technical personnel, detained two vehicles, a computer, mobile phone and other items, frozen more than 3 million yuan of funds involved in the case, and successfully returned to recruit 21 suspects detained by the special police on August 2. Far.

At present, the case is under further investigation.

Uneasy to earn wages

Crooked ideas

I know that online gambling is illegal, but I didnt expect it to be so serious. If I withdraw all my money, I will give you another chance. August 29 morning, in Zhaoyuan detention center, Xiang Rui Shandong chess card APP boss Liu Mou said, want to make more money, did not expect it will be a big mistake.

Liu originally worked in a company, and the monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan was not low in their locals. But he did not like being constrained by his job and resigned. I have done many jobs, including catering, advertising agencies, real estate agents, etc., but all of them ended in failure.

After many failures, Liu borrowed several thousand yuan to buy a computer, starting from Sichuan, while playing games around to see if there is any chance, on the way to Yantai. By chance, he learned that operating online chess cards can make money, and after he observed that the local online game market is relatively blank, he germinated the idea of developing online chess cards.

But Liu didnt have much money at that time, so he brought Luo and Yang into the company, established Sichuan Shaoxian Network Technology Co., Ltd. and commissioned the Sichuan technology company to develop a chess and card platform suitable for the local operation, and contacted the currency dealer to change the pattern of rechargeable and convertible RMB.

Now, the gambling network built by Liu has been wiped out all over the world. Waiting for these people will be severely punished by law.

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