Mob database online! 4 minutes and 36 seconds to counter irony!

 Mob database online! 4 minutes and 36 seconds to counter irony!

Rushfords performances during this international match were excellent, in sharp contrast to his slump at Manchester United. As a result, the British media questioned Mourinho, saying he would not use Rushford, saying he was the main reason why Rushford could not progress. On Sky Sports, Carragher spoke out publicly that Rushford should leave Manchester United and Mourinho.

Such criticism made him angry. I can imagine someone criticizing me this Sunday for not letting Rushford play because theyre always so obsessed with me, he said at the press conference. Some of them force themselves to lie all the time, so I can think of the first thing many of them do when they get up on Sunday... I think of Mourinho. As you know, some commentators have two salaries because they work not only for television stations, but also for certain clubs. So, they are not independent at all. They are always carrying the rhythm with each other.

This seems to be commonplace. There is no reason whatsoever, but I have accepted it. Im sorry for them. There are many things in the world that deserve their attention more than Mourinho and Manchester United. Mourinho said: Next, I will explain something, not for you, but for the United fans. I will spend a few minutes talking about it for them.

Mourinho was clearly prepared to come, and then he produced a paper that recorded Rushfords appearances in recent seasons. In the 2016-17 season, Rushford played 32 Premier League matches and 11 European matches, including the Europa League final. He also played in 3 FA Cups. He has participated in 53 matches. If you want his total playing time, the answer is 3068 minutes. If a game is 90 minutes, then he will play 34.2 games in the 2016-17 season.

In the 2017-18 season, he played 35 Premier League games, eight Champions League games, five FA Cups - including the Finals - three Carling Cups and the Super Cup. He participated in 52 matches, 2676 minutes, equivalent to 29.7 games. So, in summary, he played 105 games, 5744 minutes, 63.7 full games, including five finals, while I was in charge. Mourinho said.

In fact, OPTA figures show Rushford has played 108 games under Jose Mourinho, the highest number of any Red Devils player since he joined the club.

Mourinho denied that he was not good at training young people. Rushford is a very good young man and a very good player and he knows what Manchester United have done for him. He started as a young Manchester United player, then got the support of Van Gaal, my support and a new contract, a new shirt. After I came to Manchester United, he was in the squad for every game. Those who question me are not clear. Rushford is not Sol Lank, nor is he Chick, nor is he Levine. Hes Rushford, a high-level player with incredible appearances, and hes always playing at a high level.

Supporters of Manchester United, what I said above is just for you. These are the ways we treat rash, Lin Jiade, Luke Shaw and Mike. All my plans for him are here. Mourinho pointed to his tablet computer.

This is my plan. There is nothing else. My plan has always been well trained, and my plan is to make good use of every minute. Jose Mourinho stressed.