Old neighbor Cheng Qingsong recalls Zhu Xu: playing the monkey in the hospital while crying, Jiang Wenli

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 Old neighbor Cheng Qingsong recalls Zhu Xu: playing the monkey in the hospital while crying, Jiang Wenli

Netease Entertainment reported on September 15 that Zhu Xu, a famous performing artist, died in Beijing in the early morning of September 15 at the age of 88. Zhu Xu has been widely praised in the industry. The directors and actors who worked together have been impressed by their talents and acting skills. After the death of the old man, the well-known filmmaker, Cheng Qingsong, who had been a neighbor of Zhu Xu and his son for 16 years, wrote a memorial on his microblog, saying that the first father of the Chinese screen, Mr Zhu Xu, has gone.

It is understood that more than a month before the departure of the master, Lu Zhong, Sun Zhou, Zhang Yang, Huang Lei, Jiang Wenli, Ma Sichun, Song Dandan, Wu Gang and other circles of friends came to visit. Especially the masters dry daughter Jiang Wenli, the two cooperated four times (Sunset Forbidden City), the Son of the Earth, scraping and See us in Heaven. Cheng Qingsong said the master was a particularly optimistic person. He revealed that when Jiang Wenli visited the gymnastics room last Friday, the master was more than the Grandpa in We See You in Heaven pretending to be a monkey to amuse her granddaughter. Jiang Wenli cried to death.

Cheng Qingsong moved to Zhu Xus son Zhu Xiaochuangs next door in 2002, neighborhood relations have been very good, one to two, he and the neighborhoods master is also familiar with each other, usually chatting, drinking, eating hot pot, hairy crab. In Cheng Qingsongs impression, the old man, like his role on the screen, was a kind father.

Because in the same neighborhood, the two often meet, plus their own studio on the first floor, Sometimes open the window, you can see the master walking in the neighborhood. Cheng Qingsong said, the old man is very humorous. On business trips, he would foster the puppy at the old mans place, the old man always said: our home is not a nursery, is a dog nursery.

Cheng Qingsong said that he had been ill for some time, and lung cancer was detected in the second half of last year, but his family and friends had not told him the truth. He remembered that he returned from the Golden Horse Award in November last year and brought pineapple crisp to the Master, who said he liked it.

The old man also has a drinking hobby, before will also drink a cup together, but, Cheng Qingsong said, later because of the aggravation of the illness, the old man gradually thin, did not see the old man to drink.

In the past month or so, Mr. Lu Zhong, Sun Zhou, Zhang Yang, Huang Lei, Jiang Wenli, Ma Sichun, Song Dandan, Wu Gang, Yue Xiuqing, Jiang Ping, Jiang Xin and other friends from the circle came to visit and condolence him. Zhang Yimou wrote a letter of condolence, saying that he was a man before acting, with both virtue and art, forever. Its an example for our younger generation to learn.

Tian Zhuangzhuang has worked with Mr. Zhu Xu two times. They are good friends. In his eyes, the old man is a great actor, a great man. Because Tian Zhuangzhuang couldnt make it back for a while in Yunnan, but Cheng Qingsong revealed that Zhuangzhuangs director cried in his Wechat voice when he heard the news of his fathers death. He said he would rush back to Beijing today and send Zhu Xu the last leg.

However, this is the closest one to the old man, and even the dry daughter Jiang Wenli. Four times they worked together (Sunset Forbidden City), Son of the Earth, Scraping and Seeing Us in Heaven). The last film, Seeing us in Heaven, was Jiang Wenlis first film. Seventy percent of the stories about the little girl and Grandpa in the film were based on her own real experience. Jiang Wenli specially sought out Mr. Zhu Xu to play the part of the writer. In memory of Grandpa.

Cheng Qingsong said that the old man is a particularly optimistic person who has not been complaining for such a long time. He also revealed that Jiang Wenli went to visit Zhu Xu last Friday, when Zhu Xu was still awake, and in bed he specially compared to the see us in heaven in the grandfather in the gymnastics room disguised as a monkey to tease granddaughters action, Jiang Wenli cried to no avail.

Yesterday, when the old man was in critical condition, Cheng Qingsong notified Jiang Wenli and Ma Sichun at the first time. They also left behind their work and rushed to the hospital to say goodbye to the old man. Ma Sichun and Master were acquainted when they cooperated with We See You in Heaven. Cheng Qingsong said that Master always liked this little girl very much. Yesterday he was in a coma when he was in critical condition. Later, Master opened his eyes when Master spoke to Master closely to his ear.

Now the sage has gone, but he will rest in heaven.