Hubei police cracked over 6000 yuan in case of serious production and sales of counterfeit drugs

 Hubei police cracked over 6000 yuan in case of serious production and sales of counterfeit drugs

Xiangyang, September 14, Xinhua, Hubei Baokang County, according to the police 14, after 14 months of on-line investigation, the local police successfully cracked a super-large-scale production and sale of counterfeit drugs Ministry Supervisor, the products involved are mostly anesthetic ointment, the value of up to 60 million yuan.

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In July 2017, Baokang County Public Security Bureau and the local Food and Drug Administration in a joint rectification action, found that the county used a beauty shop named TKTX anesthetic ointment problems.

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Law enforcement officers found that all the packaging of the product was marked in English, and the packaging was poor, even the basic generic name and pharmaceutical ingredients were not marked in Chinese. Certified by professional bodies, the product is fake and shoddy.

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In September 2017, Baokang County Public Security Bureau dispatched elite police force to set up a task force to carry out investigation work on the case. In the same month, the case was cited by the Ministry of public security as a case of ministry supervision.

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According to Li Mou, the owner of the beauty shop, offering fake anesthetic ointment to the home, is recommended by a colleague Weixin friend, all transactions are completed through Weixin, and all through express delivery.

The police of the special group started the investigation from the micro-signal and soon locked in Xu Mou, who was doing wholesale business in a market in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

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On December 18, 2017, after careful investigation and evidence collection, Baokang police in Guangzhou will Xu, Zhang and other suspects arrested. According to Xu and Zhang, since 2016, they have sold more than 8000 pieces of fake anesthetic ointment to all parts of the country, and the channel of purchase came from a Guangzhou man named Jin Musheng. According to clues provided by Xu, the police quickly found the dens for producing fake hemp ointment.

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From January to August 2018, the police smoothed through the vine to touch melons. The main suspects in the case, Jin Mousheng, Jin Mobin, Jin Mousai, and Xiao Mou, who provided raw materials for anesthetics, printing and packaging, were all arrested.

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After investigation, Xiao Mou of a medical and technological company in Jinan sold lidocaine and tetracaine and other chemical raw materials to Jin Moubin at a high price. Jin Moubin used these raw materials to make fake anesthetic ointment and wholesaled them to Jin Mousheng and other intermediaries at a price of 4 yuan. After Jin got the fake anesthetic ointment, he sold it to small beauty salons all over the country for tattoos and micro-plastic surgery at a price of about 10 yuan each.

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According to the police, Jin Moubins fake anesthetic ointment was sold to more than 20 provinces and cities in Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Shandong and so on. Most of the buyers were living beauty agencies represented by small beauty salons.

At present, the Baokang County Public Security Bureau has detained eight suspects in the case according to law, approved the value of more than 60 million yuan involved in the case, and destroyed four production and marketing nests.

Source: China News Network Editor: Ji Guo Jie _NBJ11143