More than 50 pounds of drug traffickers were executed in Sanya.

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 More than 50 pounds of drug traffickers were executed in Sanya.

BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) - On the morning of Sept. 14, two courts of Sanya held a public verdict meeting on drug-related crimes. According to law, the defendant, Zheng Moucong, was sentenced to death for drug-related crimes, and six defendants, Hu Mouyu and Wang Mouyu, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from three months a year to seven years and four months for drug-related crimes. Punishment.

At the pronouncement meeting, the judges of Sanya Intermediate Court announced the Supreme Peoples Courts decision to approve the death penalty of the criminal Zheng Mucong and the order to execute the death penalty issued by the President of the Supreme Peoples Court. Subsequently, Zheng Moucong was sent to the execution ground to execute the death penalty.

After the sentencing, Zheng Moucong was taken to the execution ground and executed. Sanya intermediate peoples court

The trial found that between February and March 2015, the defendant Zheng Mucong repeatedly to his home Li Mujiang (co-defendant, sentenced) to buy drugs. Li Moujiang bought drugs from Maoming City, Guangdong Province, and sent them to Sanya by express mail, and ordered his accomplice Li Moxiong (co-defendant, sentenced) to receive drugs and transfer them to Zheng Moucong. Among them, in February 2015, Zheng Moucong and Li Moujiang telephone contact to buy methamphetamine (commonly known as methamphetamine) 2000 grams, and asked for 1000 grams of ketamine for 1000 grams of methamphetamine. Subsequently, Zheng deposited 658,000 yuan into a bank account designated by Li Moujiang, who ordered Li Mouxiong to go to a designated location to complete the transaction with Zheng. At the end of the same month, Zheng and Li contacted each other by telephone to arrange the quantity and price of the drugs. Li sent 10,000 grams of methamphetamine to Sanya under the name of accessories from Maoming City, Guangdong Province through the local Yuantong Express Company. On March 2, Zheng transferred 277,100 yuan to the designated account of Li Moujiang. On the same day, Li Moujiang instructed Li Mouxiong to collect express packages from the Yuantong Express Company in Sanya and completed the transaction with Zheng Mouxiong. Zheng Mouxiong handed over the remaining 37,830 yuan of poisonous capital to Zheng Mouxiong and remitted it to the designated account of Li Moujiang by Zheng Moxiong. On March 1 and 3, Zheng again contacted Li by telephone to buy heroin and methamphetamine by express mail. On March 7, Zheng, Li and Li were arrested by the public security organs during the transaction.

In order to expand the deterrence and warning effect of the cases, strengthen the awareness of the masses, especially the youngsters, of the dangers of drugs, create a strong atmosphere for the war against drugs and promote the harmonious and stable development of Sanyas economy and society, representatives of various member units of the Sanya Drug Control Commission, representatives of Jiyang District, Tianya District, Haitang District and Yazhou District were invited to the judgment. Hundreds of students from Sanya technician college attended the scene.